Head in the Clouds Lyrics – Gerry Cinnamon

Head in the clouds
Or under the weather
More late nights
Of the same old shite
Than you care to remember

Rough as a stone
But light as a feather
You’re on top of the world
Do you smile looking down on ’em
Safe with a lover?

They tell you nothin’ is free
Only thing guaranteed
Is a load of palaver

Head in the clouds
Or under the weather
Havin’ your fun
With two weeks in the sun
Then the rest is December

But something’s appearin’
It’s blurrin’ your vision
And it’s cuttin’ a shape
Like a hot razor blade
With your deadly precision

Now you’re caught in a game
You don’t know how to play
But you win by decision

The bonniest bondin’
The craziest feelin’
Down in your guts
Where you hide all the things
You don’t want to be hearin’

The feelin’ is buildin’
You try not to fight it
So you try to be cool
But then act like a fool
You don’t how to hide it

‘Cause it feels like a dream
That you’re through on goal
In the final and skied it

The answer is starin’
Though you’re no very clever
You’re still stupid enough to know
That you can’t run forever

On your mind every day
Gives the pain, goes away
Anytime you’re together

Take a trip to the jungle
Become a magician
Find an army of wise
Old cheermen and hope
That they cure your condition

No more satellite navigation
To read your position

I don’t know
If you’re really in love
But I have my suspicions

Dave P
Dave P
Be a little better today than yesterday.
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