10 Australian Reasons to Visit Australia

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Australia

Australia is a continent country tucked away in one corner of the world. If you are in the Americas you will have to endure a long flight and have to shell out a hefty sum for that flight ticket. But then all good things in life always come at a stiff price. The Australian tour is one such good thing in life that you must accomplish. Once in Australia, you will forget all your hardships of travel to this tourists’ paradise. You will have excellent weather to support your trip and the visit to exotic places will be quite easy on your pocket. If you are a backpacker then you cannot expect a better deal in the entire world than in Australia. The government of this fascinating country makes sure that visitors here are well taken care of. You will find something special for each and every type of visitor, irrespective of age, sex, taste, interest and budget. That said, let us now analyse the top 10 reasons why you must visit Australia .

1. Scintillating Beaches

Wow-factor of Australian beaches has to be seen to be believed. Even though Australia is naturally gifted with innumerable marvellous beaches on this planet, you will find extra human effort from Australians to keep their beaches pristine and shining. That is because Australia and its denizens take the utmost pride in their beaches. Imagine a country with a coastline of 37000 km and over 11000 known beaches of glistening white sand, and you will be left speechless. To choose from such wonderful beaches is a real herculean task. And if you decide to visit each of these beaches then it will take you more than 25 years. So let us try and bring some of these fascinating beaches to focus in order to make your life simpler. World’s whitest sand beach is Hyams Beach and then there are such awesome beaches you cannot afford to miss, like Cable Beach, Kirra Beach, Beach at Great Barrier Reef called Whitehaven Beach, Port Douglas’s Four Mile Beach and Sydney’s Shelly Beach.

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2. Fascinating National Parks

If you are the exploring kind, then take up this task of exploring 500 plus National Parks in Australia. As you travel inland from any part of the Australian coastline, you will encounter a National Park. And the best part is you may also hit upon a secluded undiscovered beach to call your own, like the ones that are there in Noosa National Park. These National Parks are wonders on this earth, set against a backdrop of hills and traversing some rugged mountain tracks. On the way, you will find waterfalls and rainforests to keep you wondering about the bounties of nature. All these National Parks are well maintained and proper facilities are provided for the visitors. Some of these National Parks have an aboriginal presence, taking pride in their upkeep. The icing on the cake is when you will be treated to close encounters with some of the rarest and native flora and fauna of this earth. Do not forget to take your camera to capture these memorable moments.

3. Ocean Thrills

In Australia, you will find endless stretches of coastline measuring more than 37000 km. That simply means that this continent country is surrounded by ocean. In this milieu, you will find wonderful Reefs and more than 8000 pristine islands surrounding the country’s coastline. Do you realize the endless possibilities if you are a backpacker and have the spirit of adventure in your veins? What all you cannot do here in Australia?!! You can snorkel below the ocean waves and take in some out of the world sights of sea creatures. You can scuba dive in some exotic protected spots or jostle with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef. You can even play with Sea Lions in Port Lincoln. There are special trips arranged with modified sea vessels where hydrophones are fitted so that you can hear the sweet sounds of whales singing, deep below the ocean waves. There is plenty more you can do here in the oceans surrounding Australia. Are you up to it is the question!

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4. Wonderful Natural Wonders

As you travel across the length and breadth of Australia, you are wonderstruck with the fact that this country is blessed by nature and gifted with some of the most mystical, rare and mind-blowing natural wonders on earth. Take for example sacred Uluru, which is about 600 million years old largest rock monolith, taller than Eiffel Tower and occupying a massive stretch of land measuring 9.5 km in circumference. Other natural wonders you can see to believe are the Stromatolites in Western Australia, very uncanny Pinnacle Desert of Western Australia, unbelievable tropical biodiversity of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks with gigantic waterfalls, majestic Blue Mountains, magnificent MacKenzie Falls and Bungle Bungle Range covered with sandstone. And if you want to be more wonderstruck then go on a 4×4 sandy highway in the world’s largest sand island called Fraser Island. Or visit Twelve Apostles of Great Ocean Road. And even the Lakes in Australia will leave you speechless, like the massive Salt Lake of Australia’s Outback region and believe it or not – Pink Lakes in Western Australia.

5. World’s Largest Living Organism

Yes, you guessed it right! World’s largest living organism is the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia. It is so huge that it is the only living thing of the earth that is observable from outer space. It is a marvel that has no parallel on this planet as far as coral reef system goes. It covers an area of about 344,000 sq km comprising of 900 islands and nearly 3000 individual reefs. The magnitude of its massive stretch can be gauged by the fact that it is bigger than the entire United Kingdom, Switzerland and Netherlands put together. This massive structure is made by billions of small organisms called coral polyps and acts as the support system for a wide range of life. No wonder it is on the list of World Heritage Sites. You can have the luxury of snorkelling and scuba diving in the waters of the Great barrier Reef. And then you may visit Cape Tribulation, where the Great barrier Reef meets the rainforests, and wonder whether you are on earth or some other planet.

