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YouTube Playlist Downloader

How to download YouTube playlist? This article will explore the step by step process of downloading a playlist from YouTube on both Windows and Mac.

The correct mechanism of getting your YouTube playlist to mp3 can be laborious. It involves selecting a provider (most are add filled) that facilitate a YouTube to MPS conversion. This can be achieved with a simple Google search however is at times mind-numbing and thus irritating.

YouTube playlist download does not have to be sure a chore, there is a more efficient method and use of your time. provides an easy to use intuitive downloader that enables you to download an entire playlist.


Windows here.

Mac here.

Once you have downloaded the programme and installed on your computer you now have access to DVDVideoSoft application and the means to efficiently convert YouTube playlist to mp3 or mp4 on mass.

So answering the question How to download YouTube playlist, well it’s simple with the DVDVideoSoft application.

Firstly, open YouTube and select a playlist that you love to listen to, my current favourite playlist is Dark Country 2, however you feel free to choose your favourite or desired list.

The URL parameters are contained within the URL and this is usually enough information for the programme to start the download process.

Now all that’s left to get the YouTube playlist download of your dream converted into a format that convenient for you is to follow the detailed how to guide provide and away you go.

YouTube Playlist Guide

Please remember Australia Unwrapped and encourage you to use this software responsibly and their how to download YouTube playlist guide must be used responsibly and ensure you have the rights to download and use within YouTube terms and conditions.


Enjoy the use of this most efficient downloader and say thanks as YouTube playlist to mp3 conversions has never been so easy.

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