Desert Mob

Major Highlights of the Festival

The deserts of Australia are well known to the world for its beauty. The venoms of deserts are even hotter than the desert. But in contrast to the famous hot sand there lies cool art hubs across the desert areas of Australia. Desert Mob is a popular festival holding exhibition, seminars, giving market to the Aboriginal artists around the central Australian deserts.

Artists from various places and clan groups are invited to take part in this festival to present their works. As reported by the authority, over 30 communities participate in the festival every year. The Araluen Art Centre dazzles with beautiful handicrafts, unique art works and experimental works with their creators and inventors during the festival.

The festival has three parts, namely exhibition, symposium and market place. The exhibition is soulful in every way. Symposium is empowered with hi-tech and modern facilities. The market place holds enough verity to satisfy visitors of all genres. The festival proposes a unique and fantastic feature by documenting contemporary indigenous art work across the art centers.

Held In: The location of Desert Mob Festival is Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

When: Desert Mob festival is held in the month of September every year.

History: The Desert Mob ceremony has observed its 25th Anniversary this year. It was first started in the year 1990 as a government initiative. The ceremony was started with a novel effort to give the tribal artists a well-known platform and unfurl their culture. The festival has encouraged the artists from different clan groups to unite themselves in the art centers spread throughout central Australia.

The 25 years of continuous effort upgraded the structure o festival from the grass root level and has gained popularity across the continent. The participants as well as the visitors have increased in an overwhelming way.

  • Exhibition– Main attraction of the festival is the exhibition. The exhibition gives opportunity to the artists of participating art centers, spread in every corners of the desert area. The art works so displayed, is also on sale and the visitors can own them in an exchange of reasonable price. The exhibition also offers a snapshot of contemporary Aboriginal art.
  • Symposium– Symposium is a hi-tech and effective way of interaction between artists and visitors. Artists present stories, pictures even films about their art, culture, tradition etc. Symposium also organizes speeches of invited guests about their art, its practice and development.
  • Market Place– It is an indoor/outdoor market place. The art works are sold here in an affordable price. Visitors can communicate with artists, query them about their works. Art works so displayed always leave a great impression over the visitors.

Desert Mob, 2016: The Desert Mob is dated to unleash itself on 8th September 2016. The exhibition will open on 8th September, symposium on 9th September, and market place on 10th September 2016. The festival will be hitting the ground with a dance of art and tsunami of colors.

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