Harmony Day

Harmony Day

The Harmony Day is one of the major events in Australia celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. This day is observed on the 21st of March every year and coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of the United Nations. The major intention of celebrating the festival of Harmony Day in Australia is to show inclusion and cohesion among the people of Australia and to further promote a society which is culturally diverse and tolerant.


The celebration of the Harmony Day in Australia initiated to begin from the year 1999. This day is nothing but an Australian Government Program that puts its main focus on the message that ‘Everybody Belongs’. This day reinforces the importance of the inclusiveness to all the Australians. This day is marked by the gathering of people in one place at one platform who equally participate in the local activities with great zeal. This day is therefore about the participation of the community, their inclusiveness, celebration of diversity together, as well as the respect and the sense of belonging for everyone, heedless of their caste, creed or social status in the country. Since the year 1999, thousands Harmony Day events have been observed and staged in various schools, childcare centres, churches, community groups, businesses, federals as well as all the local and state government agencies all across the country.


The celebration of the Harmony Day in Australia is followed by a number of activities that involve an active participation of children, adults as well as the senior citizens of Australia. The celebration starts from the very morning where the people get assembled at one place and have a morning tea together. The day is followed by a number of events and activities such as fairs, school assemblies, concert, sport events, etc.  All these activities represent the cultural as well as the traditional background of the country as well as their people. The whole country celebrates this day just like a festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Harmony Day is one important day of Australia and the same is also promoted using the medium of various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Public Life:

The Harmony Day in Australia is a day of national observance and therefore the government does not direct a public holiday on the Harmony Day. However, people still celebrate it and involve themselves into a number of activities. The schools of Australia observe Harmony Day as one of the important days of the year. On this day, a number of activities are carried out by various schools of Australia where both, the teachers as well as students celebrate this day together by enjoying it to the very core.

Harmony Day
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The Harmony Day in Australia is represented by Orange colour. Orange is therefore the symbol of Harmony Day in Australia. On this day, all the Australians are encouraged to wear orange colour , either in apparels or in the form of a distinctive orange ribbon to represent their utmost support as to the cultural diversity in the country.

The cultural heritage in Australia is rich, diverse and inclusive, for more events coming up this year celebrating the first Australians see the below links and get involved.

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