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Australia wears many hats. It is a modern and a chic place which is a treat for the party lover and urban lot. It a serene and a tranquil place with n number of pristine and angelic beaches spread across the continent which is loaded with natural beauty. It is a heaven for the adrenaline junkies as there are many adventurous getaways in the land down under. It is a place to be for the nature and wildlife lovers, with so many national parks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuary and breathtakingly beautiful tourist spots. It a traditional and cultural hub for the people who are deeply rooted to their land and old cultures. With so many credits to its name, Australia has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations across the world. Tourists across the globe keep Australia as their top priority when they happen to plan a holiday.

One of the things that they like about Australia is the Indigenous cultural fests that take place across Australia throughout the year. There are many to mention, but here in this article, we are bringing in light the Spirit Festival, one of the prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts and Cultural Festival held in Adelaide, Australia.

Where :

The Aboriginal festival is held in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia at Tandanya NACI – 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide & Mullawirraburka (Rymill Park extension).

When :

The festival is held annually for five days in the month of February.

The Spirit festival is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture. It is a vibrant celebration of art, theatre, literature, visual arts, workshops, music and dance. Many fun and interactive activities take place in the festival that tell us a lot about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions. The major highlights of this festival are:

  • The workshops held at the Spirit festival are too much fun. Every year the participants experience a lot of fun, plus, they also learn a lot about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.
  • Many language lessons, dot painting, native flower and artifact making, writing programs, storytelling, weaving and other hands- on workshops are too good.
  • There are also many dance workshops where you can learn Aboriginal dance forms from the experts.
  • The vocal workshops are also great.
  • You can also enjoy the traditional games like boomerang, club and spear throwing.
  • Get your faces painted in the colors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture. Not only children, but adults also enjoy and love face painting.
  • The Deadly Funny workshops are enough to tickle your funnybones. Showcase your comedy skills and make people LOL.
  • Be a part of Curator Talk and get a taste of art.
  • The Spirit Festivals Writer Program will introduce you to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers including the likes of Marie Munkara, Edoardo Crismani, Shane Devine, Nicholle Orr, Stephanie Russell, Greg Hodgkinson and Eugenia Flynn. Every year many celebrated writers come to this event.
  • Enjoy films and concerts by famous artists.

In 2016, the Spirit Festival is scheduled to take place from February 16, 2016 to February 21, 2016 at Tandandya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

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