2017 Personality and Its Transformations Complete Review of Jordan Peterson Lectures

Jordan B Peterson Lecture Series Review from Feminist Perspective parts 1-22

Hey I am Aki following a debate over the dinner table I decided to look into the so-called monster Jordan B Peterson and find out what all the fuss was about. Following a short review of his works, I settled on the Personality and Its Transformations series. If you follow the links in this article they will take you to the article with my opinion and also my study notes were taken while watching.

I won’t spoil anything but I promise not to pull any punches.

Professor Peterson delves into the concept of personality from historical, constructivist, psychoanalytic, behavioural and neurological perspectives in this lecture. The concept of personality refers to our mode of thinking and acting. Personality is both stable and dynamic.

Personality and Its Transformations– Review Female Perspective Part 1

The combined lectures 02 and 03 of Peterson offer some historical context for the understanding of personality, suggesting that the clinical theories concerned with the transformation and improvement of personality and character are based on a classic narrative/mythological structure.

Historical And Mythological Context To Understand Part 2/3

Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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