Who is Gerry Cinnamon? – Unofficial Biography of Castlemilk Man

Is Gerry Cinnamon his real name?

Gerry Cinnamon is a name that comes from his time spent playing under the band “The Cinnamons”. His birth and real name are Gerard Crosbie.

Gerry Cinnamon – Early life

Gerry Cinnamon grew up in Glasgow. The most notorious part of his young life came in the fact that he didn’t have his father with him growing up. He is quoted to have said, “My life was f***ing mental growing up because I didn’t have a father.” This fatherless upbringing would result in him being frequently in trouble during his adolescence. He grew up in “The Valley” a residential area of the Castlemilk district in Glasgow.

More on Castlemilk: Castlemilk      – Gerry Cinnamons Hometown

Gerry Cinnamon Music Career

He worked for some time in various jobs. He worked as a plumber, construction worker, and also in a coffee shop. This venture would prove unfulfilling for Gerry, but he would soon find his true calling.

Gerry Cinnamon, A Life Through Concerts and Music

Gerry Cinnamon: A Story of Rebellious Individual Success

He would, for some time, stay living with the father of a friend, a time that he would use to learn the harmonica and the guitar.

This started to pave the way for his music career, him being known as a regular face on the Glasgow bar scene for playing on open-mike nights at famous bars.

He started to perfect his instruments and gather a name for himself as well as a city following in Glasgow.

He met producer Chris Marshall and decided quickly to form a lo-fi band called “The Cinnamons” with him.

Gerry had decided to make a career in folk music and he started to work towards it. He added  Lori Duncan, Dave Bass and Gav Hunter to the band the Cinnamons. He was the frontman. The band would see no major success and was swept under the huge indie music movement of the time, but Gerry would obtain his music moniker from the band “Cinnamon” which he would use to now pursue his solo music career.

He would, throughout 2014, continue to sell-out gigs. The main advertisement he had would come in the way of word of mouth and social media.

A string of supporting acts for famous names like John Power and at big venues like T in the Park.

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Gerry            Cinnamon: Concert Timeline and Event History

2017 Erratic Cinematic and sold-out concerts

He would after many appearances and sold-out venues, come to release his first album which he dubbed “Erratic Cinematic”. This album would largely be centred around his life in Glasgow. The album received funding through PledgeMusic and was produced by his “The Cinnamons” partner Chris Marshall.

It had a great reception, briefly outselling big names like Ed Sheeran and rising to the number 1 spot in the UK Itunes Chart list.

This success would carry over to 2018 and 2019, with his name carrying the telling habit of overpopulating concert venues. The venues would decide between switching over to larger stadiums to fill the demand for Gerry Cinnamon’s music.

Enjoy Erratic Cinematic:
Erratic         Cinematic – Gerry Cinnamon’s First album

Gerry has made a notorious name for himself for not doing interviews. Most of the content we see online from him comes from the handful of interviews that he has done.

This is not a common posture amongst rising stars, with most of them greatly enjoying their time in the spotlight. Pop stars take any chance to spread their image on the web, radio stations, and TV. Gerry Cinnamon, in a turn native to his Folk genre, shuns all of this media almost universally.

He prefers to keep his circle small, this desire for privacy also presents itself in his tight-lipped way of speaking about his early life and family. To date, there are many unknown bits of information about his upbringing, his relationship with his family, and his romantic partners.

Gerry Cinnamon is a man of privacy and one that is in the spotlight mainly to entertain his masses of fans with honest, cutting lyrics.

“I don’t deal with people I don’t trust. And I don’t trust people I don’t know”

This quote tells you all about the way he views interviews and talks about his personal life.

2020 The Bonny and Pandemic Hiatus

Gerry Cinnamon released his second album “The Bonny” in 2020, which he released through his label “Little Runaway Records”. He has made a name for himself in disliking big music labels and corporations, stating that he thinks they value low-quality easy to sell content over high-quality music produced by talented but little known artists.

The Bonny would become the fastest-selling vinyl album of the year and be number one on the UK and Irish Charts.

He had a tour planned throughout the United States, but the pandemic put a halt to that and his British concert dates have been moved up the calendar.

Why is Gerry Cinnamon so popular?

Gerry Cinnamon takes a lot of popularity from being the number 1 folk sensation in Scotland. The genre is very popular there and his tales of a Glasglow life are relatable for his audience there, he also enjoys great fandom in the United Kingdom. He’s taking part in producing music for the “Yes Scotland” movement presented him with a worldwide audience and ever since that breakthrough, fans of folk and British music have been discovering Gerry Cinnamon and adding themselves to his droves of fans.

Is Gerry Cinnamon rich?

Gerry Cinnamon had a great year in 2019, the last year he had a chance to express his full artistic value in all the concerts and show-casings around the world before the coronavirus pandemic limited things to a substantial value. This year, he made £ 239,615 earnings with his firm GC Music.

Gerry Cinnamon has an additional business in the music industry called Little Runaway Records. He pulled in £ 140,226 in the past year from that source. (1)

Gerry Cinnamon’s Whole Tour Schedule 0f 2022

Top 5 Best Gerry Cinnamon Songs of All Time

How did Gerry Cinnamon rise to fame by himself?

One of Gerry Cinnamon’s most unique traits as an artist is how he has managed to obtain a very large following of fans, filling out major stadiums like SSE Hydro to full capacity without having a record deal.

All of this success was done without being signed to any label.

His success comes in part due to his country of origin. Scottish people are known to fervently support their homegrown talent, and Gerry’s strong Glasgow accent was his ticket to being part of the national movement of support.

