BTS Every True Fan Should Know These Seven Facts!

7 Facts Every BTS Fan Should Know About

The word “BTS” itself can create a great uproar in the KPOP Industry. Bangtan Sonyeondan, more commonly known as BTS, is a boyband with seven members who unceasingly smash records locally and globally. ARMYs are definitely in cloud9 as their idols ascend to their ladder of success. But how should an army consider himself one if he doesn’t know these seven facts? Buckle up as we talk about the seven facts every true fan should know.

BTS members are philanthropists.

BTS is famous for its philanthropic behaviours. Considering that they are a United Nations (UN) Ambassador, they advocate the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign. They utilise music as a way to promote world peace and harmony. The band members collaborate with prestigious donation clubs like UNIFEC Honours Club and the Green Noble Club. They encourage self-love and self-care, encouraging the youth to be mindful of one another. They understand that if they can inspire one person to be a better individual, BTS can influence millions of people with their message and songs. 

Despite the numerous donations and group charity efforts, BTS does not stop supporting and donating to various causes, especially in humanitarian crises and youth empowerment. Each member also has another different charity contribution. They are fully aware of how it feels not to have such a necessity. Their donations go straight to the children and teens in need. 

As they do their best to emphasise thinking for the welfare of others, their fanbase always chooses to adhere to the good influence of their idols. In June 2021, Filipino ARMYs planted 1,500 seedlings in the mountains of Nueva ICJ in honour of the South Korean boyband. Their love for BTS motivated them to be concerned for the environment and the welfare of all the people. 

As the “Let the Earth Breathe” hashtag recently trended on Twitter, ARMYs have dominated the movement and raised awareness of the ongoing climate change issues that significantly affect our planet. They copied the same burning love of their idols in promoting the welfare of other people and caring for unity and solidarity in one goal. Not only that BTS are philanthropic on their own, but they have also inspired their fans to make humanitarian efforts as they promote world peace and camaraderie. 

BTS has a web series.

As KPOP groups usually have their variety show, BTS also has one named “Run BTS.” It is a web series featuring the BTS members playing various games and engaging in different activities. The first season got broadcasted on August 1, 2015, every Tuesday of the week. After that, they decided to have a one-year break, and the second season of the variety show aired on January 31, 2017. And starting on episode twenty-three, it has become a weekly show relevant to the production of the ending of BTS Gayo. 

A trailer for season 3 got posted on December 26, 2018, announcing the show’s premiere date on January 1, 2019. After episode 86 of Run BTS!, it was paused again for the priority in airing the BTS’ documentary series “Bring The Soul” and stayed over episode 91 to air the “BTS: Bon Voyage” as the show’s season four. The introduction for season three last April 13, 2020, was changed according to the 100th episode used. After the 103rd episode, it came to its break once again to air the BTS documentary series “Break the Silence” and was paused again after episode 111 to air the reality show “In the SOOP BTS ver.”

In following episode 141, three attacks were aired but then hung back until June 15, 2021, due to “Butter” promotions. And since episode 155, the show has been on indefinite hiatus. Despite that, ARMYs continuously stream the episodes as it still currently available to watch on V App/V Live App. Some ARMYs have even stated that Run BTS! has become their daily therapy as the humor, sense of brotherhood, friendship importance, and cultural importance of the members shown in the variety show is therapeutic. People have been saying how instantaneously comforting BTS is. Some even say they cannot stand how another Tuesday has passed with no Run BTS! Episode. 

Min Yoongi or commonly known as Suga, said, “We don’t dwell in the past. We only live in the present and the future.” in RUN BTS Episode 140. Indeed it is not just a show. It is the life and perspective of the BTS members.


BTS made K-pop more relevant and trending worldwide.

The term KPOP became prevalent in the 2000s, and it would not exist without democracy and different means of media. Some have even called it “Hallyu” or the “Korean wave,” as it is like a tidal wave people would experience. South Korean culture has grown famous for its distinctive promotions from distinctive Korean dramas (Kdrama) and unique skincare products manufactured by South Korea. But it is also agreeable that KPOP has contributed significantly to the success of Hallyu. KPOP is now a world phenomenon acknowledged not just in neighboring Southeast Asian countries. But also in the worldwide arena. Considering the achievement of KPOP, BTS has a story to tell.

BTS’ accomplishments paved the way for the success of KPOP. They have been the pillar of strength in the KPOP Industry. Though considering the KPOP Industry is somehow already established before BTS’ debut, BTS has paved the way for international fans. BTS became the bridge of progress for various KPOP groups. They widened the path for more people to access. They nonstop swayed numerous prestigious international music charts with every comeback. They have contributed to paving the way for Korean pop music to be enjoyed and understood by non-Korean audiences. They had multiple collaborations with Hollywood Artists and even became the front page of international magazines. True enough that the world has witnessed how BTS ascend the subsequent headway of the genre. 

