Itch Following Sunburn – Hell’s Itch Survival Guide

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Noah Murphy

I have a great interest in travel, adventure and politics. I moved to Australia age 25 from England. From a young age I have always viewed the world as an opportunity. My travel and current affairs writing offers me a opportunity, my approach to life is a shared learning journey, were we meet many travelers along their life's journey, what matters to me is capturing the moments. I reflect, grow and share as much as possible on my journey towards self actualization.

4 thoughts on “Itch Following Sunburn – Hell’s Itch Survival Guide

  • Im experiencing this now alone. Ive burnt myself countless many times in the past, this is the first time with hells itch, i didnt even know this damn thing existed. Holy mother of god, repel this daemon inside my burning back, i never prayed so much in my life too! Thanks for the tip btw

    Ps is it aloe vera and sudo cream.same time?

    • To be honest mate I threw everything I had on it.

  • Omg I literally want to rip my skin off. I’ve broken my jaw in 3 places and lost 9 teeth. I’d take that again anyday over this sadists dream weapon. I would rather drill a hole in my tooth without anesthetic than suffer another min of this. You could cut me a thousand times and ask me to jump in a pool of vinegar and I wouldn’t hesitat. God help any poor soul that suffers this.

    • Yea bro its freaking brutal


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