The Truth About BTS: Five Lies Fans Believe About The Korean Boy Band

In 2014, BTS had its initial presentation in the US. Nobody expected that this K- pop boy band would produce multiple tweets than Donald Trump. In 2018, the seven members of the band—RM, Jimin, Suga, J. Hope, Jin, V, and Jungkook—earned recognition in every American household.


BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korea. They have been famous for staying strong despite criticisms and strict expectations, promoting the ideals of the youth while showering positivity worldwide. In 2017, the band acquired an English name, defining BTS as “Beyond the Scene.” They also established the ARMY, their passionate fan community. They support the group extensively with their wallets. In 2018, BTS had sold five million albums since 2013, and the group ascended progressively.


But here are the five lies that fans believe about BTS.

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1.      The rise of BTS was effortless.


BTS got created by Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Shi Hyuk, known as Hitman Bang, to the group. Jungkok chooses Big Hit over more prominent names. RM, known as Rap Monster, said that a hip-hop band was the dream to get created. Suga joined the team, and J-hope was the third member and was famous in his hometown. The four members joined the band. In 2013, BTS was born.


BTS went to the US to film a series known as American Hustle Life. Their mission was to educate themselves about hip-hop and culture, working with famous legends like Warren G. While creating the film, they performed their first American concert, making their last-minute gig at L A’s Troubadour. Being global was the group’s primary goal, yet Hitman Bang had a low profile target for the group. The Big Hit CEO wanted BTS to be a close friend to everyone.

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Bang Shi Hyuk attributes the global popularity of BTS to social media, which the band has superior skills throughout the years. Big Hit CEO said that the absolute presence of the group on sites like YouTube and Twitter significantly contributed to the BTS break in the US market.


BTS soon established its supporters base in the US and Korea. People wanted to be informed about the group, so they created the American Hustle Life documentary series. When the group arrived at LAX, the press was urgently waiting. There was a significant problem encouraging girls to participate in their music video when the group was filming American Hustle Life. But this time, the group found it challenging to avoid the paparazzi, but Big Hit was thrilled that they made such a controversial scene.


The Los Angeles trip was a significant pop milestone after BTS arrived in New York. The group performed on various shows and took several photos with different magazines. The group was honored and met other artists that they admire. Yes, the display may be cringy now, but it served as valuable practice for the rising boy band.


During the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, BTS was victorious, beating Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande.

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2.      BTS relies heavily on social media analytics.


BTS became the first K -pop act to acquire their personal Twitter emoji, and a second one got released at the right time with the band’s new English title, Beyond the Scene. Twitter users liked Justin Bieber and Donald Trump million times, but BTS had so much Twitter traffic, which made them victorious social artists for the second time at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.


But they reject opinions that their popularity was from their social media inclination alone. The group finds it unfortunate from other people’s analysis that they succeeded because of their skillful social media strategy. RM commented that the BTS’s success is through their sincerity and productive skills. The essential quality of their music and performances should be excellent above all.


3.      All of the BTS members can speak basic English.


When RM presented himself on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, RM introduced himself as the leader and spokesperson for the group. Kim Nam -Joon is the most popular BTS member in the international audience because he speaks fluent English. He is grateful to his mother, who forcefully let him watch a kid’s program, Friends. His mother bought DVDs and watched them all in dozen times, And RM learned English accurately. He said that the program’s speech was easy and clear to understand. Other boys struggle when they have communication in English without RM. In January 2018, Suga revealed his great desire to improve his English and Japanese.

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4.      BTS’ career is all about fun and performing.


You have to work all day long as a K -pop idol. It seems glamorous working in the industry but working in the sector requires discipline. Family and friends are limited to contacting the selected ones sent to boot camp. Training got intensely monitored. Their diets get monitored to maintain the prospect’s attractive shape. Unfortunately, their strict regimen made them starve themselves. The practice also endangered their health. The boys revealed that they rehearsed for 15 hours when they were starting.


5.      BTS members are safe from criminals.


In 2015 when BTS went to America as part of Episode 11: The Red Bullet tour, the group, received a death threat. Someone tweeted a photo of people with guns, and the concert’s official hashtag made Big Hit immediately cancel the show. The picture got accompanied by a picture of a pistol with a note like “Bye, bye RM.”

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Lies about BTS that haters believe


We will now look at the accusations and tirades critics throw at BTS this time. Some say that, behind the scenes, they are not as “wholesome” and “pure” as they seem. They claim that BTS members engage in immoralities and drug use. But these have no basis—most of these comments have no merit.


Anti-BTS online users even assume that BTS is insincere towards their fans. For them, the band only uses their supporters for clout and influence. But this, too, is untrue. Even as BTS has reached the peak of their career, they show their gratitude to the ARMY by acknowledging and thanking them. They also promote self-love, positivity, and global collaboration.

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