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Australia is a place where you would encounter fine arts at almost every traditional street of the country. This nation doesn’t fail to appreciate arts as well as artists from all around the globe. The National Gallery of Australia exhibits the immense love that Australia has for arts and artists. With its main vision to be an inspiration for all the people of Australia, the National Gallery of Australia entertains the art in every form from all around the world. This art gallery is nothing but the Commonwealth of the country’s national cultural institution for all kinds of visual arts and is also a part of the Ministry of Arts as well as the Arts portfolio.

Major Functions of the National Gallery of Australia: –

Located in Canberra, the National Gallery of Australia was established in the year 1967 by the Australian government as the national public art museum. The major functions of the NGA are to maintain and develop and maintain a national collection of the work of art along with exhibiting and making available the diverse works of art from the national collection of arts which remain in the collection of the gallery. The National Gallery of Australia further uses each endeavor to make the most beneficial use of all the national collections in the interest of the country.

Explore the Diverse Art Collection: –

The collection of art at the National Gallery of Australia is not limited to just Australian art but extends to a variety of global art that could be ever found and praised. The Australian art includes indigenous art, prints and drawings, photography as well as decorative arts and designs. Further, the gallery also entertains provenance research, prints and drawings, photography and various other decorative creations of the Asian, European as well as American art. Thus, the National Gallery of Australia entertains and praises all kinds of art.

National Art Gallery: The favourite destination of all the art lovers: –

At the National Art Gallery, a number of facilities have been made available for kids as well as families including the facilities like cafes, study room, outdoor areas as well as library where you can easily sit down to appreciate the fine art that this gallery entertains for you. From the traditional Australian arts of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to various global arts and decorations, the National Art Gallery has it all. All the art lovers must pay a visit.

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