Top 10 Podcasts by Jordan Peterson

The Best Podcasts by Jordan Peterson

During this series, we look at the best 10 Podcasts by the living legend Jordan Peterson. Love him or hate him, he makes his point. The modern world is filled with so much data, and for me, Jordon Peterson is one person able to delineate that data and make sense in a way that’s easy to understand. Here are the best 10 podcasts for Peterson fans, or if you are open-minded and don’t like him, listen, then comment below why he is wrong.

Entire Series: 2017 Personality and Its Transformations Parts 1-22

I have scribbled some major points, however, no integration has been done yet, follow this series of articles, and I will be doing a breakdown of Jordon Peterson’s lectures.

1: Responsibility is the key to meaning:


It is so dull and pathetic to hear people complaining that we need to have rights. “Oh God, how many rights do you need?”

There is a huge marketplace for responsibility. Get your act together and do something worthwhile. Once you are responsible, that’s when you have meaning.

The more responsibility you take on, the more meaning it has.

Everyone encounters the tyranny of the social structure and rapaciousness of the structure and the deceitful quality of the human psyche. That’s the world.

If you are aligned with God, and you pay attention to the divine injunction, then you can operate in the midst of chaos and tyranny and deception and flourish.

2: Our emotions and the social hierarchy:


If you are highly emotional, volatile, fly off the handle, have a lot of mood variation, a lot of negative emotion, the first thing to think about is whether or not there is actually something wrong with you, like physically; you might  be ill because illness can do that to people. The next thing I would check is that are you not hungry? Most of the clients come to me and tell me I am anxious. And I tell them, have you considered the possibility that you are starving to death.

If you concentrate solely on your career, then you can get a long way in your career. That’s a strategy that a minority of men preferentially do.

If you want to be a genius-level scientist, you are in your lab all the time. You are working 70 to 80 hours a week. You are smart, dedicated and you are unidimensional. And that’s how you get to beat other people.

When angry, you disappears, the normal you reappear, you can be perfectly shocked how angry you behaved.

If angry you really get out of hand like it might in a battle like a war, it might just do things you can’t imagine that you would do, and under those circumstances, you can reveal parts of yourself to yourself that is so foreign and so horrifying that it will leave you with post-traumatic stress.

Have your successes and failures along the way and learn from them, and then you can re-jacked the goal. Move the target to an even better place.

3: Is everything better than we think:


People shouldn’t outsource their ability to think critically. Don’t let any guru be a gatekeeper to knowledge.

Critical, non-emotional thought on global issues is essential to individual and collective solutions/productivity.

We need to subsidize farmers to alleviate pressure to block free trade and benefit developing countries.

I need more plants in my house.

Free speech is not just another value. It’s the foundation of Western civilization.

We need to generate more knowledge and intellect in order to innovate in finding better solutions; somehow I don’t think we’re going to get there as a consequence of our current and progressing education system. So long as we’re mandating gender and racial quotas in place of merit into our institutions along with the lowering of entrance standards, promoting curricula based on critical theory and grievance studies, as well as appropriating grants for research and publishing meaningless garbage, we’ll never get there. This is especially true when it is also shutting down alternative concepts and ideas which challenge those notions. 

The corruption in government-conducted construction work/any contract-based employment is paramount.

4: The perfect mode of being:


The easy route to self-righteousness is to have an enemy. It’s a great place to put all evil.

The conscience can be viewed as a reciprocal society within. That is a perfectly reasonable biological explanation, but the thing is the deeper you go into biology, the more it shades into something that appears to be religious. It becomes something with a power that transcends your ability to resist it.

The act of communion gathers all the extremes together. It gathers in every extreme from the highest to the most transgressive.

Imagine that you wanted to the perfect union with someone, I think that requires love. I remember whenever I have had a sexual relationship with someone and there was no love in it, it didn’t feel right. My conscience bothered me. I think that is how people react but they refuse to notice.

Sex is best undertaken within the confines of an ultimately committed relationship.

5: The pen of light:


The part of the reason we can think is because we are dissociable from ourselves. For example when you ask your children “why don’t you just do what I tell you to do” the answer to that is that you are not that bright. If your children just exactly did instantly everything adults told them to do, they would never live to see the tomorrow.

When you dream you are paralyzed except for your eyes. Your eyes move back and forth in keep what you are seeing. So your eyes are moving looking back at whatever it is that you are looking at in the dream. Researchers have taught people to dream lucidly which means that they can become conscious in their dreams but not wake up. It means they can signal with their eyes. They are asleep but they are conscious.

Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall fine. Knock and it shall open onto you. For everyone who asks receives.

One of the things I have learned about people is that they start out naïve. They trust people. They think they are good because they are naïve. Then they get hurt either by themselves or others. Then they get cynical and then they think they are smart. Now because they have been kicked around bit and now they are hard bitten and that’s a hell of a lot more wise than being naïve.

6: Struggle between chaos and order:


Your brain can tell you when you are optimally situated between chaos and order. The way it tells you by is producing the sense of engagement and meaning.

There is a place in the environment you should be. What should that place be? You don’t want to be terrified out of your skull. You don’t want to be so comfortable that you might as well sleep. You want to be somewhere on a firm ground. You should also be testing out new territory. If who are exploratory and emotional stable, they will go pretty far into an unexplored territory. Other people are just going to put a toe in the chaos.

Some people are more exploratory than others, that’s extraversion and openness working together and intelligence.

Some people re going to tolerate a larger mixture of chaos in their order. Those are liberals by the way. Liberals are more interested in novel chaos. Conservatives are more interested in the stabilization of the structures that already exist.

Democracy allows people of different temperamental types to communicate and to calibrate the damn society.

A little novelty heightens your anxiety that wakes you up a bit, that’s the adventure part of it. It also focuses the part of your brain that does exploratory activity. That is associated with pleasure. That is the dopamine circuit.

You know that you are there when you are listening to an interesting conversation or you are engaged in one. You are saying something you know and the other person is saying something they know. Both of what you know is changing.

Music is a very representational art form. This is what the universe is like. There is a dancing element to it, repetitive and then cute little variations that sort of surprise and delight you. You think wow that is so cool. It doesn’t matter how nihilistic you are, music still infuse you with a sense of meaning. Because music models meaning, that is why we love it and dance to it. It symbolizes you putting yourself in harmony with these multiple layers of reality and positioning yourself properly.

7: The neuroscience of intelligence:


Defining intelligence as a High IQ is a somewhat arbitrary and imperfect measure. You can have a very low IQ and still be very intelligent in a lot of different ways and that’s really the problem.

Your disgust sensitivity is higher if you have a lower IQ.

Common sense is the thing we have to be very careful. When we have discussions not to devalue the human dignity of aren’t at the upper end of the distribution. We are devaluing people at the lower end of the distribution.

Human life has dignity and IQ is not the most important thing that defines humans. It’s not associated with wisdom. It’s not associated with truth or courage.

The psychometric relationship between intelligence and consciousness is zero.

It is difficult for people who are on the low end of the cognitive spectrum to survive in an increasingly complex sophisticated environment. Jobs are just disappearing.

More intelligence is better than the less.

Wisdom and Intelligence:

Your intelligence scores you at the top percentile of the standardized test but your wisdom reminds you that a test score alone doesn’t dictate or define your path in life. We can’t measure wisdom.

People get more conscious and more agreeable and more emotionally stable as they get older, it might be the part that constitutes wisdom.

Imagine you are an introvert but you learn the skills of an extrovert. So you sort of expand your toolkit of adaptation and you are n unconscious person so you know how to relax but you learn how to discipline yourself. I think you can expand your bag of tricks and then match your behaviour more specifically to the situational demands in an appropriate way. That is something like wisdom but we are long way from being able to quantify.

Intelligence allows you to drive yourself crazy and unbelievably creative and manipulative ways.

The intelligent client who is having mental trouble is in much more trouble than the less intelligent client. First, they are arrogant and second, they can argue like mad for the validity of their pathology. Even though they know perfectly well that its destroying their life. So intelligence and wisdom have absolutely no relationship at all.

8: Why should you treat yourself as If you have value:


It is based on the idea that regardless of your inadequacies and malevolence, you have a moral obligation. So that would be a responsibility to assume that despite all evidence, there is something intrinsic worth about you and that as a consequence you are duty-bound to treat yourself like that is true. If you do that it turns out your life gets better. It gets not only happier but it gets richer, meaningful, deeper and more worthwhile. You become educated and also wiser. You start treating yourself with more respect, a better model for others, a nice dad. You are less ridden by that guilt that gnaws at you and shame saying “you are not what you could be?” that is a hell of voice to get rid of and certainly not easy to ignore. 

