BTS: Comprehensive Breakdown of the K-pop Group’s Earnings

BTS Earnings Report – How They Make Money

BTS, a K-pop boy band, has earned millions. They are currently one of the world’s most popular boy bands. According to Forbes, BTS is the highest-paid K-pop group, making US57$ million in pre-tax income last year through tours, album sales, and brand collaborations.

Below is the breakdown of where they receive their earnings.

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They also announced the list of the top K-pop idols and bands on YouTube in 2021. Members of BTS are at the top of the list. As a result, BTS’ Channel on YouTube is the highest-earning K-pop group on the platform.


Big Hit stock shares


BTS’s primary source of revenue is each member of BTS was given shares a month before the group’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, went public and made its South Korean stock market debut in October 2020. Those stakes were each worth $7.9 million at the end of the company’s first day of trading. The BTS members all have shares in Hybe entertainment and are worth around 20 billion won.


Tours and albums sales


According to Celebrity Net Worth, BTS earned $170 million from touring in 2019, which isn’t surprising given that the Love Yourself World Tour sold out almost immediately when it got announced in 2018. Between June 2019 and June 2020, the members of BTS earned a total of $50 million, or roughly $7 million per member, from those touring revenues. Their most recent albums have debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. These include their most recent song, Butter, released in July 2021. In its first month, it sold 2,490,969 copies.


Endorsement deals


Te Bangtan Boys have served as brand ambassadors for Samsonite, Seoul Tourism, Louis Vuitton, Formula E, Puma, FILA, Coway, LG, Hyundai, and Samsung. According to The Korea Times, BTS can earn up to $4.5 million for each Korean brand they advocate. That fee skyrockets whenever it comes to global endorsements. Their McDonald’s BTS Meal promotion earned them more than $8.5 million.


BTS has collaborated with companies like Baskin-Robbins, LeSportsac, Sketchers, Mattel, CASETiFY, Tamagotchi, VT Cosmetics, and Jamie Wander. They also have their own absorbs BT21 Line Friends collection.

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Movies and films


BTS released an eight-episode documentary based on behind-the-scenes footage from their Wings Tour on YouTube Premium in 2018. Then, they released a film version of their documentary, Burn the Stage: The Movie, in theaters, bringing in nearly $14 million in ticket sales worldwide during its opening weekend alone. Bring the Soul: The Movie followed in 2019, bringing in millions and breaking box office records, and Break the Silence: The Movie followed in 2020.


Individual earnings


 J-Hope (Jung Ho-Seok)


According to reports from media sources such as Seoul Space and KpopStarz, J-Hope is the highest-earning member. That comes as a result of the achievement of his solo mixtape “Hope World,” which got published in March 2018. The project’s hit Daydream earned him his first No. 1 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. With the song Chicken Noodle Soup, he was also the first member to score a solo Hot 100 hit.


Many consider J-Hope to be BTS’s top dancer. He was the first member to purchase his apartment, which he bought for US$1.2 million in 2016. His estimated net worth is $32-34 million.

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Suga (Min Yoongi)


Suga is also known for making hit raps and songs with his solo personal project, Agust D. Before his debut, Suga wrote lyrics and produced music at 13. He also composed songs for other artists, including Suran and Lee So-ra.


Suga is the next highest-earning member of BTS, especially after the release of his solo mixtapes, Agust D and D-2. Suga, like J-Hope, is also a composer. Over 70 songs have been written and produced by him. It is where his worth rises because he has written songs for numerous artists both in and out of Korea. He gets compensated for each composition he writes and produces. He even composed music for Halsey! Some say that Suga is the group’s best rapper because he began rapping at a young age.


Suga’s estimated net worth is $31-33 million.


RM (Kim Nam-Joon)


RM (Rap Monster) is the group’s leader and does the most of speaking when doing global interview sessions in English. RM earns a lot of money from royalties after writing the band’s recent hit Butter, and he recently purchased a flat at Seoul’s prestigious Nine One Hannam. RM, the band’s leader, makes a lot of money from his songwriting abilities. He gets credited as a songwriter on over 130 songs. His solo projects have also included a single for the Fantastic Four soundtrack in Korea.


RM’s estimated net worth is $28-$30 million.

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Jimin (Park Jimin)


He is also a songwriter, and his solo song, Promise, has been released. He makes most of his money from BTS’s projects, including their album Map of the Soul: Persona. He’s also appeared on TV shows like Hello Counselor.


Brands adore Jimin, as evidenced by his ranking first in the 100 idols Individual Brand Reputation Rankings for 19 months. His estimated net worth is $26-$28 million.

Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-kook)


Jungkook is the most-searched-for BTS member on Google. As a result, one could argue that Jungkook is the most popular BTS member among the international audience.


Even when he is the youngest member of BTS, he has accomplished a great deal. He also gets credited with producing some of BTS’s music. “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop” are two songs he’s worked on with others. Jungkook is also well-known for performing cover songs by artists such as Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth.


His estimated net worth is $26-$28 million.


V (Kim Tae-Hyung)


Member V also makes most of his money from BTS’s chart-topping music releases. He has already had some acting experience, including a supporting role in a historical Korean drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Moreover, he has also released his songs, such as Scenery and Winter Bear. Sweet Night, an OST for the hit Korean drama Itaewon Class, was recently produced by him.

His estimated net worth is $26-$27 million.


Jin (Kim Seok-jin)


Jin has two solo songs out (Tonight and Abyss). His apartment in Seoul is worth $1.9 million. He’s also developed an interest in the food business, opening a Japanese-style restaurant in South Korea with his brother. His apartment in Seoul is worth $1.9 million. Jin is the wealthiest BTS member if his family’s net worth gets included in the calculation. His family is prosperous because his father is the CEO of a leading Korean corporation.


Jin’s estimated net worth is $26 million.

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