Ord Valley Muster

Major Attractions of Ord Valley Muster

 A person who has returned from a trip to Australia has many things in his or her memoir; a lot of things to pen down in his or her travel experience diary; descriptions of the eternal beauty of the white sandy beaches, about the adrenaline rush that he or she had got while trying water sports, about the camping experience at the national park, about the meetings with the koala and the kangaroos, about the urban life of the cities, about the beauty of the 12 Apostles, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Great Ocean Road, about the shopping spree at the Victoria Market and your wonderful memories of the Aboriginal Art Festivals.

Every experience counts and every place has something different to offer, but the experience at the Aboriginal Art Festivals is priceless. The Aboriginal Art Festivals are a delight for those who want to get up close and personal with the Indigenous Australian culture.

With these Aboriginal Art Festivals, the natives of Australia laud their past culture. The Aboriginal culture has been a part of Australia for ages and the Australians are still deeply rooted to it. To bring alive the Indigenous culture, they celebrate many Aboriginal Art festivals round the calendar, one of which is Ord Valley Muster.

This two weeks extravaganza is a celebration of talent, diversity and spirit of the Kimberley. This festival is celebrated with a great zeal with live concerts, good food, tours, art exhibitions and what not. Every year, this event witnesses a gathering of thousands of people. Not only Australians, but the tourists too, equally love to be a part of this art festival and to know about the Aboriginal Australia.

Where :

The extravaganza takes place in the far east area of Kimberley, in Kununurra, Western Australia.

When :

The event is held every year in the month of May.

The celebration lasts for eleven days and is full of fun, joy and frolic. More than fifty events draw crowd from across the continent and other parts of the world. The events that take place during the Ord Valley Muster festival take the visitors to an altogether different world. The major attractions of the event are :

  • Jazz concerts always receive classes and masses. Melodious jazz music creates an amazing aura.
  • The sports enthusiasts have a lot in the bag. From basketball carnivals to mountain bike challenges and much more fun.
  • The art exhibitions illustrate the beautiful art of the Indigenous Australians.
  • Enjoy finger-lickingly delicious dinner made by renowned chefs. Dining beneath the moon makes the experience worthwhile.
  • You can also take tours to see the region closely.
  • Waringarri Corroboree, an Indigenous event is a must attend.

Next year the Ord Valley Muster will be held from 13th May to 22nd may, 2016. There will be an amazing line up of concerts and other events. Like every year the event is expected to take the whole of Australia by storm. Be a part of the Ord Valley Muster and experience the Aboriginal Australia like never before.

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