10 Reasons Why Canadians Love Coming to Australia

Ten Canadian Reasons to Visit Australia

Canada and Australia have plenty in common, right from being commonwealth countries with the same monarch and vibrant constitution to the way people in general perceive and enjoy life. There are similarities in nature which shape the mental makeup of people living there. Both countries have plenty of raw natural beauty and plenty of landmass with diverse climatic conditions. The southern portion in both the countries is heavily populated whereas the northern parts of these countries have sparse population. Canadians love Australia because of similar food habits, culture, ethos, language and religion. So a Canadian traveller to Australia gets no cultural shock, does not have to confront the language barrier and enjoys the Australian hospitality without being mentally stressed at a foreign land. Let us now examine in specifics, the various reasons why Canadians love coming to Australia. The list is just a sample of reasons, while there are many other reasons for Canadians to love Australia.

1. Kindred Spirits

Canadians have plenty of cultural similarities to share with Australians. That makes things easier in understanding each other better. Canadians and Australians share the same colonial lineage with independent ways of living at the centre of it. Both countries have the same Queen as their head of state and enjoy constitutional monarchies. Both the peoples are historically free settlers and follow the same religion. They share the same friendly demeanour, and to top, have the same spirited nature to help strangers. Both the peoples are welcoming in nature so Canadians find the same bonhomie that they are used to in their native country. They appreciate the fact that Australians are easy going and always ready for casual banter with a smile. Their sense of humour finds a matching chord with the Canadians. These commonalities in culture and way of life encourage and enthuse a Canadian to undertake a very long plane journey from his land to the remotest corner of the world, Down Under.

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2. Shared Love for Outdoors

Australian love being outdoors and this is evident from the various sporting and adventure activities that Australia organizes. This nature is akin to Canadian behaviour. Love for nature draws the Canadians out into the open, even when there is inclement weather. Canadians love for outdoors get proper attention in Australian shores. Many picnic spots are available in the perfect backdrop of rain forests or beaches or even hillside. There is no dearth of adventure opportunities in the midst of raw nature here in Australia. This is due to Australians’ love for outdoor adventure. As a result of this perpetual demand, many outdoor adventure facilities of international standards have opened up in Australia. These facilities are in rainforests, in the deserts, on mountain ranges and mountain tops and in the ocean. This is what whets the adventure appetite of Canadians, who love coming back to Australia for more of the same.

3. Unlimited Nature

Australia is blessed by nature like no other country. The abundance of nature in all its forms makes Australia a haven for sightseers and tourists. Living in such a country, Australians have developed a deep appreciation for nature and are very conscious of preserving and respecting nature. Canadians also have similar upbringing back in their native country, since they have an abundance of nature in resplendent best. Canadians love and respect this Australian ethos and revel in various activities in close proximity of wild nature. The National Parks are most frequented by Canadian travellers and they are also active skiers in the winter months at Perisher in New South Wales. Being nature lovers, Canadians get thrilled to see such vastly diverse nature in a single country. Canadians love Australia because every form of nature that you can see on earth is available here in Australia. This endears the nature-loving Canadians to Australia.

4. Predominant Anglophone Culture

It is a great feeling to go visiting a country where the locals speak your language. It is reaffirming and reassuring to know that you will not be misunderstood nor will you get stumped with a foreign language thrown at your face. Canadians visiting Australia love the fact that they are at ease to make themselves understood by locals. The common language is a bond that bonds peoples of different countries. So Canadian visitors have it easy bonding with Australians while on a visit to Australia. They have no qualms or apprehensions on that score and enjoy their visit with a peaceful mind. You only realize it when you are visiting a place with a different language than what you speak. It can be frustrating and irritating and can spoil your mood of holidaying in the process. Canadians, however, find a different accent to cope with Australians, but they do not find that daunting. On the other hand, they find the Australian accent rather interesting and pleasant.

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5. Excellent Multicultural Cuisines

Australia is a country which welcomes immigrants from all parts of the world with open arms. It is a country with strong multicultural tolerance and acceptability. These immigrants have brought multicultural tastes and cuisines and the Canadians are now hooked to these varieties of global tastes. These culinary tastes are also found in abundance in Australia since Australia as a country is also made up of settlers and immigrants from all across the globe. Canadians love Australia for this very reason. After all while extensively touring a foreign country what more does a tired mind and body want at the end of the day – a familiar sight of food of your choice. And Australia provides the full range of multicultural cuisines at the drop of a hat. In Australia, you will find every ethnic dominated cuisine like the Vietnamese, Afghan, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Italian, Indian delicacies to mention a few. There is plenty of British and American food choices which Canadians also prefer. You will not have to repeat a single meal if you are a Canadian and they love that fact while in Australia.

