Top 10 Fittest Cricketers

The 10 Most Fittest Cricketers

It is of basic knowledge that athletes are extremely physically fit. They always have undergone special and extensive training to maintain their body, improve their endurance, and most importantly, hone and upgrade their skills. 

For the game of cricket, it used to be just a game to test a cricketer’s skill but as time progressed, the skill is not just something that the fans sought but their favourite cricketer’s physique as well. Being a physically fit cricketer will not only benefit your overall performance in the field and as a healthy person but you will also be the demand of people because they will adore your fitness and they will try their best to achieve a goal which is trying to live your lifestyle and have your killer physique.

In this article, you will see the top 10 fittest cricketers and what they do to maintain their fit bodies.

(Take note that the sole purpose of this article is to only list the fittest cricketers and not to compare every player.)

1. Rashid Khan

 Afghanistan became one of the most notable teams in the game of cricket. They built up a name for being one of the teams that have great potential in the ball and bat sport, cricket. Having cricketer, Rashid Khan in their team surely puts them at an advantage among other national teams from other countries. Rashid Khan is known to be one of the fittest cricketers in the world and as an outstanding all-rounder in the field as well! No wonder he is very fit! Rashid Khan has the role of a fielder in his team. He spends hours and hours in the gym to maintain his excellent physique and to further improve his physical fitness. Another fun fact about the Afghan cricketer, Rashid Khan, is that he has garnered a multitude of followers that he even has a franchise in SRH or Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

2. Glenn Maxwell

Following the list is Australian cricket player, Glenn Maxwell. He is one of the best cricketers who play for Australia. He has represented the country in all three kinds of cricket match formats. He even earned a title for himself as the “T20” specialist. He is the powerhouse in and out of the field for he does not just bat, he is not only the bowler of the team but he also holds a third responsibility as his team’s gun fielder. The reason for his unlimited energy is that he always spent about 3-4 hours in the gym.

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3. Ben Stokes

Now, who wouldn’t be stocked about this next cricketer? Ben Stokes is an outstanding cricketer who has won the World Cup in cricket for his team, England. He is renowned as one of the greatest all-rounders globally and it is all thanks to his fitness as he credited it himself. During the year 2019, claimed it as his year, he performed outrageous catches in the field. The secret to Ben Stokes’ performance? Well, what else would it be besides a good several hours of spending in the fitness gym as well running on the field?

4. Hardik Pandya

Next on the list is Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya or also known as ‘Kun Fu Pandya’, who shared one of his secrets to a killer physique in the extensive workout sessions he does daily. He shared some of his physical training videos on his social media. He is also another all-rounder just like the others in this list and he is also an inevitable force in the field due to his maximum energy. As time passed, his skills improved along with his fitness.

5. Faf du Plessis

This former captain of the South African team, Faf du Plessis, is renowned as one of cricket’s fittest players. Plessis is a veteran cricketer. He set the bar too high for all the future cricketers to come. Faf du Plessis was an excellent fielder and had performed tremendously on the field during his career.

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6. Ravindra Jadeja

Currently titled as the best fielder in the world is of course, not a stranger to the extreme workout session, training, and an amazing physique as the result of his hard work. He is India and the Chennai Super Kings or CSK’s biggest asset for he is an excellent fielder. Over time, his performance constantly improves and we will be expecting more jaw-dropping fielding from Jadeja.

7. David Warner

This former captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad and Australian national team vice-captain is known as Australia’s fittest member of the team. David Warner was one of the most formidable sprinters and was exceptional in the wickets. He is also well-known for his fielding that saved the runs on the boundary and in the inner circle as well.

8. Trent Boult

We are only down to two more cricketers to complete the list of the fittest in the world and third to the last of this list is Trent Boult. He plays the role of a bowler in the field and a bowler requires fitness in which Boult did not fail to have. All throughout the career of this right-arm pacer, he has never once reported to have any injuries. Talk about invincibility! This basically shows that Boult does not just take his job as a cricketer but he also pays attention to taking care of and improve the capacity of his body, which makes him one of the most consistent bowlers in the field as well as a fielder. Trent Boult also took multiple blinders for the team. 

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9. Mahmudullah Riyadh

Moving forward to the upcoming close of the list, a Bangladeshi player takes second to the last part of the world’s fittest and outstanding cricketers in the world. His name is Mahmudullah Riyadh. Most Bangladeshi athletes are known to be athletes who somewhat lack good fitness but Riyadh pushed himself to improve his physical fitness. His hard work in the gym is paid off for he is seen to constantly upgrade from his performance in the field every time. He was a former batsman but now, he holds the title in the cricketing world as the prominent batsman globally. Mahmudullah Riyadh was Bangladesh’s main player when the national team got into the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup back in 2015.

10. Virat Kohli

And now, for the fittest among the fittest cricketers in the globe. Virat Kohli, an Indian captain in cricket takes the superlative as his. He has inspired the world to become more fit and to constantly train oneself. Kohli always works on improving his physical fitness by spending time in the gym hours and during training cricket in the field as well. he believes that maintaining one’s fitness is the essence to ensure a successful outcome not just in sports but also in a person’s well-being. He has also set the bar high for future generations of cricketers. Kohli is also considered the world’s best batsman, an outstanding leader, unstoppable force of a player in the field, and fitness inspiration. Kohli claims he does not have a day off and he does not neglect his fitness.


To conclude this article, we must deduce that these extremely fit and lifestyle goals of cricketers are outstanding in their responsibilities as a cricketer. They are extremely hardworking and do take their careers seriously. They are not just an inspiration for people who wants to become cricketers and to excel but they also serve as motivators for people who want to start a healthier lifestyle, build a champion mindset, and continue to push themselves further for the betterment of themselves. 

Cricketers or not, we must always remember to take care of ourselves through exercising, like spending even just a few minutes in the gym, or just start moving around, do light workouts then slowly work our way to a more vigorous exercise and to always remember that physical fitness is the key to success and a discipline for ourselves.


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