Top 10 Great Tools for Illustrators / Artists

List of Latest Top 10 Great Tools For Illustrators / Artists

Top 10 Great Tools for Illustrators / Artists:-  The summer is still here, and you can spend more time on the desk, painting your summer story!

In this article, we have rounded up ten awesome tools that will keep you productive on the go. We have suggested some new hardware options that will let you do wonders. Of course, we will talk about magazines and books that will accompany your super hardware.

#1- iMac Pro

If you have been a fan of Apple products, you cannot miss the iMac Pro. The announcement of iMac Pro in WWDC 2017 was the best news from the conference. The product will be available in December 2017.

John Ternus is the vice president of Apple’s hardware engineering. According to him, Apple is bringing workstation-class performance with iMac Pro for the first time.

There are valid reasons to drool over iMac Pro. It will provide a 5K display on 27-inch Retina monitor with support for 1 billion colors. Under the hood, the next-generation Intel Xeon processors (18 cores) have been embedded. Not to forget, this gigantic power is stored in a slim Space Gray enclosure.

#2- iPad Pro

Along with iMac Pro, Apple gives hints about updates to iPad series. We are talking about the new model; the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. This new device weighs only one pound. The bezel has been reduced by 40 per cent.

Both models of iPad Pro (10.5 & 12.9) runs the display with a refreshing rate of 120Hz. This happens thanks to the newest ‘ProMotion technology’. A normal person won’t have an interest in this term. But for illustrators, it is an efficient addition to the device especially if you use Apple Pencil to create artwork. Unlike other pen supported tablets, Apple Pencil feels more natural with a whopping 20-millisecond latency.

#3- Affinity Photo

If you did not get the news, Affinity Photo for the iPad has been launched officially. Precisely, Affinity Photo is the first-ever fully equipped photo editing software for Apple’s tablet. You cannot get out of its aura once you have used it.

Serif, the creators of Affinity Photo already done the magic with the desktop version. But with the launch of a tablet app, Serif won the hearts of digital designers.

#4- Autodesk Graphic

If you are more interested in the vector stuff, Autodesk’s Graphic is perfect for you. It gives you the power of the vector. For illustrators and digital artists, a vector graphic is a preferred choice over the raster images. For making fantastic vector illustrations, Autodesk’s Graphic has everything you need.

The app is suggested for reasons like it can save the style and shape libraries. You can import it expert layered Photoshop PSD files. Making UI designs or mockups are like a pie with the Graphic app.

#5- Morgan Designs Artist Glove

Drawing on the tablet is a whole lot of different experience from the desktop. While moving the hand on the tablet, you will feel the heat and resistance against your skin. This not only makes your hand rough but also hamper the screen slowly. To avoid the situation, you can use the Artist glove from Morgan Designs. As your hand is not touching the screen, the paint won’t smudge or smear on it and you can draw smoothly.

Apart from performance, Artist glove has a stunning appearance as it has been created with sublimation printing. Right now, you can get the glove in three different styles: Strike force, Droid, and Cyborg.

#6- Painter

For digital artists and illustrators, Corel’s Painter is nothing new. This software has strong grounds in the market for its powerful features. The newest instalment came with nice updates making the app efficient like never before. The app brings a whole new lot of brushes and textures. The interface has received a touch-up. The tools have been improvised too.

#7- Vectr

For a newbie artist, it is not possible to spend hundreds of dollars on buying expensive software subscriptions. Especially, when it comes to Adobe products. If you are in the same place, try out Vectr. It is an efficient graphic software that will cost you nothing. Moreover, you can use it online or locally on your desktop.

The best thing about Vectr is that it is extremely easy to use. Unlike Photoshop or Illustrator, things about Vectr are easy to understand. Furthermore, you can find tutorials online easily.

#8- Creativity, Inc.

If you are wondering about getting a book, we have a perfect one for you. You must read Creativity, Inc. the ever best book for artistic professionals by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace. The main objective of this book enlightens the facts and unseen forces that hinder the process of true inspiration. The inspirational blockage is nothing new to artists. This book can be a great source to find true inspiration.

You will also learn the concepts like a creative business and creative leadership which is must to become a successful illustrator.

#9- Work For Money, Design For Love

You must lay hands on another book; Work For Money, Design For Love written by David Airey. This is a mantra book with priceless advice for freelance designers.

If you are looking forward to becoming a successful freelance digital artist, this book is an ideal piece of advice for you. It has covered all the basics of freelancing. Moreover, it will teach you how to deal with clients; both good and bad.

#10- Computer Arts Magazine

A magazine provides a perfect dose of classics and updates regardless of the industry. To get an idea about the newest technology, applications, trends, and hardware, one must read magazines regularly. The Computer Arts Magazine is aimed at illustrators and designers. Each issue is stuffed with expert advice and practical skills that will help you in becoming a better illustrator. Whether you are interested in photo editing or vector illustration, Computer Arts Magazine will always have something to offer.

Author Notes About The Top Ten Tools For Artists & Illustrators:

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our little line up of ten great tools for digital artists and illustrators. From hardware to the magazine, we brought everything useful to you. Each of them is essential to give a boost to your artistic soul! Don’t forget to share this article on social media with your friends & family, if you find it worth sharing 🙂

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