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Bendigo – A Perfect Destination to Spend Your Vacation

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out – You may have explored the natural bounties of Australia in terms of its great animal and marine life reserves or the magnificent beaches, mountains and hinterlands. But nature has endowed Australia with something much more – mineral wealth – more especially gold that saw thousands of people immigrating to Australia during the 19th century. And of the most important seats of the gold rush in Australia was Bendigo that offered gold worth around 9 billion dollars, something that’s quite remarkable in the history of gold mining.

Even though the city has come quite a long way from its gold mining history, yet the flamboyant buildings of the region, interspersed with an intricate network of arcades and laneways, speak of the glorious times of the city during the gold mining period – a trend that has been carried into the present times as well with the city being imbued with contemporary vibrancy and historical prosperity.

That being said, if you want to spend the upcoming holiday at a quaint city that has a lot to offer to the tourists in terms of its historical riches and cultural assets, then Bendigo is the place to be. The city is located very close to the capital city of Melbourne and hence easily accessible to the tourists for a weekend visit or a vacation. If you have your mind already set on Bendigo, let’s find out what are the top 10 things that you must do while in Bendigo:

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

1. Central Deborah Gold Mine

For a city that rose to prominence with the gold rush, a visit to the famous gold mines would inevitably be one of the most important activities that tourists would like to undertake. To fulfil this desire, the Central Deborah Gold Mine has been well maintained and appropriately curated so that the visitors may have firsthand experience with the deep-seated mine holes and experience the methods, processes and even the pathways that were used for by the miners of the period.

The walk into the mines is surely an unforgettable experience and depending upon what you are up for, there are three tiers of the tour. A 75-minute tour takes you to Level 2 of the mines to discover the numerous tunnels that had about 1 ton of gold as well as an insight into the mining conditions then. To notch things up a level further, you can opt for a 2.5 hours trip that will set you in the mining conditions, allowing to you search for gold, use a mine drill, climb ladders, etc.  If you are the real brave heart, you should definitely opt for the full-day tour that will allow you to dress up as a miner, climb to Level 9 (seated 228 m into the earth), learn how various mine machinery operate, actually operate them, use shaft ways and eventually try the miner’s lunch. Appealing, isn’t it?

Getting there

Reaching the mine facilities is quite easy and if you are in the region of the railway station in Bendigo, cab fares would be around a mere $10.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

2. Golden Dragon Museum

Amongst the huge number of immigrants to the city, a whopping 20% belonged to the Chinese who gradually settled in the famous Chinatowns in Bendigo, wherein the famous Golden Dragon Museum was built to preserve the culture and history of the Chinese population that immigrated to the region. The facilities of the museum comprises of a Kuan Yin temple and two galleries along with Loong (the historic dragon), Sun Loong (the new dragon), a collection of wax works from the Dai Gum San, items from the personal collection of Horrie Bridges and a collection of textiles of 1880s offered by the Bendigo Chine Association.

Getting there

Getting to the museum is as easy as it can be. You simply need to hire a cab from the railway station and a 5 minutes journey will take you to the museum.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

3. Bendigo Joss House Temple

Get familiar with the Chinese culture of the immigrants of the region at the Joss House Temple. The facilities are presently run and maintained by the Bendigo Trust and have already been listed as a heritage site that provides the travellers with minute details about the life of the Chines people in that period and how the gold rush, positively and negatively, affected the lives of the miners and their families. If you love history, then the Joss House would serve as an incredible experience that unravels the hidden stories of the region.

Getting there

Located in North Bendigo, the house can be reached via a cab ride from the railway station, with a fare of around $15.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral

This Gothic Revival style cathedral, completed in 1977, is famous for being the 2nd tallest church in Australia and obviously, one of the largest in the country. Its majestic structure, splendid architecture and importance as the seat of the bishop of Sandhurst, makes the Sacred Heart Cathedral a popular tourist pick.

Getting there

A short cab ride of about 5 minutes from the railway station will take you to this imposing structure. Cab fares are about $10.

5. Bendigo Tramways

A trip aboard the famous Bendigo trams is a must to have the best experience of the city. Popularly known as the Talking Trams, a tour on these trains is the best dose of history that anyone can get. With the freedom to board and alight the tram at any of the pre-destined stoppages, you can have a peek into the history of the region as long as you want. So whether you are travelling to any of the popular attractions of the region or just want to delve deeper into the history and glory of the city, the tram is the ideal way to go.

Getting there

The tram journey starts at the Tramway Avenue, close to the Golden Dragon Museum and travels via destinations like Joss House Temple, Central Deborah Gold Mine, Alexandra Fountain, Lake Weeroona and ends at the tram depot.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

6. Lake Weeroona

For a city that overflows with historical and cultural landmarks, the Lake Weeroona is the perfect spot to unwind yourself with leisurely activities such as cycling, jogging, strolling and much more. The vast expanse of the water of the lake creates a beautiful view to gaze at while you sip coffee at the Broadwalk Café.

Getting there

The heritage tram journey will take you directly to the mid of the Lake and is one of the best ways to start a leisurely day.

7. Rosalind Park

One of the most beautiful man-made locales of the city of Bendigo is the Rosalind Park, a vast stretch of 60 acres dotted with lush leafy trees, open spaces, ornate statues, beautiful gardens, a fantastic playground for kids, a conservatory and a fernery. The park is not only beautiful but carries historical significance too as the present region of the park initially belonged to the gold mining areas of the times. As such, the park, apart from being a relaxing experience, is important archaeologically.

Getting there

The park is located at the rims of the CBD of Bendigo and can be reached in about 4 minutes if you are driving your own vehicle or taking a cab. Fare estimates are around $10.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

8. Bendigo Art Gallery

Starting off with very humble beginnings, the Bendigo Art Gallery assumed importance when it became Australia’s largest regional art museum and gained popularity with numerous impressive programs and exhibitions in recent years. Established in the year 1887, the Bendigo Art Gallery is known to be Australia’s oldest regional gallery and houses numerous displays of sculpture, ceramics, painting, works on paper, decorative arts, contemporary Australian art and photography and much more. The huge collection at the gallery has made it popular even internationally.

Getting there

The art gallery is about 2 Kms from the railway station and costs around $8 as cab fare.

Bendigo – 10 Great Days Out 

9. The Capital

The Capital, located in the history steeped View Street, is the centre for performing arts in Bendigo that is a magnificent structure in itself, with a Victorian interior and imposing Corinthian columns. The centre is a popular recreational break with concerts, plays, comedy and dance being held regularly. The imposing structures, heritage architectures, fine food and great performances, together make the Capital a great entertainment spot for tourists as well as locals.

Getting there

A drive to The Capital takes about 5 minutes from the Railway Station and costs are about $10.

10. Bendigo Easter Festival

If you happen to be in Bendigo during the Easter fest, then make sure that you attend the Bendigo Easter Festival that’s held every year and is known to be the oldest continuing festival in the whole of Australia that celebrates the culture, tradition and heritage of the then goldfields. Make sure that you witness this great display of charity and goodwill.

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