Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, Cape York Australia

Australians are quite particular about their past culture and art. They have preserved it till now and intend to preserve it forever. Their effort for keeping their past culture, traditions and glory intact, is visible in the way they celebrate the Aboriginal Art Festivals. The Aboriginal Art Festivals celebrate art, dance, music, films, theatre, food and a lot more. These festivals are an ode to the Indigenous culture.

There are various Aboriginal festivals dedicated to art, music and dance. The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is an Aboriginal festival celebrating the Indigenous Australian dance. They have a art of telling a story with their dance, the Indigenous dance.

The Australian Indigenous dance holds a very important place in the Aboriginal Australian culture. The traditional dances that the Aborigines would do, were all closely related to the song. They would often dance to tell a story and imitate the characters of their story by their dance moves. The traditional dances of the Australian Aboriginals also have a sacred connect. The dances were performed on the sacred grounds and also male and female would dance separately.  The Australian Aboriginal dances are referred to as ” corroboree “.

Today, too the Aboriginal Dances are performed at many festivals, but the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival celebrate dance like no other festival do.

Where :

The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is held in the town called Laura in the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. Laura is situated between Mareeba and Cooktown. You can reach there via the Great Tropical Drive.

When :

The festival is celebrated every two years in the month of June.

In Laura, a small town in a far away area of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. As many as a hundred dancers gather and show their beautiful dance form. Thousands of visitors gather to enjoy the traditional dance performances.

Major Highlight Of The Festival

  • Traditional Dance

The major attraction of this festival is the traditional Indigenous dance of Australia. Many talented dancers showcase their talent and present with amazing dance performances.

  • Family Gatherings

This is the place where the new and the old generations of the families reunite. They discuss their history, past culture and traditions and also meet new people and share their stories and experiences with the visitors.

  • Camping

This is probably the best place for camping with family and enjoying the taste of Aboriginal Australia. The festival campsite is located on the sacred grounds adjacent to the prehistoric rock art in Laura. You will have a fun time with your family and will also get to mingle with the other visitors.

The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is a phenomenal celebration of dance, music and art. It is a family friendly event and helps you to get in touch with the old Aboriginal traditions.

So, plan your trip in the month of June and enjoy a singing and dancing and celebrating the ancient Aboriginal Australian culture.

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