Who Called Peter Dutton Voldemort

Mentioning the unconventional and polarizing Australian politician, Peter Dutton is posting a heated debate online. There seems to be an online identity from this debate called “Voldemort” who has made several remarks about asylum seekers in recent times. This is happening in response to recent backlash on Mr. Dutton’s comments about not allowing Isamils into Australia detention centres.

Who Called Peter Dutton Voldemort?

Rumors swirl on social media that the Prime Minister, Peter Dutton, was referred to as “Voldemort” by an insider. Representatives for Peter Dutton have not yet responded to inquiries from The Daily Dot about the allegation. So, who is making this claim and where did it originate?

The tweet about Dutton being called Voldemort first surfaced in late March, after News Corp Australia published a story quoting an unnamed senior labor figure as saying that the prime minister had been “very difficult” to work with. The Labor source didn’t mention Dutton by name, but people quickly inferred that he was reference to Voldemort, the villain from the Harry Potter series.

Further confirmation of this connection comes from one Twitter user who points out that when Voldemort is killed in the last book of the series, his body fades into mist and “whatever he was touching vaporizes.” This could easily be applied to Peter Dutton’s relationship with unions, as they have both been accused of causing damage through their power.

How Did the Story Spread?

In 2000, one enterprising teenager created an email account with the ID “Voldemort” and sent out a mass email accusing then-Australian Prime Minister Peter Dutton of being the Dark Lord Voldemort. The prank email went viral and soon spoof articles were being circulated, including one that claimed Dutton had successfully summoned a horde of vampires to Australia. The rumor mill continued to churn after it was reported that Dutton had used the term “vaqueros” in a heated discussion with then-Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Claudia Ruiz Massieu. While no proof has ever been found linking Dutton to Voldemort, the story continues to circulate online as an example of how rumors can quickly spread on the internet.

People Believing It Could Be an Unpopular Figure with A Large Following

Peter Dutton is known for being a controversial figure with a large following, such as Kylie Jenner, Bill Barilko or Donald Trump. However, some people believe that he could be an unpopular figure with a large following just like Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.

Many people believe that Peter Dutton is just like Voldemort in the sense that he is extremely powerful and has a large following. He is also known for being harsh on migrants and has been accused of mistreating them. Additionally, some people think that he is divisive and might be able to cause havoc in Australia if given the chance.


Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, has been the target of online mocking lately after he was photographed wearing a t-shirt with an image depicting Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. The shirt didn’t go over well on social media, where many users took to Twitter and other platforms to harass and mock Dutton for his choice in clothing. Some have even called him Voldemort himself, while others have questioned just how safety conscious he really is when it comes to choosing what clothing to wear.

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