Personality: Jean Piaget & Constructivism Jordan B. Peterson Part 6

Review Female Perspective Part 6 Jean Piaget & Constructivism

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There can be no doubt if more of this was taught in universities across the world then our graduates would be of amazing quality.

Jean Piaget And Constructivism – A Personality Guide By Jordan B. Peterson

 Once you enter a field, it becomes integral to study the lifestyle and thoughts of the pros of that discipline to have an in-depth learning experience. This lecture by Jordan B. Peterson is to put light on one of the famous names in psychology, “Jean Piaget.” The main concerns of Jean Piaget throughout his life were to work on the facts of how knowledge is generated and transformed. He studied and researched the personality norms of children and found ways to enhance them.

Key Points

  • Jean Piaget was a developmental psychologist, but he considered himself a genetic epistemologist.
  • Jean Piaget was interested in how children build their knowledge structure in their minds and implement them in the world.
  • Piaget was offered to be a curate at the museum, but his parents rejected the offer as he was only ten.
  • According to Piaget, science is a collection of facts, and these facts are transformed over time, making scientific knowledge uncertain.
  • According to Piaget, scientific knowledge completes when an older set of information is changed due to some factors, and the old theory or facts become part of the new set of data as a subset.

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 According to Jordan B Peterson, Jean Piaget is one of the most ideal and wide thinking capable men. He tried to change the perspective of how people think and correlated it to Science for further assurance. To explain Jean’s point of view, Jordan used the example of a tree. He says there are multiple means one can use to cut a tree. You can do it with an axe or a saw, but the results will remain unchanged. Only there will be added convenience by the method one uses to carry out a procedure. The same goes with Science; the effects of various anomalies are the same but what matters is how you do them. Jean Piaget worked on adding thinking from a new perspective to gain knowledge.

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Knowledge structure has an integral part of our lives. If you do something and the results are not as expected, there is something wrong with your knowledge structure. You need to correct your knowledge structure for the betterment of the results. Piaget spent his life-giving a stable base to the knowledge structure so the next generation could attain the best results. Piaget clarified that all the knowledge you want to gain is in the process, not in the results. The results are just a summary of what you have learned. This learning process is never certain, and every step takes you to another level of knowledge. Knowledge aims to transform a person from his inner to outer personality.

According to a study, the organisms adapt to the environment, and babies learn what they see. This learning might include gestures to a whole personality. To learn more, watch2017 Personality 06: Jean Piaget & Constructivism a complete lecture by Jordan B. Peterson

Opinion Lecture Six Jordan Peterson 

Not bad, certainly nothing offensive in here, but some good quality education and I feel I am a better person for knowing it.

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