Should you listen to Gerry Cinnamon in 2022?

Gerry Cinnamon is the new sensation from folk music. He hails from Scotland and has found a massive audience in his home country as well of all of the United Kingdom.

Fans of British music and avid members of concert going should definitely give a listen to his music.

Do you enjoy introspective lyrics and emotional storytelling? Gerry Cinnamon is the man for you, and if you like guitar tunes beautifully played alongside this you’ll be in for a real treat with his songs.

His concerts are almost always sold out full house and if you’re a fan of sing-a-longs and awesome concert environments, be sure to book a ticket for his next showing. You will enjoy a lively and now famous performance from one of the world’s hottest artists, the night is sure to stay with you for a long time and you will find yourself excited for his new and up coming tunes.

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Here are some of the bands that Gerry himself has said inspired him and a breakdown of some of his instruments and music playing set up.

Gerry loves writing songs with introspective topics while delivering bombastic sing-along choruses comparable to the work of Frank Turner. Gerry has been inspired by the work of bands such as:

  • The Beatles
  • The Brian Jones town Massacre
  • The Jesus
  • Mary Chain
   Music Type  
Genre FolkPop/Rock
Styles   Indie rockindie folkFolk-rockanti-folk
Instruments Vocalsguitarharmonica

What are some of your favorite bands? It’s always good to get to know more genres and although folk is a genre that is up and coming presently, it is still a relatively less well known genre compared to others in the industry. Folk is known for moving ballads with storytelling and great lyrics as well as simple yet enchanting guitar playing.

Gerry Cinnamon’s style is sure to revitalize your understanding and taste for folk music, he has become one of the most well known artists in the genre and is set to becoming the face of the industry so if you’re looking to add a new music genre to your list you can listen to some of Gerry Cinnamon’s songs and begin your journey into the moving sing-a-longs and story telling lyrics of 21st century folk hits.

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