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Social Media Platforms You Should Know Before You Visit Australia

All of us have a love and hate relationship with our social media profiles, but we are still addicted to our social networks. Aussies are also addicted to social media and the number of active users in Australia is increasing day by day. 2019 is considered to be a landmark year in terms of social media in Australia. Many of the major platforms appeared and got so much popularity among the users, and similarly, some of the networks lost their users and fame. The stats suggest that more than 80% of people in Australia use social media out of which 86% of adults are in their 40s. Some of the famous social media platforms in Australia are discussed here.

1. Facebook

According to statistical data, there are 17,000,000 different monthly users of Facebook in Australia. With this much traffic on a social networking site, Facebook gets its place as the most popular social network in Australia. it is estimated that more than 60% population of Australia has Facebook accounts and around 50% of Facebook users use this site on a daily basis. Some of the reports have informed that more than 95% of Australians using social media are active on Facebook. When talking about gender, 97% of females use Facebook and 91% males use it. Among the business community, Facebook is very famous because 90% of the businesses use it to increase their visibility and customers. In Australia, if you manage only one social media profile, then we are sure that it is on Facebook.

2. YouTube

Being on YouTube does not mean you have to check it regularly. In Australia, there are more than 15,000,000 unique monthly visitors of YouTube. Although Australians are not that much obsessive about YouTube as they are for Facebook, still millions of users visit it at least a month. More than 15 million Australians, which makes more than half of the population, watch more than one videos on YouTube within a month. We all know that one of the most engaging contents on the internet is video. The type of content in videos attracts a large number of audience as compared to text or images. But, only 17% of business owners have a presence on YouTube.

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3. Instagram

Instagram has more than 9,000,000 monthly active users and it is expected to be the most popular social network in Australia in 2020. It is the number one image sharing site in Australia. This social network is among the fastest-growing network and its users have almost doubled from last year. Although it is very fast-growing, its popularity is a little less in adults. Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of Instagram users are less than 30 years old. This mode of the network is also very famous in business holders because it is observed that 39% of medium-sized businesses, 20% of large businesses and 19% of small businesses in Australia have their presence on this networking site. A significant portion of Millennials and older generation business owners use Instagram Marketing Services to increase their follower groups and this service continues to grow globally.

4. WordPress

WordPress is known to be the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in Australia. has more than 5,800,000 monthly users. Its popularity is growing with time and as long as Australians are establishing new businesses and new blogs, its popularity will increase further. Some of the reasons for WordPress being the favourite in Aussies is because it is easy to use and offers extensive customization. And the most important factor behind its popularity is that it hosts your business website for free, making it the most used CMS.

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5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most amazing social media platforms in Australia. It has more than 7,000,000 active users, and since 2017 its users have doubled. Overall it is a versatile instant messenger service which is used by more than a billion people in the world. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $22 billion, but people still use Facebook Messenger for conveying messages. Aussies are very fond of WhatsApp and more than half of the population uses it on daily basis.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn known to be Facebook for professionals is used by 4,500,000 different people in a month. This social networking website is most popular among men who are working as professional. Around 22% male population of Australia uses LinkedIn for professional links, whereas 14% of women are observed to use this site. Statistics reveal that around 22% population of Queensland uses LinkedIn. According to some stats it has been calculated that 82% of the large firms are active on LinkedIn, whereas 41% medium firms and 35% small companies use LinkedIn. After Facebook, LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for businesses.

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7. Snapchat

With 6,400,000 daily users, Snapchat is among the most used social media sites in Australia. In the past years, the user base of Snapchat has remained stable in Australia. Every day more than a million different user accounts use Snapchat. It is an ephemeral image and video sharing app. 77% of users of Snapchat are less than 30 years of age. It is very user-friendly site and one of the most important features of this platform is that every visual content in it disintegrates after some time.

8. Tumblr

Many younger Australians are addicted to Tumblr, making it a very popular site with more than 3,800,000 unique monthly visitors. Although this website is very popular this micro-blogging site is continuously falling down in ranks due to reduction in relevance. Tumblr profiles usually revolve around comics, reaction gifs, and film quotes. Some game creators, Television stations and newspapers have also made their way towards Tumblr.

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9. Twitter

Twitter is a host to approximately 4,700,000 monthly unique active users. Most of the emphasis on Twitter is shifting towards visual content because of the website being rigid about their tweet lengths. 70% of the Twitter users are between 18-29 years of age, hence it can be said that this site is highly popular among youth. With different websites gaining more and more popularity, Twitter is on the decline and it has been observed that since 2016, many users have left this social media platform, still, there are many active users.

10. Tinder

With 3,000,000 monthly visitors, Tinder is the top dating app in Australia. Just in a few years, this dating app has grown rapidly with more than a million users joining it in just previous year. In 2016, Tinder introduced premium paid services for discerning singles. The ruthless swipe function of Tinder has also inspired other website platforms like LinkedIn. Tinder is an amazing place where you can get a match of your choice, so start looking for your potential partner in Australia right now.

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Census reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock reveal that Australia has a total population of 24.4 million. And out of this total population around 17 million Aussies are users of Facebook, which means around 70% population of Australia is an active internet user. Aussies are very much into social networking, which has led to social media giants being very popular in the country of the Oz.

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What social media platforms are most popular in Australia?

While its business focus lies on private messaging, Facebook seems to have more to offer. Facebook, including Messenger, and Instagram have remained the most widely used platforms for social commerce among Australian online shoppers.

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