Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The beautiful Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery are located in Hobart. This place is one of the most popular spots of Tasmania. Why? Because it showcases a wide variety of old and beautiful pieces, artifacts and other historic collection of Tasmania.  Surprisingly, this museum and art gallery receives more than 300,000 visitors annually. These visitors are either the locals or the tourists who visit Tasmania. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery are worth your visit if you have a liking for the historic collections as well as art pieces. Recently, this place has undergone a magnificent redevelopment of $30 million.

History of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery:

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery have a beautiful history. This museum and art gallery was established in the year 1846 by the Royal Society of Tasmania. The Royal Museum and Art Gallery is the oldest royal society located outside England. Though the collections housed by this museum were created much earlier, this museum was officially created in the year 1848. The then Lt. Governor of Tasmania, Sir John Eardley-Wilmot did a great contribution to this museum. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery became a government authority in the year 1885. The whole authority of control was given to the Board of Trustees who also controlled the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Explore the Amusing Collection of The Museum: 

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery entertain everything for all ages and for the people of different interests. Thus, whether it is a family visit or a visit for an educational purpose, this museum offers everything to them. The tourists who admire art, as well as history, will love this place the most. The admission to this museum and art gallery is free. However, any kind of donation by visitors is always welcome. Browse the rich blend of the permanent collection at this museum.

Take time to review Tasmania’s natural beauty:

Blow Hole and Tasman Arch

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