Heroic And Shamanic Initiations – A Personality Guide By Jordan B. Peterson Part 4/5

Review Female Perspective Part 4/5 – Heroic And Shamanic Initiations 

I am not sure what to expect, why the hell did this guy get such a bad rep I am not sure. I cannot help but suspect my drunken feminist friend may not have watched him at all. I mean unless he has significantly changed? I will go with the facts, and find my understanding of Part 4/5 – Heroic And Shamanic Initiations below:

Heroic And Shamanic Initiations – A Personality Guide By Jordan B. Peterson

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This lecture by Jordan B. Peterson discusses the relationship between the initiatory structure of shamanism and the process of radical personality transformation, whether self-induced or therapy-induced. The basic system is order and paradise, discord and the fall, and paradise re-establishment. However, because all utopias perish, the true paradise is identified with the process of transformation itself.

Key Points

  • According to their school of thought, people always tend to threaten things out of the statement.
  • Humans have discovered the future and are more accepting of any upcoming threat or hazardous situation after a complete learning process.
  • Other humans are our tertiary environment and influence our personality in numerous ways.
  • Society is opposed narratively, while the nature of a person opposes culture.
  • Complex human communities have more dominant hierarchies.


There has been an arms race in developing intelligence between men and women. Humans have created general intelligence because it appears to be a situation-dependent problem-solving mechanism. There are numerous dominance hierarchies, particularly in complex human communities, known as personality traits. When it comes to humans, however, females usually have the opportunity to make at least some choices while the animals leave all to the dominant male individuals. These are the traits of a personality that vary from specie to species.

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You should consider what occurs when all of the computational gear is combined with the abstractions of one and zero. In the past, there have been some examples of evil ideals. Ideally, we’re not turning into them, but there are some advantages to not being able to be cruel. We as a community grow well by not being evil.

The strength you gain through being monstrous is the best guarantee of peace in some cases. You need to learn more about tackling problems than being in a comfortable zone. Your country is your best and worst enemy because it drives you to conform and act. Fiction distils facts and builds people, and there’s a line between making a character more than human but not a God. This means every human has some pros and cons. No one can go beyond this line of personality.

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When a child is born, they tend to adopt the environment. At this point, we mean both primary and tertiary environments. This is the point of development for the personality of a newborn. They show some reflexes to their tertiary environments behaviour which we have already enlisted as humans. Reacting to the behaviour, a child develops his traits and learns to make perceptions and boots himself. We can call it the constructive stance of personality.

Personality is the way you emerge in the world. The way you appear depends upon how much confidence you have developed and how the factors around you impact you. To know more about personality and its Heroic and Shamanic Initiations, please watch 2017 Personality 04/05: Heroic and Shamanic Initiations a detailed lecture by Jordan B. Peterson.

Opinion Lecture Four / Five Jordan Peterson 

Informed professor and enjoyable to listen to actually looking forward to the rest of the series now. It seems in the early days of my Peterson journey he has so far been significantly misrepresented.

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I hope you enjoyed my take and my rough notes from my Jordan Peterson experience. You can find links to the complete series here:

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