Australian City Life – How Is The Culture Same And Different to Other Cities

Australian City Life – Is This The Same or Different to Other Countries?

Australia is one of the most urbanised nations of the planet. Around 90% of the population lives in coastal areas, particularly within 50 km of the coast. These areas include two of the largest cities in Australia, i.e. Sydney and Melbourne.

Other coastal areas include the Island of Tasmania and several other small islands. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, covering three different time zones. Unlike many countries and cities across the world, the climate in Australia varies, with summer from December to February; autumn from March to May; winter from June to August; and spring from September to November.

1. Culture Adopted by Australian City Life

The British cultural traits influenced a significant component of the way people live, work and play in Australia. Other aspects that influence the Australian culture includes the continent’s unique geography and diversified inputs from inhabitants of Torres Strait Islands and surrounding areas. We consider the Australian indigenous traditions to be one of the oldest cultures in the world. Australian ancestors inhabited the country since 40 to 60 thousand years ago, living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

The Aborigines invented the instruments like the didgeridoo and the boomerang. They still use them today and became iconic symbols of Australia. Over one-third of Australians lived in urban areas and cities mainly in coastal areas and now it increased to around 85%. Australian city life comprises straightforward ways of living, and they received popularity for their outgoing and friendly personalities.

2. Smart City Planning in Australian Cities

Unlike many enormous cities in the world, a significant portion of Australia focuses on low-density housing and depends on private cars, rather than public transport. Smart city development seems to attract more urban-style living. These days, Australian city life became more urbanised and redeveloped to attract tourists. They aim to increase public spacing and public transport over the long term.

3. Australian City Life – Language

English is the official language used in Australian. The country presents a diversity of accents and dialects and makes city life unique. The vocabulary, grammar, spellings, accent, and pronunciation differs from various other English dialects across the world. Australia adopted the British Language style and display a few differences if compared to American English.

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4. Food, Etiquette and Customs of Australian City Life

Australian city life remains laid back and informal. Hence meetings, initiations, greetings and invitations in Australia adopts, a relaxed approach. People around the world colloquially call them Aussies. G’day, and hello mate, seem like sufficient methods to greet the bosses. It is also common practice to call everyone by the first name, including the boss. Even students call their lecturers by first names.

Australians treat everyone equally and they follow the custom of thanking shop assistants and other service people for their services. Unlike other restaurants in other cities, they do not allow smoking in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and public places like railway stations. Australians cannot consume alcohol in public spaces and city life focus on a clean environment. The authorities restrain citizens from littering in public spaces and maintain city life hygiene. Australians became known as exceptionally helpful people who enjoy assisting visitors to their country.

Unlike many countries and cities, it is common in Australian city life to display their own national symbol, Kangaroo on their menus.


Australian city life, like any other cities, progressed to develop recreation areas and tourist places. Australia offers a unique culture, spacious cities, casual, easy-going and helpful people. Yet with constraints to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the Australian city life.

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Australian City Life - How Is The Culture Same And Different to Other Cities

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