Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious Jordan B. Peterson Part 9

Review Female Perspective Part 9 Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious

Looking forward to this one I mean the guy is known across the West and almost the father of modern psychology (maybe that explains why we are all so messed up).

“In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the heart.”
Sigmund Freud

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I am going to dive now into my review of Part 9 and I can only hope it’s as good as previous lectures, I so far a huge fan and as yet to find any proof of bigotry.

Freud And Dynamic Unconscious – A Personality Guide By Jordan B. Peterson

 Jordan B. Peterson has spent his life learning from and studying some of the world’s most brilliant psychologists and philosophers. He has put it all together in an easily understandable format so that we can all learn without having to read and study countless pages of scientific studies and psychology books. In this lecture, Jordan has collected all the necessary information about Sigmund Freud’s theories. Freud’s theories are about the conceptualization of the dynamic unconscious.

Key Points

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  • When we don’t pay attention to how we feel, we have a lot of ideas, urges, and memories that we keep in our unconscious minds. It can have inappropriate or unpleasant contents in the unconscious, such as sensations of pain, worry, or conflict.
  • Anything that could potentially enter the conscious consciousness is preconscious.
  • Preconscious memories are not the same as memories that may be recalled quickly, such as identifying your route home. They are memories that have been suppressed that we retrieve for a certain reason at a given moment.
  • Freud used procedures like dream interpretation and freedom of thought (the sharing of totally random thoughts) to bring actual sentiments to light to pinpoint the source of psychological suffering.
  • Examining a tongue drop is one technique to learn how the conscious brains work.


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Our brain has an independent memory system. The memory system comprises things that you can understand in one state of your mind, but you get tackled in it in the other state of mind. Dreams are a subconscious part of a person’s memory. These are the imagination of memory which contains images from the other part of our mind. You can dream things that you do not know, but a relation between dreams is going in your subconscious mind. Dreams can be related to what you act and what other people do. Freud described this situation of dreams with an example of kids. If a kid plays a game regularly but still cannot explain it when you take the game away from them. The rules remain in their mind, but they cannot process their thoughts.

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In Victorian times, pathology and sexually transmitted diseases were not that common. Freud had a special interest in working on the topics, a unique field of study. However, it is a very common and handleable factor nowadays. In the 1900s, the world was occupied by men’s supremacy. Women were considered to be in second place. There were no political rights for women, and there were no laws either to control men’s authority over children and women. In this world, Freud was the one who introduced the benefits of birth control pills to strengthen women and reduce the political tension between the two genders.

There were a set of consequences that led to women’s empowerment. These include several diseases. To learn more, watch 2017 Personality 09: Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious a lecture by Jordan B. Peterson to clarify your ideas about personality.

Opinion Lecture Nine Jordan Peterson 

One thing IO have to say is why I have not heard of this guy before, he is smart, intuitive and a great educator. I enjoyed his insight, and criticisms and also loved how he defended Freud when needed.

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I hope you enjoyed my take and my rough notes from my Jordan Peterson experience. You can find links to the complete series here:

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