Top 10 Things To Do In Hobart Tasmania

Top 10 Things To Do in Hobart Tasmania| Attractions & Activities

If you are an Australian looking for an escapade off mainland Australia or an international traveler looking for a quaint holiday, then the city of Hobart in Tasmania is sure going to be an ideal spot to choose. Hobart is quite unlike the bustling cities in mainland Australia – its laidback, picturesque and has a unique nature to itself; something that makes the city a great attraction to people all over the world.

The reason for the popularity of Hobart as a tourist destination can also be attributed to its pleasantly cool climate, which makes it more enjoyable for the tourists to tour the city. So, to make the most of your tour to Hobart, continue reading this comprehensive guide that will help you choose the best attractions to visit during your stay at Hobart.

  1. Kunanyi (Mount Wellington)

One of the most important natural beauties that add glory to the city of Hobart is the Mount Wellington and a climb to the mountains should definitely be on the top of your must see and do list. The picturesque Mount Wellington can be viewed from different parts of the city, but what is actually better than the views of the mountain are the spectacular views of the Hobart city that you get when you are atop the mountain. The snow-dusted peaks, green slopes, expansive views of the city and the beauty of the mountain itself – all make a visit up the Mount Wellington, a must do.

Getting there

A drive of about 25 minutes from the city’s center will take you to the various lookouts of Mount Wellington. You may opt for shuttle buses or tour operators. Cabs can be hired from the city center and will cost about $40-$45.

  1. Salamanca Place and market

Build more than 150 years ago, the Salamanca Place is steeped in history. The charming historic buildings of the place make up one of the most popular attractions of the place. This along with landmarks like the Battery Point, Kelly Steps, Salamanca markets, Salamanca Arts Center, Parliament House and much more, form an ideal day itinerary at this old commercial hub. If you are in the city during the first week of the month of January, you can be a witness to the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race that takes place annually.

Getting there

The Salamanca place and market lies close to the city center, at a mere driving distance of about 5 minutes, with a cab fare of approximately $10.

  1. MONA or Museum of Old and New Art

You may have been to numerous museums and art galleries across the world, but the MONA is a whole new difference. As the name signifies, MONA houses innumerable contributions from artists – prominent and budding- including some of the controversial ones that may stun you with their explicit beauty. If you belong to that controversial category and cannot appreciate art in all forms, then this attraction isn’t for you. But if you are open minded and ready to appreciate art, then no other place in Australia can give you a better experience than the sleek, modern gallery of MONA.

Getting there

The museum is located close to the city’s center and a short drive of about 20 minutes can take you there. Cab fares sum to around $40, for the one way journey.

  1. ZooDoo and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Australia is home to some of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries and aquariums famous for their expansive collection of native, unique as well as regular collection of wildlife and marine life as well and Hobart doesn’t fall back in this criteria as well with the ZooDoo and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuaries undoubtedly making it to the list of must-visit attractions in Hobart and Tasmania as well.

Even though both are quite similar in nature yet each one offers a different experience to the visitors. While the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is more popular and exciting because of the fantastic night tours that are conducted by the authorities, ZooDoo attracts attention because of its unique setting – a blend of a zoo and a savannah area – something that’s quite popular amongst children as well as adults. Entry tickets are quite reasonable and missing any of these two will be a sheer blunder.

Getting there

About 30 minutes north, from the city’s center lie the Bonorong facility with the ZooDoo towards it east. The 30 minute drive will cost you about $70 is cab fares while ZooDoo is about a 5 minutes journey further, costing around $75.

  1. Penitentiary Chapel

Unravel a chapter of the colonial Tasmania at the popular Penitentiary Chapel. Designed and built in 1830, the Chapel served the purpose of Gaol for the males initially and later modified to include females, hardened criminals and all sorts in numerous cells built about and below the Chapel. With years, certain wings were modified to host criminal courts and at present, the Chapel is a historic site with guided tours offering an insight into the lives of the prisoners, the different types of cells, courtrooms, execution grounds and much more!

Getting there

The Chapel is located at the city center and you could easily walk down a few blocks to reach the site if you are in the area.

  1. Cascade Brewery

A historic site in itself, being more than 150 years old, the Cascade Brewery is famous for the fantastic Cascade Lager and the informative tours that are carried out within the premises of the facilities giving a proper insight into the brewing and packaging procedures and the chance of sampling some of the best stuff that Tasmania has on offer. Whether beer is your poison or not, ensure that you make this trip – it’s interesting, informative and pleasant as well, given the natural setting of the plant.

Getting there

The brewery is at about 10 minutes driving distance from the CBD and costs around $15-$20 as the cab fare.

  1. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Whether you find MONA too bold for your tastes or you like it well enough, a tour to the Tasmanian museum and art gallery mustn’t be missed. It takes you to the traditional setting of art galleries and museums and hosts some of the best exhibits of colonial culture in Tasmania. Not only that, chapters related to the convict history, whaling experiences, seafaring and extinct Tasmanian tiger are best unraveled at this facility with enjoyable and interactive sessions for kids and adults as well.

Getting there

The museum and art gallery is located at the city center and you may easily walk to the site.

  1. The Royal Botanic Gardens

For a state that is steeped in greenery, the Tasmanian Royal Botanic Gardens is the perfect representation of natural beauty nurtured by human care. Spreading over an area of 13.5 hectare, the Gardens have been a part and parcel of Hobart for over 200 years. It is the home to more than 6500 species of flora and plant life, with dedicated sections and landscapes that add to the beauty and the attraction of the place. Dotted with walking trails, picnic spots, kid activity areas and numerous spots to unwind – the Royal Gardens are bonus to the tired travelers.

Getting there

If you are a regular walker, you may walk down from the city central to the Gardens. Otherwise, opting for a can ride of about 10 minutes would be ideal.

  1. Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Yummy – is what your mind says every time you hear chocolate and if that’s you, then Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Hobart is much more than a must visit spot, it’s  an experience of a lifetime and a dream come true. Come, visit this facility at Hobart and get an inside scoop on how things are done to deliver the chocolate that you so fervently like while enjoying delicacies that are oh-so-good!

Getting there

A short drive of about 20 minutes takes you to the visitors’ center and fares are round $45-$50.

  1. Whiskey sampling

Hobart is well-known for the Sullivan Cove Whiskey that has achieved numerous awards and accolades from whisky lovers across the globe as well authorities that sample best whiskies around the world. If a peg or three is your forte, then make the best of it at the best distilleries and cellars of Tasmania offering a wide range of single malt whiskey.

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