10 Amazing Facts About BTS You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts You Likely Did Not Know about BTS

BTS captured the world of their generation. They made their tour amounting to $170 million and $50 million in pretax income. Moreover, the boy group has a massive attraction on social media and the world.

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BTS is known for the Korean expression “Bangtan Sonyeondan, “Bulletproof Boy Scouts. “Bangtan “means to be strongly defensive of bullets to prevent stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that target young people like bullets and maintain the youth’s values and ideals.

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The boy band started in 2010.


BTS members got chosen by an agency known as Big Hit Entertainment. They selected singers in 2010 with various auctions. RM, the band leader, had a personal career when he was invited to a test and became the group’s first member. The other members got chosen in various patterns.


They could have been a hip-hop group.


Jungkok is the principal singer. Seven agencies wanted to contact him, but he selected Big Hit Entertainment. Suga was engaged in a particular competition but was not selected, yet he got invited to be a part of the group. Jim got asked when he was leaving the bus. Jimin was after Jim when a dancing instructor convinced him to try the audition. J-Hope decided to be in the group when another group dismissed him. And the history of the BTS boy band’s rise in fame.


When the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment found RM, the idea was that he would get involved as part of a hip-hop group. But it was different. They selected the other members, and it was a credible decision they had established. Young people are still the BTS target to be involved. Yet they have a healthy denomination of several musical genres, which is supreme. BTS was excellent in combining Pop, R&B, and other musical categories in a perfect combination.

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RM Learned English through Friends


For most people, learning a new language is difficult. But people can learn through watching TV RM did it. He is the sole member of the band who speaks English fluently. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he said that he learned it by watching Friends because his parents regularly watched the show Friends. His parents were fans of the show. Ellen handed him a box of Friends-themed gifts. It is incredible to watch RM speaks English, Korean, and Japanese.


BTS got the best Retweeted Artists recognition in 2016.


In 2016, Forbes produced a list of most “retweeted artists” In just a month, the group reached its highest peak, over five million retweets. It is the most outstanding deal. BTS acquired a big deal on social media. They got followed by Kanya West, who got over three million retweets. They were the only Asian artists noted on the list.

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They live in one room.


The band members can afford to live in any house they want. But the beginning was different. The seven boys live together in a one-room apartment. They enjoy their time to be with each other and search for what happened.


BTS creates many songs.


BTS creates every song they sing. Suga is the producer, and the fans always enjoy the new songs. He is the greatest creator of BTS songs, and his primary task. He is also a skilled pianist. Moreover, RM also creates hundreds of BTS songs. Seemingly, their sound will constantly deal with fans to enjoy.


They have their first emojis on Twitter as a K-pop band.


BTS has a great attraction on social media, and every company knows about it. In 2016, Twitter released its first K-pop emoji, and they selected the boys to declare it. The image comprises a bulletproof vest with a ” BTS ” mark. The fans enjoyed this spectacle, and it became a trending subject on Twitter. Any topic involving the group will ultimately engage millions of fans in just a few hours.

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BTS is also competitive.


BTS members enjoy each other very well. But they are also competitive with each other. They say it is good for them and the primary goal is to produce the best creative projects. They are open to working together and always desire to make changes in the songs and choreographers before performances. Their preparation works successfully. They maintain their attractiveness to their fans.


BTS contributes to the South Korean economy.


BTS is one of the great contributors to the South Korean economy. The Daily Mail commented that the band is worth $13.6 billion to the country. Everyone’s purpose in South Korea is to see BTS, which equals 800 thousand tourists in a year. BTS products dealing with cosmetics and clothes produce one billion dollars in exports.


When BTS joined UNICEF, interested supporters donated to the cause 1 million dollars for UNICEF’s goal to feed malnourished children. It is the reason why BTS loves its fans.


Suga was a delivery boy before becoming a world-famous performer.


Suga works very hard. He was a delivery boy before he became a famous artist.

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BTS members communicate with each other without having to speak. They watch each other’s expressions. BTS boys are incredibly talented artists, writing and producing songs. They work very hard at what they do. Their work ethic is admirable. Their famous quote, “Effort makes you. “BTS encouraged the youth to help each other in the future. In the Sustainable Development Goals on the UN’s Youtube channel. From their experiences, RM, Jin, V, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and Suga said that they wanted and hoped people would still be interested in preserving the beauty in the future in the middle of crisis times. RM commented that the youth got considered as the Covid-19 lost generation. They had lost their time when they needed great opportunities, and new diverse subjects should be in line.


RM also commented that young people take courses on the environment, which means that the future leads to a brighter look. BTS believes and feels that time will come with positive energy. They are also with the group that promotes “Love Myself “with UNICEF, whose primary goal is to stop violence against children and young people worldwide. Through their music, they desire to create a world and a healthy place to live and enjoy.

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