2017 Personality and Its Transformations Jordan B Peterson – Review Female Perspective Part 1

Review of Jordan B Petersons University of Toronto Series 2017

Welcome to my services on Jordon B Peterson and his Toronto classes from 2017. I have decided to review Prof. Peterson a Canadian clinical psychologist and now somewhat of a well-known figure. How this came about was over a heated dinner debate (the first time I had heard of him in all honestly) around one month ago and my journey into watching and critiquing his lessons and also seeing what I can learn from him.

I also have an interest in the extreme right views he apparently has and starting with this series will see if I can find any evidence to support this, or indeed if it was just one of my more radical feminist friends ranting on after a few too many wines.

I have no agenda and I will make notes as I watch the videos in this series with the focus purely on facts. this is my journey as a woman into the world of Jordan B Peterson.

An Introduction To Personality – A Guide By Jordan B Peterson

 Jordan B Peterson is one of the most famous clinical psychologists. With his intellectual thoughts, he has defined personality from a different aspect, inspiring people to think deeply and more precisely. Here you go with the summary of his lecture about the introduction to personality.

Key Points

  • Human Personality is complex and is affected by many external factors.
  • Personality is a hybrid discipline which you can refer to as a combination of science and engineering.
  • It is hard to define a mental problem as it is less connected to the patient and is closer to being judged by society.
  • Personality is a co-created factor. We keep on making decisions for each other about what they should be and how they should behave.
  • Personality is a hybrid of external forces correlated to the inner judgmental capability of each person.

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 Personality defined by Jorden B. Peterson is much more balanced and knowledge full for a person. You can never find a single configured definition of personality. There are variable definitions from people with different schools of mind.

Personality cannot fall into a single discipline. It is a much more a part of engineering, and some of it falls in science. The clinical aspect of personality is part of engineering. Engineers aim to build things, and external factors add up to an impact to manipulate or construct a person’s personality. Every person tries to bring a change in another person’s personality by implementing their ideal on the other person. If there is a conflict between your ideal and another person’s behaviour, an automatic repulsion occurs.

Personality is a combination of multiple dimensions. The dimensions include being an introvert, an extrovert, or an agreeable person. The field is vast; you may roughly consider some more dimensions to study a person’s personality. An introverted person is less likely to answer the questions and is more private. He believes his happiness is in less contact with society, while on the other hand, society sees him as an unhappy person, which may result in a personality conflict. An extrovert is more expressive and loves to socialise with the people around them. This marks him as a happy person in society.

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Agreeableness moves from gender to gender and individual to individual in certain cultures. Women are found to be more agreeable as compared to men. Gender difference comes with the most differences in personality. We can also consider conscientiousness as a personality dimension. People in fields like administration and management have the more developed traits of conscientiousness in their personality. They can quickly notice any change and respond to it in no time.

Personality beholds natural distribution. This natural distribution evolves with the eras. There is still much more to learn about personality. Please visit 2017 Personality 01: Introduction a lecture by Jordan B. Peterson for more related information. The video will be informative enough to clear all your thoughts about personality and its variations.

Opinion Lecture One

An enjoyable first lecture, no issues with content, he has some solid views and seems confident in his beliefs. His voice reminds me a little of Kermit the frog, but no who is a bitch.

Stay with me on this journey:

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I hope you enjoyed my take and my rough notes from my Jordan Peterson experience. You can find links to the complete series here:

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