His albums also describe life in Glasglow very vividly, especially Erratic Cinematic, so in addition to the national habit of supporting local talent, his music found an easy home with this thematic. This success carried over into the huge market of the United Kingdom as well, with the opportunity to sing his lengthy lyrical song “Hope Over Fear” for the “Yes Scotland” the national movement serving as an introduction point to a worldwide audience. He has used every tool at his disposal to obtain the reach and audience he has today.

He has also funnelled the money obtained from his music ventures to start his label “Little Runaway Records”.

This independent rise to fame has also embodied his philosophy of being against big-name companies and their tendency to promote low-quality content over great new artists.

He believes in the virtue of a career focused on musical talent and quality, having stayed away from the lure of big label institutions and money.

He is banking it all on his talent and audience, and if this continues to repeat itself in his career, he is sure to be a symbol of an independent and solo way of obtaining success in the music industry.

What is Gerry Cinnamon’s best song?

Gerry’s best song, judging by criteria in popularity and requests in concerts is “Belter”. It’s a love ballad that has thumping lyrics that crowds love to sing along with within concerts. It enjoys the number 2 spot on his Spotify most played list. It’s one of his most requested songs in concerts.

Belter is a song on his first album “Erratic Cinematic”

More On Belter:

Being enamoured with a “belter” of a girl is the main theme of this song. Belter is Scottish slang for awesome or beautiful.

The girl is classy, has a spunky personality and is a dancer. All things that the singer is attracted to and enjoys, seeing her as a ‘princess’ and love being referenced in the lyrics as well.

The instrumental is a thumping beat that goes well with the belter theme, a snappy rhythm through the guitar and drums keeps going throughout the song which accompanies Gerry’s Scottish accent very well and creates a strong picturesque sense in the song.

How the Hell did Gerry Cinnamon get Famous?

Liam Gallagher Advice to Gerry Cinnamon on Fame and Life.

Did Gerry Cinnamon take drugs?

Gerry Cinnamon talks about drugs and the crazy times that come with them often in his songs, especially in his first album “Erratic Cinematic.”

He has allegedly done cocaine for a brief period in his life. He says the experience gave him some content for his songs, it being a gateway to release emotions into his lyrics. Drinking and partying were a big part of his life, and his songs reflect this as well. (2)

Where is Gerry Cinnamon from?

Gerry Cinnamon is from Glasgow, Scotland. His life there is a great inspiration for his songs, with his first album “Erratic Cinematic” detailing the lifestyle of living and growing up in Scotland.

Gerry Cinnamon – Beginnings of Concert Career

His status as a Glasgow-born and raised native have created a bond between himself and the city and as of today, he is one of the biggest names in all of Scotland. His success is a point of national pride and especially in his hometown of Glasgow.

He has been known to break records in Scottish-dominated venues, and his local success has also been present in all of Europe, with tours in Great Britain and other music festivals being filled to the brim when Gerry Cinnamon is playing.

Folk Music, Gerry Cinnamon’s Genre – The Origins and Creation of Folk Music

Erratic Cinematic – Gerry Cinnamon’s First album

What age is Gerry Cinnamon?

Gerry Cinnamon is 37 years old, and his birthday is the first of  October.

Is Gerry Cinnamon Scottish?

Gerry Cinnamon is Scottish, and his city of origin is Glasgow.

Gerry Cinnamon – The Famous Singer in Facts and Data

What school did Gerry Cinnamon go to?

Gerry Cinnamon attended King Park’s Secondary School.

Who is Gerry Cinnamon signed with?

Gerry Cinnamon is not signed with any record label. He does own his own production company named Little Runaway Records.

Now let us introduce you to analysis and insight into 3 of Gerry Cinnamon’s songs!


This is a very upbeat song made for sing-a-longs in concerts. Anyone growing up in the ’90s would know this, I love it when he threw in “Standing in the corner.” Genious

It carries a spirit of being carried away into a land where dreams turn into reality. It denotes love and music as vessels that can carry you into this “disco land”.

The land of fantasy is a place where you can do what you want and it’s somewhere to be carried away. The disco landhasn’treading sometimes is the main focal point of the song and the lyrics and beats are all in tune with this uplifting concept.

How much do crowds like Gerry Cinnamon?

Hope Over Fear

A lengthy and nationalistic song, this is a song that inspires a sense of identity and rebellion against a controlling system.

“Tell Westminster Tories that Scotland’s no longer your slave” is a bold line and one that symbolizes the nationalistic theme of the song. Fighting against an empire of “money and gold” is referenced, and the lyrics contain a feeling of wanting a new path that happens to be around a status quo of money, power, and ideas different from the idea of a free Scotland.

Should you listen to Gerry Cinnamon in 2022?

Flickering Flame Dead Mans Shoes

The song has a harsh guitar tune to it and lyrics full of emotion.

“Walking in a dead man’s shoes” is a line in the song and presents the theme of a self-fatalistic prophecy very well.

It shows a feeling of being in danger and carries that into its instrumentals and lyrics. “I’m ready to burn out” is sung out as a statement that one is ready to face the fate that is laid out in front.

It’s a personal and honest song.

Gerry Cinnamon “The Bonny” Songs in the Album Part 1

The Bonny Songs in the Album Part 2

Complete List and Discography of Gerry Cinnamon

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  24. Sometimes Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon
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  26. Lullaby Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon
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Fun Fact

Why is Gerry Cinnamon so popular?

Whatever you watched of Cinnamon and his music, his upward thrust over the previous few years has been significant. The 35-year-vintage singer-songwriter from Castlemilk, born Gerard Crosbie, first won notoriety appearing his songs at an open mic night time in his hometown.


Sometimes (Gerry Cinnamon)









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