Gerry Cinnamon: Concert Timeline and Event History

2018 Awards and sold out theaters

In October, he received a ‘Great Scot Award’ for entertaining, following the lead of past winners such as Paulo Nutini and Kevin Bridges. It was announced in December that he will be returning to TRNSMT in 2018, this time on the main stage. This was a great moment and career landmark for Gerry, the rise of his music career being exposed through his new entree as a main stage artist. He would keep busy in the British Isles during this period, the early months of 2018 being dominated by a sold-out Scottish tour, followed by other dates across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With the great majority of tickets once again selling out well in advance, several events shifted to larger capacity venues owing to demand. This has become a trend in Gerry Cinnamon concerts, audiences being sold out and events having to move to higher capacity venues for his performances. During a performance in Inverness, he quickly paused to address an audience member who had thrown a drink onto the stage. TRNSMT organizers confirmed on June 28, 2018, two days before the event, that Cinnamon’s performance at the festival shifted to a later, higher-profile time slot (due to J Hus’ cancellation). In August 2018, he was also scheduled to perform at the Rice Festival (the successor to the long-running V Festival) and the Tartan Heart Festival (Bella drum). A further four shows were planned for the following December in Glasgow, including the one on Christmas Eve; they, too, sold out almost immediately, leaving expectant people who couldn’t get in disappointed. Fans would have to wait expectantly for the next concert and be quick about it too since, as the current trend has shown, he is one of the most in demand artists of today.

Some people complained to Cinnamon on social media about the cost of tickets on resale sites, leading him to remark: “You’re mistaken if you believe I want some business gang reselling mine tickets for 10 times the list price. If you believe I’m somehow involved or can stop it when the biggest bands in the world can’t, you’re at best misguided.”

Additional concerts in Dundee, Aberdeen, and Kilmarnock in December 2018 were later announced and sold out in seconds. Gerry launched his own England and Ireland tour after a run of arena gigs with The Courtiers. Tickets for the tour once again sold out in seconds, prompting the addition of more dates and upgraded locations. The Gerry Cinnamon music machinery has kept its trajectory increasing in audience size and concert venues keep adapting to it at the same pace.

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In 2017, following the publication of his new solo studio album, he confirmed a December 2017 event at Glasgow’s Barrow land Ballroom, a prominent dance hall and music venue. The tickets sold out within hours of being released, and a second date that was revealed was even more quickly sold out. This was the first time an unsigned musician has accomplished such a feat at this arena. He was then inducted into the ‘Barrowland Hall of Fame’ in recognition of this. This was a telltale sign to come off Gerry Cinnamon’s success to many music followers and he went on the radar for people who didn’t know about him yet.

Cinnamon performed to a large and enthusiastic crowd on King Tut’s stage at the TRNSMT event (a non-camping substitute for T in the Park) on Glasgow Green in July 2017. In September, he published his first album, Erratic Cinematic. This album was sponsored through the Pledge Music website. This album was produced by Chris Marshall, and swiftly soared to the top of the UK iTunes list for singer-songwriters (briefly outselling Ed Sheeran), and sixth pace  overall. The reception of the album was met by a fervent fan base and the numbers also added to the momentum of Gerry’s soaring music career.


He reappeared in  T in the Park in July 2016, as part of the  ‘King Tut’s Wah Tent’ stage, as he had wanted to do a year earlier. Despite possessing one of the weekends’ least successful time slots (2 p.m. on Friday), his concert was well-attended. He was named ‘Outstanding Live Performance’ at the 2016 Scotland Alternative Music Awards in October.

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