People themselves don’t think that they are valuable. When they are depressed. They certainly don’t think when they are suicidal. They don’t really think when they are shamed or guilty or frustrated or disappointed or angry. They don’t really think when they are fighting with their family , when things go wrong in life. It’s not so bloody obvious that people are inherently valuable. Some people are more valuable than others. No matter where you look in human societies there are rank orders of value. Some people are so much better than it is its absolutely miracle. And some people are dreadful at it.

I do not know why people underestimate the “cleaning your room” mentality. It makes perfect sense every time I think about it. When one keeps the place, he rests and awakes in theory “START THE DAY & CLOSE THE DAY” the mind organizes itself gradually as one forms the habit.

Work on yourself and grow as a person every day it’s possible to become the person in your dreams. If you work on your dreams God will make sure they become your reality.

You are duty-bound to treat yourself . if you do that your life gets better. It gets richer, more meaningful, deeper and more worthwhile. You become more educated and more wiser. And you treat yourself with more respect and you are better mode. You are less ridden by that guilt that gnaws at you.

There is something divine that resides within you of ultimate worth.

9: The topic of truth:


In order to find yourself through all of that, you need to develop a relationship with something that’s profound and you can have that capacity and what could be more profound than truth. And what would you rather have on your side? And to do more best. Because best isn’t as best as it could be. You find the meaning that sustains you in life and you find the patterns of action that redeem the world.

Nitscheze said that you could tell much about the man’s character by how much truth he could tolerate.

There is an idea in the great western civilization is that truth is the way and the path of life and that no one comes to the Father except through the truth.

I don’t think you can manifest who you are without the truth. The pathway to who you could be if you were completely who you were si through the truth and so the truth does set you free. But the problem is that it destroys everything that isn’t worthy in you as it sets you free and that’s a process of burning. And it’s painful. Because you cling to what you shouldn’t be partly out of pride and ignorance.

Everything about you that isn’t worthy is to be put into the flames. It’s another reason to be not so casual about claiming what you believe because it isn’t something that you undertake without due caution.

If you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples, then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

I was trying to understand why people did terrible things? People did many terrible things in the 20th century.  The idea that I was somehow better than them and that I wouldn’t have made the same choices had I been in the same situation was a very, very dangerous supposition. We really needed to understand why it happened and that perhaps we could go deep enough in understanding. If you understand the problem, maybe you can solve the problem. The problem was the line between good and evil runs down every human heart. Jung also believed that the human soul was a tree whose roots grew all the way to hell. He believed also that in the full investigation the shadow, which was the dark side of the human Psyche, it was bottomless essentially. It was like an experience of hell.

It’s very discombobulating to experience yourself as fragmented enough so that much of what you do and say is actually false.

If you act in truth then the order you produce is good regardless of how it appears.

It’s an axiomatic ethical proposition the job that whatever extracts order from chaos is properly done, if it’s done in truth.

If you love someone, you don’t tell them that the best way to get through the world is to lie about everything all the time. You don’t set them down and say this is a corrupt enterprise and you can’t trust anyone because they are lying about everything. Your job is to become the best liar you can become. No one ever does that.

10: Progress, despite everything:


Many people face the news each morning with trepidation and dread. Every day we read of shootings, inequality, pollution, dictatorship, war and the spread of nuclear weapons.

Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.

The world has never been more than democratic than it has been in the past decade.

Progress is not a miracle and problem-solving. Problems are inevitable and solutions create new problems which have to be solved in their turn. We must see problems as to solve them.

The human prospect is more tragic than utopian and that we are not golden, there is no way we are getting back to the garden.

Fewer of us are killed, enslaved, assaulted or depressed by the others. The territories with peace and prosperity are growing and would someday encompass the globe. The ideas on how to reduce bad things have been voiced.

Obesity is a bigger problem than starvation.

We are born into a pitiless universe facing steep odds against life enabling order and in constant jeopardy of falling apart. We were shaped buy the process that is incredibly competitive. We are made from a cooked timber vulnerable to illusions and self-centeredness and at times astounding stupidity.

Yet human nature has also been blessed with resources that open a space for a kind of redemption. We are endowed with the power to combine ideas recursively to have thoughts about our thoughts. We have an instinct for language allowing us to share the fruit of ingenuity and experience. We are deepened with the capacity for sympathy, pity, imagination, compassion and commiseration.

Top 10 Podcasts by Jordan Peterson

That’s if folks enjoy the podcasts, the takeaways were notes I made while watching, watch this space as more to come in this review of Jordan Peterson and his best works.

Comment your favourites below for others to enjoy.

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Entire Series: 2017 Personality and Its Transformations Parts 1-22

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