Ethics Statement

Australia Unwrapped objective is to bring accurate, concise and informative articles and informative pieces to our readership, ensuring our work is of the highest quality and integrity.  Australia Unwrapped gains its authority, trustworthiness and credibility by acknowledging the importance of these attributes as our most valuable asset. Gaining the trust and collaboration from our readers can take years to fully establish and seconds to break, therefore we insist and expect the highest levels of professionalism of anyone involved in the business. Australia Unwrapped is a family orientated site offering information on the wonderful treasures our land. As part of this commitment we will ensure adverts are clearly defined. Our editorial works are independently researched and aimed solely at sharing knowledge with the reader.

Australia Unwrapped values the biodiversity of our land and encourages all users of this site to travel ethically, respect the land, respect the people and respect nature. Make every footstep we take a footstep for enlightenment and positivity, contributing to were ever you are, celebrate and enjoy the moment.


Respect Australia

Dave Peterson