The Bonny Songs in the Album Part 2

This album furthers Gerry Cinnamon’s with its ingenious ways of using guitar rhythms and its ballad sing-a-long lyrics. This is a continuation of our description of each of Gerry Cinnamon’s songs, let us give you a taste of what you can find with Gerry Cinnamon’s artistry and give you our take on the songs and instrumentals in the album.

Where We’re Going

Where We’re Going Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

This song has a large theme of being surprised by the love that a person is giving the character in the song, and the personal revolutions both positive and negative that that brings.

“But it seems that in the end I fuck up everything” is a line that references the fear of losing the love and the goodness that comes with that. The song is a reverie of being in a romance and its many wonders and the personal journey that is undertook when that takes place.

The pedal beat is strong in the background and the guitar tunes carry along the emotional journey well with smooth rhythms.

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Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

It centers around talking about a person that is probably in love in the singer’s eyes. The person finds themselves daydreaming, and “you can’t run forever” is sung talking about whether a revelation about being a love will finally come to the person. “The bonniest bonding” is talking about the prettiest of bonding between two people.

It’s one of Gerry’s longer songs and its lyrics come in short verses but the singing remains mellow and day-dreamy through out.

The guitar carries the song through a nonchalant tune and a melodic counterpart to Gerry’s singing. Its a folk standard and its lyrics end with a thoughtful note.

Dark Days

Dark Days Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

The song is about finding light in things when one is having rough days. Finding light in someone else is talked about in the song, but also in the hope of days to come. “There are sunrays” is a line in the song, referencing finding the silver lining in life and making the most out of days, with the tough days being named as the best days ever, the goodness comes in making the most of out bad days and gathering wisdom for better days to come. It’s one of Gerry’s most sentimental songs and one that has great wisdom in its lyrics. The pedal beat comes in thumping in the middle of the song, and the guitar playing remains constant through out.

Sun Queen

Sun Queen Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

Being enamored with a woman is the main theme of this song as well as being in a point in life where one looks back on the good things achieved so far. The importance of being original and artists who do copy and paste other songs is talked about as ‘not having soul’. Older times like the 50s are mentioned. The song has a positive and romantic feel to it and maintains that line through its lyrics and instrumental play. Enchantment with a woman is the main theme of the song and “carving her name into a sunbeam” is a metaphor for saying that that person is the source for great happiness in life.

The instruments are the guitar and singing remains clear and melodic through out, the pedal beat is used to accompany the composition as well.

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Fickle McSelfish

Fickle McSelfish Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

Being in a relationship with a person that, on a self-reproachful note, the person knows is a bit hopelessly in love with the singer and the adventures that come with that. Being selfish and spending time in doing other stuff other than being with an important person is part of the lyrics. The song has a very personal feeling to its singing. The instrumentals are the Gerry Cinnamon classic of guitar and pedal beats and a different sample of a guitar tune is played at the end.

Six String Gun

Six String Gun Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

It’s a song about feeling alone in a world that is changing. “Our eyes burn in a red hot sun” line shows the pain of seeing the world in that state. It’s one of Gerry’s shorter songs and also has the harmonica in it, being one of the few songs in his second album “The Bonny” to have it. There is also a guitar tune being played in unison to the guitar and the singing remains constant through out. The strife of being an honest man is referenced early in the song.

Roll the Credits

Roll the Credits Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

This song is about being crestfallen after the ending of a romance. It sings about it being over and the person coming to terms with it. “The tracks of your tears let me know that you’ve cried “ signifies that the writer can see that the other person can see that things ended and not in a happy way. Being in a bad way after realizing all of this and seeing it through is also a theme of the song.

The harmonica plays in the beginning and it is accompanied by a swift guitar tune. Gerry’s singing is solemn and melodic all through out the song.

The Bonny

The Bonny Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

The eponymous song in the album is a long one. Its about finding self-faith and looking at beauty in the problems that life can bring us. “Bonny” is Scottish slang for beautiful and building the bonny is a metaphor for generating a spirit of beauty among life in both good and bad.

“A bonfire big and high” is listed as an image in a dream and the “only thing that kept me alive” works as a metaphor that the beautiful things in life are what kept the writer going during difficult times. Now the writer’s goal is to make other people believe in the bonny and replay the feeling of optimism and positivism. The pedal beat thumps alongside the chorus and Gerry plays his trade mark harmonica and guitar in the instrumental department.

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