Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Saltwater Freshwater

Australia, the heaven down under is truly a heaven in terms of beauty, serenity as well as culture. Australia is a country that has everything for everyone. For the party lovers, Australia serves many chic and posh pubs at the Darling harbour; for the wildlife lovers, it presents its unique native wildlife; for the serenity seekers, it has many pristine beaches; for the adventure junkies, it has many adventure fests, hiking trails, national parks, beaches offering spell bounding water sports to satisfy the hunger of thrill; for the nature kids, Australia has many magnificent spots that can leave anyone short of words and for the art and culture lovers, the n number of Aboriginal festivals that reveals the rich culture of Indigenous Australia. If you fall in the category of the art and culture lovers, you will surly love the Saltwater Freshwater Festival.

The Saltwater Freshwater Festival is an Aboriginal cultural fest that jubilates the affluent culture of the Aboriginal Australia. This festival is all about music, dance, art, cultural traditions as well as workshops. Visitors who had already witnessed the festival call it “a true Aboriginal experience”.

Held In :

Various neighborhoods on the New South Wales’ Mid North Coast. The various locations include Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Taree.

When :

26th of January, i.e. Australia Day, every year

History :

The idea of the Saltwater Freshwater Festival came alive 5 years ago when 10 Aboriginal communities decided to celebrate their nomadic culture on Australia Day to bring their rich culture to everyone’s notice. Since then, the Saltwater Freshwater festival is being celebrated every year with the same zeal and happiness across the different areas of the New South Wales.

Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Major Highlights of Saltwater Freshwater Festival :

  • The cultural workshops at the Saltwater Freshwater festival are a fun experience. They speak a thousand words about what Indigenous Australia was like, what was their culture, what was their tradition and what all they used to do.
  • Many artists showcase their phenomenal talent at the Saltwater Freshwater festival. This is the place where one can witness the authentic Aboriginal art.
  • The music performances are truly phenomenal. The fest features many amazing country musicians every year. They bring alive the event and take audience off their feet with their melodious country music.
  • Various dance troops give outstanding dance performances. The dance performances are always so full of energy that audience couldn’t stop themselves from grooving along with them on the beats of amazing music.
  • Many family- friendly activities take place to involve all the guests. This fest is an amazing place to mingle with people and understand the Aboriginal culture.

Like every year, this year too, the Saltwater Freshwater Festival is scheduled to take place on 26th of January at the Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. This year too, the fest will host a lot of fun and amazing activities. If you want to understand the Aboriginal Australian culture to its depth, in a fun way,  be a part of the Saltwater Freshwater festival and celebrate the  Aboriginal Australia.

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