At this current timeline, BTS has an enormous fanbase in the world. Not to mention that they are also the most dedicated fandom that also ended them up being the most hated and criticized group. But despite the amount of hate they received, their love for BTS gradually became more significant and broader. They realize that BTS is the first non-English speaking boyband to reign in the Western market. 

BTS was also the one to break the stereotypes and categories other people have for the KPOP Industry. They showed the whole world what KPOP could genuinely offer. It is now taken seriously and not as a joke as is typical before. As they have knit people in different cultures and ages, chanting as one, BTS has not only helped in representing KPOP. It also sheds light on the diversity of Korean and world culture through their music and their variety show. With that, the South Korean boyband deserves every recognition they can have outside South Korea. BTS truly paved the way.  


BTS had pre-debut appearances.

BTS has crawled from the bottom to the top, training well before their debut. The boy band has all actively efforted in their careers in the entertainment industry. In an episode of Star Light theatre feature 2 AM, a K-pop group handled by Big Hit entertainment, everyone witnessed the BTS members listening intently to the speaker as he gave his career advice. Some music videos show some BTS members as backup dancers, and the others have cameo roles. There also goes a stage performance for MBC Presentation where BTS members were the backup dancers. BTS had a lot of experiences before their fame. Everyone is fully aware of their humble beginnings, from being backup dancers now into main idols. 

BTS had participated in different exposure as they reached their peak. They are one full of talented individuals wherein they are already noticeable just by their pre-debut appearances. It is undoubtedly hard to progress from being a regular trainee to brief appearances, and now, the apple of the eye. BTS fervently worked hard to where they are right now. Looking back on their pre-debut appearances will make people realize they are truly born to be stars. 


BTS’ Dynamite music video is the second most commented video on Youtube (as of the writing of this article).

BTS ARMY is the one considered the most significant fanbase presently. According to the ARMY Census, they have an estimated 60 million BTS ARMY worldwide. With so many zeros after six, their fandom is enormous for a Korean boyband. And by the vast number of followings, we cannot deny how surprising how far their movement can go. 

BTS’ music videos dominated the Top Five most commented videos on youtube! A mouth-gapping 16.09 million comments made BTS’ Dynamite music video the second most-commented video on youtube as this year’s statistic on Wikitubia. BTS’ Butter MV made it to the Top 4 with 8.83 million comments, while BTS’ DNA MV landed on the 5th most commented video with 6.37 million mentions. The dedication of the BTS ARMY is genuinely majestic and powerful just by streaming their idols’ music videos. They have proven to everyone how united they stand divided they fall. 

They just had Instagram recently.

BTS has aged well in the KPOP Industry, yet it is unexpected to know BTS recently had Instagram accounts. Next to their long break from work and a rough nine years of quality time with their family and loved ones, they have realized that they can give more photo updates on Instagram than on Twitter and Reverse. All seven members launched their official Instagram accounts last December 6, 2021. 

It is also entertaining how their personality drifted just by their social media exposure. They all had their fair uniqueness and humor as they uploaded one image each and started making funny comments. The South Korean idols only follow each other and the group’s official Instagram account as their primary promotional tool. With the creation of their accounts, they can now share and post personal messages to every ARMY in the world. 

Let us also applaud BTS leader Namjoon or usually called RM, as his aesthetic and instagrammable photos made it to the hearts of the BTS ARMYs. Some of their artistic photos dump also go, while others make it simple and classic. Showcasing their personalities made the fans go wild and stan harder than before. 

Moreover, one notable thought when BTS started their personal IG accounts was their usernames. They made it easier for their fans to connect with them and feel close to their hearts, as their usernames reflect their personality. Funny how the youngest member, Jungkook, made a unique username by @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz that made everyone laugh. The bio of JHope as his catchphrase verves, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-hope.” 

Each member racked up to 15 million followers in just 24 hours. But other than that, Taehyung or popular with the stage name “V,” broke two Guinness World Records on December 13, 2021, for being the fastest to reach both one and 10 million followers on Instagram. BTS ARMY has then again proven how huge they are in numbers. 


BTS is in graduate school.

When everyone else is busy with their school activities and assignments, BTS fully sympathize with their ARMYs. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V are now in Graduate School, taking up a master’s program in business administration in Advertising & Media at Hanyang Cyber University. While Jungkook, being the youngest member of the group, just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, majoring in Entertainment and Media, and attained a President’s Award. With the group’s hectic and fully loaded schedule, they always give time for their academic improvement. From the very start, they have made it clear that they are interested in learning. They want to set an excellent example to their fans, to the youth, that education is vital for us to gain achievements and widen our knowledge and wisdom. 

With these seven facts presented, you can now successfully say that you are an actual BTS ARMY. Let us get inspired by their dedication and perseverance to be a voice in making this world a better place to live. They use their platforms to encourage the youth to be self-aware, environmentally concerned and be humanitarian issues involved. BTS is the spark of the KPOP Industry. They are the light of the path that will unceasingly guide with the use of their music. 

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