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Homeground is a multi- art festival celebrated every year in Sydney

The former president of United States of America once stated, “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” We do not know what America has to say about it, but the Australians are following each and every word quoted by Kennedy. This is the one of the major contributing factors and reason why Australia has a culture, so rich, so amazing. Australia celebrates art and culture like no other place on the Earth.

The Australians are also quite appreciative about their glorious culture. Not only the Australians, but the people from across the world are all praises about the amazing Australian culture, especially the Aboriginal culture of old Australia.

The Aboriginal Australia has always been an intriguing topic for the visitors as well as the locals. The Australians know it and they feel an immense delight in sharing their art and cultural heritage with the world.

Australia hosts many Aboriginal Art and Cultural Festivals to give an insight into Aboriginal Australia. Tourists from the whole world come to Australia to become a part of these festivals. One of these festivals is, Homeground.

Homeground is a multi- art festival celebrated every year in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Travellers, who love to know about the old Australia, make it a point to register their presence in this festival. And as Deborah Cater had said, ” You need to taste the culture to know it”, the Homeground becomes an amazing place to taste the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture of old Australia.

When :

Homeground is celebrated annually in the month of April.

Where :

The events take place at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Earlier known as Message Sticks, Homeground is a festival that celebrates the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The festival showcases song, dance, art, films and discussions. Homeground is a great fusion of traditional and contemporary cultural art.

Major Attraction:

The major attraction of this festival are :

  • Dance – Many amazing dance groups deliver their performances and make the audience go gaga over them. The traditional as well as contemporary dance forms look absolutely amazing.
  • Music – Many beautiful voices enthrall the senses of the visitors.
  • Art Markets – The art markets of Homeground are a must visit. The art market showcases the works of best artists. It also gives a great platform to the newbies.
  • Workshops – You can also participate in the n number of workshops at the Homeground.
  • Films – The Homeground festival features amazing films, too. Make sure, you get to see them.
  • Food – Relish the finger licking food and drinks at this art festival. Discuss the festival over food, with your family and friends.

Every year, the Homeground offers great fun and joy to the visitors. They get to enjoy their time and also get to learn a lot about the Indigenous culture of Australia. Like every year, the Homeground is all set to win the hearts of the tourists in April, 2016. You better not miss it.

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