The Best Bars to Visit Around Australia

Australia is mostly known for its stunning landscapes, rich wildlife and its world-famous Sydney Opera House. But we also have luxurious bars and exquisite cocktails made by award-winning bartenders. 

In this article, we’ll list some of the best bars to visit in Australia and what we recommend ordering there. 

We’ll mostly focus on luxurious bars that have a track record of excellence. 

Most of the bars on our list are more expensive than traditional bars, but they are definitely worth it.  

The quality of the cocktails and the ambiance are excellent and worth the price. We particularly recommend going if you are celebrating a birthday, an engagement, a big promotion or another special event. 

That being said, we’ll also include some more affordable bars for those with a smaller budget. 

The best bars to visit in Australia

Let’s dive straight in. Here are some of the best bars to visit on the island. 

Eau de Vie Melbourne is one of the most highly rated bars in the city. Make sure you find the bar’s secret lounge, hidden behind a bookcase.

The bar serves delicious whiskeys, cocktails and dishes. You will find its collection of rare and exclusive whiskeys in the secret lounge called the Whisky Room. 

Head to the Eau-de-Vie Library if you are interested in a 5-course cocktail degustation experience. You can also rent out the Eau-de-Vie Library and the Whisky Room for private events. 

In terms of drinks, we recommend trying out some of the bar’s signature cocktails. The Smokey Rob Roy and the EDV Blazer are two of the venue’s most iconic cocktails. 

You can pair your drink with a little something to eat. On the food menu, you will find oysters and tuna tartare, among many other tasty options. 

In short, we think this bar is definitely worth a visit. 

The venue’s atmosphere is elegant yet cosy at the same time. We love its dim lights, comfortable sofas and interior decoration inspired by the American 1920s. 

If you can, try to visit the bar during one of their live jazz night events. 

The Baxter Inn is arguably one of the most famous and iconic bars in Sydney. It is not too expensive compared to other venues on this list.

Its interior decoration might be surprising at first. Its reputation and excellent reviews suggest an elaborate interior design. 

But the venue has a traditional bar/pub vibe with its old wooden tables and simple decorations. This makes the bar feel oddly familiar and comfortable. 

The Baxter Inn is famous for its whiskeys so make sure you try some of them during your visit. If whiskeys are not for you, you can choose a cocktail, a wine or a beer instead. 

You can nibble on some pretzels with your drink. If you’re looking for live entertainment as you bite into a pretzel, visit the bar on Sunday for the Live Blues Club event. 

  • Death and Taxes Brisbane 

This elegant venue draws inspiration from the underground bars of London and Paris. 

It’s tucked away in Brisbane’s oldest laneway, Burnett Lane. Follow the lane’s street art until you find the bar’s big wooden doors. 

We love the venue’s intimate lighting, its elegant back room and tasteful interior decoration. You can’t miss the venue’s famous back bar display that features 1000 spirit bottles. 

The bar offers a wide selection of drinks including signature cocktails, wine and craft beer. You can enjoy these at the bar, on the outdoor terrace or in one of the plush booths. 

The bar is known for its unique identity and its dark sense of humour. As written on the menu ‘Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes’. 

  • The Rooks Return, Melbourne

This bar is less luxurious than the other ones on this list. You won’t find sophisticated cocktails or elegant interior design here, and that’s fine.

The bar was designed to be informal and homey. It has earned wonderful reviews thanks to its great activities and warm environment. 

The Rooks Return is a great place to meet and socialize with new people. Everyone there is very friendly. 

The bar serves beers and cocktails, which you can choose to drink inside or outside in the beer garden. 

Customers who enjoy board games, weekly game nights and live music events will love this bar. Try to go on jazz night or game night to have the best experience possible. 

If board games are not for you, you can always play bingo or other online games with your friends. You can check out the free daily spins at Jackpotjoy and other free games for a budget-friendly game night. 

Final thoughts 

These are some of the best bars in Australia. 

There are many more great bars out there that we might have missed, so make sure you keep on exploring and trying out different bars in Australia!

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