10 Best Go-Kart Tracks in Australia | 3rd One Will Leave You Bambazooled

Ten Of The Best Australian Go-Kart Tracks

If you like competing, racing and feeling the rush of adrenaline than Go Karting is definitely one of the easiest, cheapest and safest ways to experience the thrill of racing. Go Karting is an amazingly fun way to spend time with your friends as you race each other and try to see who’s fastest. If you want to become a faster and safer driver Go Karting can teach you a lot about racing basics such as racing lines, braking and cornering and help you put all the theory into practice. It’s also the best entry into the world of motorsports, as it’s where most professional racers actually start on their way to the top.
Whether you’re a novice looking to have fun in a hired kart or an experienced racer chasing lap times in your own kart, the ten tracks and venues on this list are packed with high-quality well-maintained karts, useful features and facilities, as well as exciting twists and turns and, will not disappoint!

The Best Go-Kart tracks in Australia

1. Xtreme Karting

Xtreme Karting

Located in Pimpama on the Gold Coast Xtreme Karting is a true Go Karting enthusiast’s paradise. With an extremely long (1600m) and well thought out track filled with an amazing selection of curves and hairpin turns linked by long and very fast sweeping straights as well as a very wide selection of Go Karts it will leave no one’s appetites unsatisfied. If 1600 meters of tarmac isn’t enough, Xtreme Karting also has a dirt track and suitable karts.
When it comes to the karts the basic karts available for hire are 13 HP Sodi GT5 karts, which are faster and more capable than most entry lever hire karts on other tracks in Australia. But far more interesting and a Go Karter’s wet dream are the Praga DD2 Dragon and the Ricardio Kart competition level karts. These karts are worlds away from the standard hire karts available on most tracks in Australia and are only available to Xtreme Karting members that have passed a paid training course and managed to set a required lap time.
If all of this isn’t enough and you’re looking for something truly special than you can get yourself strapped into the passenger seat of the two person Monster Go kart. Powered by a 600cc Yamaha R6 motorcycle engine driving 4 of the 6 wheels you will be taken for a ride of your life. A great gift idea for that adrenaline junkie among your friends and family.
Xtreme Karting also offers the option of bringing and racing your own kart. The pricing reflects Xtreme Karting’s motorsport profile and is slightly higher than some other Go Karting tracks and venues in Australia, however it is definitely justified when everything Xtreme Karting has to offer is taken into consideration.

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2. Slideways Go Karting Gold Coast in Nerang

If fun is your number one priority than the Slideways Go Karting arena in Nerang (Gold Coast) offers something really special and unique. Slideways Go Karting manages to harness the thrills of drifting and bring it into the world of Karting. Drifting, i.e. going quickly sideways through curves is not only amazing to watch but it’s incredibly fun to perform yourself and can quickly be mastered on the Slideways three storey indoor track that has been uniquely constructed to allow drivers to drift their karts through its twists and turns.
The standard karts are Sodi karts equipped with 9 HP Honda engines. Additionally, slideways also offers high-quality cadet karts for kids and double karts.
The facility is well equipped and just like any respectable Go Kart track offers accurate lap timing for all participants. Being devoted to the fun factor Slideways also organizes unique Bucks parties, Hens parties, Birthday parties, Christmas parties and corporate events.

3. The Kart Centre in Perth

While Australians living on the West Coast don’t have nearly a large selection of Go Kart tracks and venues as their fellow nationals on the East Coast, the Kart Centre in Perth manages to balance things out and is able to stand toe to toe with any Go Kart track on the east side of the continent.
Featuring modern and high-quality GT5 Sodi karts and a really well thought out track, The Kart Centre in Perth is capable of challenging both experienced speed demons as well as novice racers. If you want to take someone for a ride, Sodi 2 seater karts are available as well.
While most karting venues require booking in advance, The Kart Centre in Perth is one of the few offering arrive and drive pricing, which means you can just drop by and get a quick fix for your adrenaline needs. The Kart Centre also offers parties, events, and corporate events as well as a very interesting Team building endurance package.

