How to Make Money On Instagram?

Earn Money From Instagram

Instagram is the most popular and addictive photo-sharing app. Once we start using this platform, it is almost impossible to cut back the time. Otherwise, we have to face a decline in our productivity!

Did You know: How To Make Money On Instagram?

But what if I tell you that you can earn a lot by sharing your snapshots on Instagram! Of course, your selfies can pay off! Otherwise, why would people get crazy about this platform!

Now you must be thinking, why would anyone use Instagram as the marketing tool? According to Adweek, Instagram has 400 million monthly users. Amazingly, these users upload almost 80 million photos every single day on this social platform. If someone is not using Instagram as the marketing platform, then the big opportunity is getting out of the hand!

By now, you must have realised the importance of this photo sharing network. Now the question is, how can earn by using Instagram? Honestly, there are multiple ways to do it. And, that’s why we have devised this guide in the first place. Cut to the chase; this photo-sharing platform is a gold mine if you know how to dig right!

How to Build an Instagram Audience?

You can’t earn on Instagram, without having the audience. So, before we learn how to earn, we must know how to build strong followership? To be honest, everyone follows specific techniques to increase the number of followers. Here, we will just discuss what should you do to be on the right track!

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 Make A Good Impression on Instagram

When people land on your profile, they will first check your bio to get an idea about your personality. Using your bio, you can leave the good impression on the users. As a result, they might start following you. That’s why it is crucial to fill all the details. Otherwise, you are missing an opportunity. An empty field won’t do anything except creating questions about your personality. In short, words, use this section wisely. You can leave your website link or use particular keywords! And don’t forget to add the fun part with emoticons!

Post Consistently on Instagram to Keep Your Audience Busy

You need to post daily to stay on the ball. Instagram fanatics who are making serious money are the one, who post several times a day on their account. But you have to be careful, several posts at a time seems an exaggeration to the followers! So, avoid it!

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Timing Matters a lot on Social Media Platforms Like Instagram

It is a surprising fact that users do not post and check the feeds at the same time. They will be doing one thing at the current moment. You must determine the time range when your target audience tends to post less. Usually, the best time to post is in between 2 am and 5 pm. This way, you can also beat the competition! Smart move!

Create The Attractive Environment for your Audience on Instagram

A human mind reacts to the situation. This is marketing secret that is unknown to most. Your post may be fascinating for you. But it may not feel right according to personal taste, demographic or customs. Clearly, I want to say, use pictures which are familiar to the target customer.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

Avoid posting irrelevant or poor content just because you want to make money faster. In fact, this action will leave a negative impression about yourself!

Post Strategically Instead of Spamming the Platform

Don’t just bluntly come up with selling pitch. You have to plan out your posts. For instance, you want to promote flat iron. Start the process by sharing the picture of celebrities having great hairstyle. Then, explain hair straightener is the key tool for making such awesome hairdos. In the end, tell where the user can find the best flat irons as per the hair type. You need to stay consistent, relevant and disciplined. This is the key to success!

How to Make Money On Instagram?
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Bring the Hashtags into Action to Have More Exposure 

Hashtags must sound old school. But they still work! In fact, your images won’t get a place if they haven’t been posted with tags. You can use up to 30 hashtags, but for best results, stay with 11 tags only!

Share Short Videos to Gain Number of Views on Instagram

As per recent updates, one can share a 15-second short video on Instagram. Always remember, an image is worth a thousand words. But a video will explain a million words!

Engagement is Rule of Thumb

The primary objective of social networking is engagement. Whether you are focused on earning or not, you must react to posts or comments. People like when they get respect!