6. Spirit of True Freedom

Australia is a fiercely independent country. Its citizens value this aspect with all the tenacity at their command. They are not to be dominated by any particular dogmatic religious or cultural influence. An average Canadian sometimes envies the fact that Australians enjoy more freedom than they do back in their country. Canada has been historically influenced by American thoughts. Here is a political preponderance of America which dictates some of their actions in society. Here in Australia, Canadians can sense the total freedom that is its air. Do what you please with your life and state does not come in between. Hence there is room for all kinds of thoughts and movements which celebrates the spirit of freedom. Here in Australia, you will find Mardi Gras celebrations on the streets as well as Confest Movement expressing an alternative to modern ways of living. Canadians love this complete acceptance of freedom of thoughts and action here in Australia.


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7. Ocean and Beaches

In Australia, beaches are well maintained and clean, which the Canadians are much appreciative of. But what these nature lovers from Canada are really amazed by the natural beauty of these beaches. The water is warm and the sand is soft and white. The waves are gentle as if beckoning you to surf. Such naturally inviting beaches are the best in the world and Canadians just love lolling around here. This is in sharp contrast to conditions in their native land where the waves are choppy with bone-chilling water. Sunbathing is a luxury in Canada which when contrasted with Australia fascinates the Canadians. There is more than enough sunshine on the beaches all year round. The scintillating ocean dominates the coastline of Australia and here again it is a sight to see with so many arrangements made for you to go deep inside. Canadians love scuba diving and snorkelling to see the beautiful and colourful world of sea creatures beneath the ocean waves.

8. Social Drinking

Australians love to drink with their family and friends. Their propensity is well catered for in all parts of the country through numerous wineries and breweries. This is absent in Canada, whereas in sharp contrast such ventures are promoted by the Australian government. Canadians have a cultural affinity to social drinking, being a country of extreme cold conditions. Here Canadians love the wine-growing regions with numerous cellar doors. You can taste different varieties of wine to your heart’s content. With full gusto Canadian join various wine festivals in the wine-growing regions Down Under. Then they have the breweries to cater for a different taste in drinking. There is no time limit in the pubs in Australia. You can indulge in drinking in the small of the morning and you will not get ticked off. After you have finished your drinking quota for the day, you can opt for crashing here in these pubs which provide accommodation in their premises. All very convenient for Canadian travellers who drink.

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9. Spirit of Festivals and Shows

Apart from the wonders of nature that Australia is famous for, it is also famous for its various festivals. The locals love their outdoor activities and throng to festivals. The popularity of festivals among locals and foreign tourists have ensured that these festivals are now international events. Canadians fins such outdoor entertainment very dear in very pleasant weather conditions, which is absent in their country. There are Music Festivals, Food and Wine Festivals, Festivals celebrating an alternative way of life like Mardi Gras and Confest, and simple Agricultural Festivals. This spirit of festivals and shows draws Canadians to the Australian shores again and again. Such elaborate and varied festivals are missing in Canada with extremely cold climate prevailing over most of the year. To be able to step out freely and boldly in the open to enjoy an international festival is very dear to Canadians. This is another reason why Canadians love Australia.

10. Best Coffees in World

Coffee is a great leveller. It brings people together as a community and Australians have used it to the hilt. Coffee culture in Australia is the strongest in the world and great care is taken to maintain quality. Canadians find this coffee culture fascinating as they love the brew but do not have a strong ecosystem in their country to enjoy the refreshing drink. What rules in Canada in the name of Coffee is Starbucks brand with the standardization of espresso. When Canadians come to Australia and find the unique dispensation of coffee in the myriads of beautifully decorated neighbourhood coffee shops, they are left aghast. They admire the level of excellence that coffee-making is catapulted to in Australia. The best coffees in the world are found in these neighbourhood coffee shops in Australia and the Canadians love it. They also admire the level of customization that the expert baristas in these coffee shops can spin out for every individual taste. Canadians love Australia for the good coffee that is available in the most endearing ambience of societal indulgence.

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Canadians and Australians are like cousins separated by geography. They have almost the same history of evolving as a nation, love the outdoors and tough conditions, have an adventurous spirit and are very affable. Here in this piece, we have seen the various reasons why Canadians love coming to Australia. In short, it is cultural and historical similarities that make Canadians love Australia.


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