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Write Exceptional WordPress Article’s

Write a Professional WordPress article. Whilst undertaking article construction in WordPress, it’s important to take into account the WordPress platform, and search engine optimization (SEO).  WordPress platform is utilized worldwide by millions of bloggers, it is known for is user-friendly format and ease of use. SEO, however, is more complex, however within WordPress, there are tools available. Furthermore to write professional WordPress article’s you will need patience, time to research your chosen subject and patience. Yoast SEO platform selected for this article.

Heading’s and Subheadings are Essential

Articles can be broken down for readability into subheadings. Thus ensuring your ability to write professional WordPress article’s, that is both search engine and reader-friendly. Providing your audience with well written, factual and easy to follow data will encourage sign-ups, and help establish your following. Therefore proper headings and subheadings essentially allow you, and your viewership to digest the data efficiently. Including your long-tail keyword in the subheadings helps with google ranking and SEO.


Key Word Density 

For the scope of this article, a long-tail keyword has been chosen to write a professional WordPress article’s. Keyword research and keyword density are essential factors, both during the article creation and execution. The keyword density should be a maximum of 2.5%. What is keyword density? Keyword density is the number of times your keyword appears in the article, thus allowing the total percentage of the keyword in the article to be established. Between 1.5% and 2.5% is the gold standard for allowing Google to clearly identify your articles goals, without disrupting the audiences reading pleasure and flow. Keyword choice essential to maximize your blogs google ranking and potential income. Comprehensive keyword selection is covered in  Use of Google Adwords for Keyword research however in a nutshell, pick a longtail (2-4 word) keyword that best represents your article.

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

To engage your readers holistically effective and relevant images will add tremendous value to your article. Utilizing public domain websites such as Pixabay while you establish your blog adds tremendous value. Warning never take an image off the internet without permission, this can lead to very heavy fines. Correct imaging will give your audience both a written and visual experience.  Successful blogs make their own images, always have a camera on hand, snap the wonderful world around you then create some amazing content.  Ensure you familiarize yourself with local laws and customs when publishing your photographs especially with identifiable faces. Through effective and key-worded images your blog can skyrocket in googles rankings via the google images.

Meta Description – Write a Professional WordPress article’s

Meta descriptions can make or break the article. Remember you are competing with millions of other blogs, they want traffic, they want comments and kudos. Fundamentally your meta description is like a sign outside a shop in the street, it provides a synopsis of your article. Furthermore, meta descriptions enable time-poor modern society to establish is they want to delve into your article or move onto the next. Getting individual’s to participate in articles like this one write professional WordPress article’s, requires a clear and well-written hook. Spend a few minutes and get your meta description right.

Write Professional WordPress article's

Summarizing or Concluding 

Happy endings are etched into the human condition. However happy or not make sure you give a final account of your article. Thus to write professional WordPress article’s a solid conclusion is required. Today we explored the benefits of headings and subheadings, long-tail keywords, keyword density, the value of images and proper meta descriptions. Should you follow the steps presented in write professional WordPress article’s you are well on your way to becoming a successful blogger and hopefully earning money for yourself through advertising revenue of as a freelance writer. Primarily you should enjoy your writing topic, belief in yourself and soon you will develop a loyal following.

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