Smart Phone Photography (Get the Most from your Phone)

How to Take Stunning Photos with Your Smartphones

Free Ebook – Smart Phone Photography (Get the Most from your Phone)

David Peterson educates readers about how they can maximize the features of SmartPhone Cameras in his book entitled, “Smart Phone Photography (Get the Most from your Phone). First, it discusses the advantage of taking pictures with your smartphone since you always have it with you. This means that you are always ready to capture moments in photographs. You can easily upload the photos that you take and you can instantly get feedback for your uploaded shots. Also, smartphones have different accessories that can help you enhance the photos that you take.

  • It gives a detailed guide for newbie smartphone photographers. It discusses some technicalities such as framing, lighting, focusing, and editing so they can take high-quality photos that are worth uploading and sharing.
  • SmartPhone Photography gives you 10 best practices in taking pictures with your smartphone. These tips include understanding your auto mode settings, the importance of maintaining good posture when taking photographs, maximizing the use of HDR mode, and using different apps to enhance your photos.
  • Another list of how to take the best pictures with your smartphone is also found in this book. It talks about the difference that cropping and zooming make as well as editing and filtering. The book also teaches you how to maintain your camera lens and how to maximize its use.
  • You will also learn how to become a better smartphone photographer. First, you need to explore your camera’s settings and get to know it better. You will also learn the advantages of using the rear camera over the front cam, the advantages of taking pictures in high resolution, the importance of the proper lighting, the benefits of using the right accessories, the advantages of using different apps for taking pictures as well as for editing, and the advantages of different camera modes.
  • Smart Phone Photography has a special focus on both iOS and Android. First, it gives specific tips for iPhone 7 plus and how you can use it for taking great pictures. It discusses lens function, different modes like time-lapse, classic, and optical zoom. Likewise, it has a special guide for Samsung Galaxy 8 users. It discusses the basic steps on taking photos with Galaxy 8 then goes on to discuss different features like the settings, different shooting modes, and editing.

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The book ends with a comparison of different smartphones when it comes to taking photos.

Free Ebook – Smart Phone Photography (Get the Most from your Phone)

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