Historical And Mythological Context To Understand Personality Jordan Peterson Part 2/3

Review Female Perspective Part 2/3 Historical And Mythological Context

Jordan B. Peterson the first lecture was of enough interest to come back for more. I am not sure what to fully expect today, however, I know for sure I found the first lecture inoffensive, informative and in many ways intriguing.

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Historical And Mythological Context To Understand Personality – A Personality Guide By Jordan B. Peterson

 Jordan B. Peterson is considered one of the most powerful minds in psychology. He uses quality background information to let their students become more confident and intellectual. He uses some old fictional stories that might help you understand the aspects of personality.

Key Points

  • Naive people are easier to catch.
  • Learning is the key to freedom.
  • Clinical psychology aims to take the patient toward what is much better than what they had in the past.
  • Failure is the learning tool for your future.
  • When we ponder on a subject, we think and raise questions in our brains. This is where we start to learn about life and its aspects.


 In the lecture, Jordan uses the old myths and stories to explain the evolving society. He uses the myths to reference the mind of people and their thinking styles. Fairy Tales, myths and other such stories are the base of a society. Myths are examples of ideals. They are the information of traits we want to see in a particular person. We pass stories and myths from generation to generation, and all the descendants see them from the same point of view that you are seeing now. This is how they leave a mark on society and each individual’s personality. Jordan explains the myths and the pick-up personality ideas we get from them.

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Jona is an old fairytale of the Bible. In the 2 Kings, we found the story of Jona as an inspiration, an ideal. We do not notice the myth that there is an impossibility for someone to live inside the body of a whale.  You do not value the facts which are close to impossibility. Your brain only tends to react to the ideal parts of the story. Your unconsciousness tends to reject all the unwanted factors of the story. All you do is learn to be a brave person and believe in God by the story.

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Besides the story of Jona, we also have the story of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter story tells us that breaking rules are not bad until you need to do it for good at a specific time. We leave behind all the imaginary parts of the story and learn to withstand in front of evil and fight for ourselves. Anything or condition can play a role of a probe for you in your life.

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We learned before that the clinical part of psychology is engineering. It aims to see the constructive possibilities. We catch up on different positive aspects and illuminate a possible idea for life. The reality is that the future’s a mystery. You enter into the unknown with a set of dreams. You live in your dream state, and this is how personality works tends to be whatever your aim. Imagination becomes the base of freedom, and you tend to become a better person following all your fantasies.

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Opinion Lecture Two / Three Jordan Peterson 

Interesting and well worth the time to watch, no red flags here at all. I feel like my day has been enhanced by watching him and from a woman’s point of view, everything seems to be in order. I have yet to see any alt-right extremism.

I hope you enjoyed my take and my rough notes from my Jordan Peterson experience. You can find links to the complete series here:

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Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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