BTS: 15 Things You Must Know About the K-Pop Group as a True Fan

True Fan of BTS Then You Already Know This

As the K-pop industry continues to shake the worldwide media arena, BTS Korean boy band constantly makes history. For example, they have 25 jaw-dropping Guinness World Records in music, entertainment, social media, and cultural impact. Are you astonished by their achievements? Buckle up as we unravel 15 things you must know about Bangtan Sonyeondan as a true fan.


1.      BTS is a United Nations Ambassador.

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BTS is upholding the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)’s campaign of “LOVE MYSELF” that has touched the beating hearts of millions on this planet, promoting self-love and self-care. They even dropped a heartfelt message about love, hope, and encouragement when they visited the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last September 14, 2021.


The United Nations aims to promote international peace, security, well-being, and cooperation. Hence, BTS uses music as an outlet for peace and solidarity. They seek not just for world peace but also to have peace within their listeners. With their influence, they are encouraging everyone to speak for themselves. This generation is the generation that will welcome change at any point. With that, BTS primarily believes that youth will embrace law and order. BTS, indeed fit as a UN Ambassador.


2.      Six of its members study in graduate school.


RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V study at Hanyang Cyber University despite their busy schedule. They undergo a master’s business administration degree in advertising and media. On the other hand, Jungkook, the youngest member, recently graduated with a degree in broadcasting in entertainment and media. He even achieved a President’s Award. The boy band articulated that they are interested in learning, serving a noble example to all their fans, especially the youth.


3.      BTS is heavily involved in its music production.


BTS members write their songs. They have also written tracks and produced record-breaking songs. Although they work together with various teams of songwriters and producers, they are fully hands-on. They are creative and imaginative as they pour their hearts into every content they produce. You can also trace the production evolution of BTS discography. They want to sort out musical exploration and growth making it timeless and substantial on various crowd presence.


4.      There is more to the lyrics of BTS music.


Although numerous people have contributed to their song lyrics, BTS makes sure to leave a mouth-gapping message. It is jam-packed with mythological symbolism, classical references, and a lot of imagery. If you dive between words, read between the lines, and eye everything, you will see that their songs get meticulously written. Even if the language they use may convey thousands of meanings, their lyrics still hit differently based on the vocabulary they apply. Its depth, figurative language, and situational relation can help communicate with the listeners. This artistry gets revealed in themes like childhood transition to adulthood, societal pressures, financial instability, high expectations, and mental health struggles. Their music also deals with people who bring them down and about learning to love themselves. They have opened their hearts to get emotionally connected to all their fans.


5.      The debut of BTS was risky.


They debuted in June 2013 in a contract under Big Hit Entertainment. They have started literally from the bottom, realizing that the company even considered closing due to bankruptcy. Before creating BTS, Big Hit Entertainment have tried a couple of solo artists, a duo, one male group, and one girl group. None of them made it to the top resulting in quick disbandment. Thus, the rocketing of their debut was unexpected. It even gets considered a miracle.


6.      They played free Kpop concerts in Hollywood.


In connection with the almost bankruptcy of Big Hit Entertainment, BTS has struggled hard before the whole view deck of fame. Due to lack of financial support back then, they even had to invite people to their free concerts. They held on to the hope that some would listen to the songs despite their lack of fame. There was even a time when the seven members shared one dorm room as they were nearly running empty. There was also this point when they did not have the means to hire sets and actors. They got considered small players in the Kpop Industry before. It motivated them to strive harder and make it to the top.

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7.      Initially, BTS was supposed to be just a hip-hop group.

Back when BTS was not still a thing, Bang Si-hyuk or known professionally as ‘Hitman’ (founder of Big Hit Music), decided to create a group similar to YG Entertainment’s 1TYM. But after loads of training and producing initial formation, they moved from Hip-Hop to Pop before their debut because Hip-Hop styles had never been popular before this time. Hitman later realized that they should establish an idol group comparable to Seo Taiji and Boys admired during the 90s. What a wise decision Hitman has made! Now, BTS is known as the band that changed K-Pop.

8.      BTS was almost not called as such.


The three-lettered-group name BTS has indeed made a tremendous impact on the lives of every single one of us. It is a name that is easy to remember, and the acronym also shows their dedication to finding the right words for encouragement. But funny is, the group almost settled with the names Big Kidz or Young Nation coming from the name of their company, “Big Hit.” On the other hand, they have chosen Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Corresponding to one of their interviews, J-Hope explained that their group name indicates their desire to block bullet-like stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations thrown at adolescents.


9.      BTS is currently the world’s biggest boy band.


In 1996, Backstreet Boys was the trendiest boyband in all terms of sales. One Direction followed, breaking abundant records from their six years of prominence. However, according to worldwide records, BTS has a sensational reputation for success from time to time. They are influential and have a huge fanbase that has taken the world by storm. They have crossed the gap between margins transversely in various ranges, one of the most impactful music sensations in history that can imaginatively shake the world by just dropping a new single. Without a doubt, BTS is indeed the world’s biggest boyband.