Best Ways to Make Money On Instagram

You have to build humongous followership on Instagram; now it is time to think about how to convert followers into the sale. Good news is, there are several ways to earn money via Instagram posts. And we are discussing best of them right here! Let’s talk about the most popular ways of making passive income on Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, affiliate marketing is an absolute favourite method of most marketers. Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram or running a blog, affiliate marketing is the best place to start. Basically, you will earn a specified amount of commission on every sale you make via your posts. It means your hard work can be paid off to the absolute value. You will be pleased to know that, there are multiple affiliate programs for Instagram. Whether you’re newbie or pro, these programs are designed to help you in making money online. For instance, you can check our Stylinity, Sharesale or Like To Know.

The bio section is the best spot to place your affiliate URL. As I mentioned earlier, people tend to check out the bio details first! Don’t forget to use URL-shortening utilities like TinyURL or Google URL Shortener. This way, you can leave multiple URLs in the same place.

Promote Your Own Business

Instagram lets you promote the product or business with visual content like images and video. From the sale of software to clothes, everything works on this platform. But you can’t just post an image of your late product. As said earlier, build a story around that particular new thing. Talk about why you need it? How the idea came into existence? What raw materials were used? etc.

If you are a business owner or having a blog, you can go for branding on Instagram and manage your audience smartly to increase converts.

Use Of Correct Hashtags

Instagram users are pretty familiar with the use of hashtags. Well, using the right hashtags can make anyone Instagram entrepreneur. By right hashtags, I meant relevant and trendy keywords. Now, where to find them? You can check Iconosquare or Website for such services. Within few clicks, you can devise a practical approach towards making money with Instagram posts, just by using hashtags!

BE CAREFUL: Wrong use of hashtags or misuse of hashtags can lead your account to permanent suspension as people can report abuse too.

Partner Up

You wanna earn, but you may not be a social media expert! What to do now? Well, why not seek help? I mean, you can approach key influencers in your niche and ask for coaching or assistance. Of course, they will need something in exchange for delivering value. Either you can pay or promote their campaign or products. Honestly, it can be anything. Just roll with the flow! And you will learn a lot that can practically help you!

Be a Brand Ambassador

Now, this may sound funny or hilarious, but you can be a brand ambassador after building a massive following!

In most cases, the influencers connect with popular brands or company in which they are interested. They earn commission or royalty by promoting brand’s products, etc. If you don’t know how to do this, start with Instabrand or Snapfluence!

Do What Competitors are Doing!

You need to exercise each strategy that your competitor is doing but in a better way! You can follow your rival’s account just to learn what they are doing. Another trick is to steal follower of competitor account. This is difficult but not impossible. Professional Instagram marketers are smart; they may not let you engage with their supporters. Well, you can use Just Unfollow to find every single follower of your rival’s account. Make a list, follow and engage with them!

Sponsored Post Program

A sponsored post program is a twin of the affiliate program. You get paid for posting content instead of generating traffic. Yes, these programs figure out how to make the sale, your only job is to post! That’s it!

The only limitation is to have a specific number of followers. You can use the application like Takumi for sponsored post program!

Sell Your Photos

Photographers just love Instagram. If you think your photos worth investment, you can sell them using this platform. You should approach Foap; this brand will let you earn money by selling your photos. Interestingly, you just need to sign up and start uploading photos. Foap will do the rest of the work!

Essential Tools For Instagram Fanatics

We are living in heavenly time, where we have an application for each task. Whether you want to analyze the followers or post engagement or find hashtags, we have got your back. If you want to become the serious Instagram entrepreneur, you must use the following tools:

1- Iconosquare – It lets you make the statistical analysis of your followers and their demographics.

2- Layout – With this tool, you can convert your photos into one stunning art piece.

3- Posts – Schedule your posts using this app!

4- Piquora – This app does the headache of creating photo ideas for you!

5- Hyperlapse – Create awesome looking time-lapse video using Hyperlapse!

After reading this post, you must become expert of Instagram sooner or later, why not to convert your skills into cash by monetizing on IG. Social Media platforms are good for passing time, relaxing your mood and socializing with your friends and family but maybe many of you would never imagine that you can get paid for your time spent on such websites/apps. So, now it is time to do something different.

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