4. Stony Creek Go Karts

Located in Stony Creek Victoria, a few hours’ drive from Melbourne, Stony Creek Go Karts offers exceptional services and caters really well to racers with their own karts. Their hire karts are also noteworthy being the acclaimed Sodi RT8 with a 9 hp Honda engine. 2 seater Phoenix karts are also available.
The track is an 800m outdoor track featuring everything needed to put racers to the test. Stony Creek Go Karts also offers storage facility services for your own kart as well as spare parts for sale and a very friendly staff that is always available to help and can boast with some of the best reviews in Australia.

5. Kingston Park Raceway

Located near Brisbane, Kingston Park Raceway has an incredibly rich offer of events, competitions and features to suit the tastes of all Go Karting levels. A very long newly opened 1100 meter long track will satisfy everyone’s karting needs.
Kingston Park Raceway offers three different kart choices, starting with a child friendly kart and topping out with a highly responsive 8.5 HP Honda four stroke kart.
Kingston Park Raceway is very dedicated to its visitors and offers frequent driver benefits as well as a chance to be featured with a short story about the driver on their website. Another great feature are race nights which are well thought out and have many different styles of racing events, the most interesting being a 1 hour endurance challenge which will put every racer in the Kingston Park Raceway to the ultimate Go karting test.

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6. Big Kart track

Boasting a 1200 meter long and 8 meter wide track that can take up to 50 go karts at one time the Big Kart track in Landsborough, Queensland is a true motorsport experience giving you the opportunity to test your mettle as you race your way through a sea of competitors.
The Karts are no slouches either, being highly responsive modern Subaru engined karts with 7 HP egines capable of reaching speeds of 70km/h. 2 seater karts are available as well as kids karts and a dedicated kids track.

7. Ultimate Karting Sydney

Ultimate Karting Sydney is a indoor Go kart track that will challenge even very experienced racers to set good lap times. Having a very technical track with very tight corners, heavy braking zones and difficult hairpins the venue is entertaining for novices but truly shines when being driven on by more experienced drivers. The track has been well prepared and the karts specially geared for a truly professional go karting experience.
The karts are Sodi SR5 equipped with 9hp Honda 4 stroke engines which are at the very top of the world’s hire go kart offerings with notable speed and responsiveness. 2 seater and some very respectable LR4 Sodi Junior karts for kids are available as well.
If this is not enough Ultimate Karting Sydney offers state of the art Motion Simulators for some of the best simulated F1 and supercar motorsports experience possible.

8. Ace Karts

Located near Melbourne Ace Karts features a very exciting 700 meter outdoor track where you can make the most of their 75 km/h capable karts. The track manages to be both challenging and entertaining and strikes a good balance for both experienced and rookie drivers.
2 seater karts as well as karts for kids are available. Ace Karts also hosts a wide range of parties, events, and team building options for corporate clients and has an available arrive and drive programme.

9. Extreme Go Karting Sydney

Extreme Go Karting Sydney offers a no frills karting experience with three different karting tracks. One is a highly technical challenging track with many twists and turns, while the other is a “sprint” type track with more straights focusing on the entertainment factor of racing. A smaller kids track is also available.
The karts are high quality BIZ karts with 9 hp Honda engines which are more than capable for the indoor tracks of Extreme Go Karting Sydney. Kids and two seater karts are also available as well as a range of events and different race types and tournaments.

10. Mako Trac International Race track

Although at last place Mako trac (a.k.a Go Kart Action) is by no means the least of the Go Kart Offerings on this list. As one of the few Go Kart tracks on the northern coast of the continent, Mako trac offers a very wide variety of karts and a 411m long outdoor race track. Although the track is relatively simple it’s still challenging and entertaining for all levels.
However, it’s the karts that are an absolute treat. There are 2 different kids karts and an entry-level 6 HP adult kart. Qualified drivers can move up to a very serious 9 HP adult kart, while further even more serious driver qualification can get you into the seat of Sodi RX250 Go Kart with a 28 HP fuel injected engine, which is a kart paralleled only by a select few venues in all of Australia.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in Go Karting these select Go Kart track and venues of Australia are the best of the best boasting exciting tracks, amazing facilities and features and high quality, high speed, high safety karts for an adrenaline rush that will satisfy the needs of every speed demon.

Fun Fact

Who is the best Go Karter in Australia?

David Sera is Australia’s most successful karter with 18 Australian Championships & 56 State Championships. David currently competes in the highly competitive X30 category in the Australian Kart Championships racing for his own team Sera Driver Development, aboard an Arrow Racing Kart.

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