10.  BTS is the first Korean group to win at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.


We all know that Western Artists have conquered the Billboard Music Awards for years! But the year 2017 became the emergence of K-pop domination on the Music Popularity Chart following PSY’s award as the first K-pop solo artist to win the said award. It is more surprising that they won the music award the first time they got nominated. They became a record-breaking title holder for five years, surpassing Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. It was one of the most iconic moments in the members’ lives.

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11.  BTS has the world record for the most Twitter engagements ever.


Undoubtedly, the fandom of BTS named ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth) is getting bigger and better. As the fandom says, they will always stay together with BTS anytime and anywhere. This gets proven by their zeal on social media platforms. With the help of ARMYs, BTS (@BTS_twt) had registered 422,228 engagements on Twitter last April 29, 2019. The most remarkable thing is the country that has the most BTS fans as of 2022 statistics came from the Philippines. Appreciating the power BTS holds, only after three years of their debut, Twitter gives them emojis, making them the first K-pop act to have this feat. And of course, they were the first Korean account to have achieved 10 million followers on Twitter. Standing still, they have the most-followed Twitter account in the country.



12.  RM learned English from watching Friends.


The group leader, RM, learned English from Friends (an American television situational comedy). RM already knew English; he took an English proficiency test when he was 12 years old. But it is still challenging for him to speak and fully comprehend English. It varies from the Korean Language, but he was very eager to learn. Considering that he has a 148 IQ, he succeeded in learning English. He even said in an interview that his English teacher was the Friends sitcom. Now, RM is the most fluent English speaker among the members.


13.   BTS is among the wealthiest boy groups worldwide.

Popularity is already a success for them, and their net worth is something they treat as a blessing. According to the Wealth Record, their net worth has a combined $100 Million. And each member has an estimated $8 Million a year. Not just that, they also have 68,000 shares of HYBE(formerly Big Hit Entertainment) stock. They are considered the wealthiest K-pop group in the world presently. Others even deem BTS richer than a lot of Western well known-artists. It is truly a net worth out of this world, and they live in the lap of luxury of HYBE Entertainment.


14.  BTS supports ‘Black Lives Matter.


As BTS enjoys wealth and fortune, they never forget to give back. In connection with one of their song theme: Love Yourself, BTS has donated $1 Million to show their full support. They stand together as one with their ARMYs in unity in the fight for Black lives. They involve themselves in racial justice, believing that every living person deserves whether what race he is. BTS would not step aside to get silenced in any way. They are against racial discrimination and encourage everyone to stand together to demonstrate full support for the black community. Surprisingly, ARMYs matched the group’s $1 million donations to show their full support of the black lives matter program together. More than 34,500 fans had banded as one to reach this digit. It only proves that ARMY is indeed the widest fanbase today, making BTS the most influential group at this period.


15.  BTS bagged another Guinness World Record for having the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on TikTok.


With an approximation of 1 Billion monthly active users of Tiktok, it is the most far-reaching advertising platform. It is a primary social media trend for creative skills and collaboration for anyone online. This pandemic influenced people to stay at home and engage more online. They also relied on Tiktok for entertainment. Thus, since BTS created a TikTok account in September 2019, it only took them three hours and 31 minutes to have over a million followers. They broke another record.


These 15 things will surely inspire every individual, army or not, by the kind heart and achievements obtained by BTS. They have remained humble and acknowledge every blessing that comes to them. BTS will remain remarkable even if time passes with their music that has captured millions of beating hearts. For BTS fans, these are fifteen reasons to feel alive, loved, appreciated, and cherished. BTS never fails to make every ARMY smile, and they always thank them if given a chance.


However, BTS cannot satisfy all people. They still have millions of hostile critics. Many are insecure teenage boys mystified by how their crushes fall in love with BTS members. Hence, the Internet gets filled with anti-BTS rhetoric. Some negative comments are mild and childish mockery, but others resort to racist remarks and personal tirades.


Knowing the astounding facts about BTS that you read today, you know BTS is among the most influential and powerful celebrities alive now. There are many ways to promote and defend BTS from bashers and distasteful criticisms:


  • At times, you may ignore those posts and comments. These bashers only want attention, so do not give it to them. If they are noisy, you may block their accounts so that they will no longer trouble you.
  • Report anti-BTS spammers and haters, especially if their comments are inappropriate and racist.
  • Be kind to these people. Gently defend the artistry of BTS and how they change the lives of millions. Perhaps, doing this might convince them to think positively about BTS.
  • Read the blogs provided by ARMY fan sites about defending the boy band. These pages provide valuable tools that can help you shield BTS from haters.

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