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6. Meet Australia’s Native and Rare Animals

You must visit Australia for all things natural. And if you are a nature lover then there is no other place on earth where you will be happier than in Australia. But wait, what if you are just a normal visitor with no particular affinity to nature? That is where the magic of native Australian animals come into the picture. When you come to Australia you are bound to get personal and close to some of the unique and strangest animals of the world, out of which some will be rare species available only in Australia. On coming close to these adorable animals you are bound to fall in love with them. Many visitors before you have, so the guess is that most probably you will not be an exception to the rule prevailing here. These Australian native animals are not camera shy and are adept at giving Instagrammable selfies. Take for example Kangaroos, Koala, Quokka, Emu, Platypus and the Echidna.

7. World-Class Adventure Facilities

Do you dream of doing something uniquely adventurous? Then make an outline plan in your mind and come to Australia. You will find scope and facilities to carry out your adventurous dream. His country is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers. What you can’t do here as an adventure enthusiast, you can’t do anywhere else in the world. In nutshell, you have the opportunity to do any adventure activity in Australia. Some sample examples will prove this point. You can surf and sail along its vast and diverse coastline, snorkel or scuba dive in exotic locations earmarked for best views of the aquatic kingdom below the ocean waves, explore the outback wilderness in Northern Territory or swim beside crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin. In case you are up to it, you can climb Mt Augustus in Western Australia, the highest rock in the world. If you want adventure inside rainforests then you can opt for Treetop Adventure spots which will satisfy your desire.

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8. Australian Culture

There are much vibrancy and uniqueness in Australian culture. It is a culture that encompasses various subcultures within its folds. Within this culture you will find a welcoming and good-natured subculture, a subculture of outdoor activities, a subculture of laid back relaxed but a hard-working lifestyle, a subculture of freedom of action and liberal thinking, a celebration of cultural diversity, community living epitomized by coffee culture and a subculture of loving and protecting nature. Let’s find out how permissive is this Australian Culture. In the northern parts of Australia, you can wear flip-flops all year round. You can buy wine in a carton box, called Goon, to save money and no eyebrows will be raised. You can drink any time of the day or night with daily periodicity and not be commented upon. With Goon available everywhere, you will be able to pursue such sport without hurting your pocket. You will not be frowned upon for eating Avocados daily. You can eat Emu and Kangaroo, national emblems of the country, and not get stern looks.

9. Festival Frenzy

Australia is perpetually in the grips of Festival fever. All through the year, there are various festivals and shows of international standards that a visitor can enjoy. For Music lovers, there are plenty of music festivals that will sweep you off your feet since you will have the opportunity to listen to some of the mega-stars of the music world. And if you are a Jazz fan, then it is a jackpot for you here in Australia. Then there are sports bonanzas, Light and Sound Festivals, Festivals of LGBT community, Festivals for Alternative lifestyle such as Confest. Agricultural Shows and Festivals are very rewarding for gourmets and conscientious foodies, Wine Festivals for the wine aficionados, Festivals organized by Breweries and many festivals in between like Lamb and Potato Festival. And if you still have time and energy then you can attend Market Night Festivals in almost all major cities and towns all year round.

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10. Dazzling Australian Cities

Even with a land mass greater than the entire continent of Europe, Australia has a very low population density. Locals mainly reside in coastal cities comprising of more than 80% of the population. With all the natural beauty, rainforests, wildlife and National Parks surrounding these coastal cities, it is amazing to finds these cities delivering urban experiences matching the best in the world. The capital city of Canberra is a treat to see with world-class design and architecture, upmarket museums and superlative ultra-modern town planning. Sydney is happening city of Australia with fast-paced modern lifestyle supported by even more modern facilities. It is touted to be the friendliest city where you cannot escape the opulence of Sydney Opera House. Melbourne has been perpetually in the list of most liveable city of the world year after year. It is here that you can find enchanting European flavour in the architecture and excellent coffee. In Adelaide, apart from the titillating beaches and gorgeous parks, you will find a city uniquely glittering. Glamour and quiet elegance is large in all these coastal cities of Australia.

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Having gone through some of the compelling reasons to visit Australia, it will be a fatal mistake to miss the Australian shores for holidays. You can venture out to an island or pump up your adrenaline in a sea adventure, or even explore the wildlife infested National Parks. You can dream of doing anything and it will come true in Australia. So, now that you have been informed of the top 10 reasons why you must visit Australia , take action.

Fun Fact

What is so special about Australia?

The Aussie mainland is the world’s largest island, and is the only continent to also double as an island. With some of the world’s oldest geological features, Australia is also the world’s driest continent.

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