Top 10 Road Trips to Go in Australia

Ten Thrilling Australian Road Trips

Roads were made for journeys, not destination. If travelling is medicine then a road trip is a euphoria. The best part of a road trip is not the ultimate destination, it is the fun, adventure and all the exciting stuff that happens on the way. A road trip is a scrapbook full of memories that will never fade. Time does as it pleases, friends come and go, but a road trip is something that will stay with your entire life. A break from your monotonous life, a road trip makes you feel free. And yes, it requires planning and money and time, but in the end, it will be worth it. GoPro is a must have thing to take it with you to journey. But if you don’t want GoPro choose some gopro alternative. Once you go on a road trip, you are bound to do it again.

Ten Superb Road Trips in Australia

Australia is a country that has it all. It is a country that is handcrafted to bring out the explorer in you. It is the perfect destination for all kinds of travellers. And it has all the perfect road trips that you need to take next. By going on a road trip to Australia you can see the true beauty of this island continent. The beaches of Australia have a reputation for being one of the best in the world and you are going to encounter a lot of them. So, get behind your wheel, call your buddies, because we are about to tell you the ten best road trips in Australia that will steal your heart forever.

1. Cairns to Brisbane, East Coast

Cairns to Brisbane, East Coast

Passing along country’s some of the most impressive highlights, Fraser Island, the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef Islands, it is the most amazing road trip route in Australia. Being close to the coast it offers fantastic scenic views along with offering amazing adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping and rafting are a few of them to name. A perfect trip to have with your friends and have the adventure of your life. The spectacular shore of Queensland attracts a lot of road trip junkies and if that is not a reason enough, the manila of islands and beaches of Australia are accessible from this route will make this trip one of the most memorable trips of your life. You can also stop at seventeen seventy, a small town, where Captain Cook first landed in 1770.

2. The Savannah way, Queensland and West Australia

The Savannah way, Queensland and West Australia

Often known as ‘Australia’s adventure drive’ the Savannah way covers a distance from Cairns in Queensland to Broome in Western Australia. Filled with amazing stops like Milla Milla Falls, Undara Lava Tubes, Cobbold Gorge and Boodjamulla National Park. This epic 3,700 km amazing road trip route is bound to blow your mind with gracious glimpses of Australia’s tropical Savannah as well as the northern territory. You will also have the opportunity of visiting fifteen national parks and five world heritage areas.

3. Pacific Highway, Brisbane to Sydney

Pacific Highway, Brisbane to Sydney

With the two largest cities to explore, this adventurous road trip takes you through Brisbane and Sydney. Filled with wide-open beaches as you travel along the Pacific Coast which is 900 km long, beautiful green hills, river and beachside towns, this road trip in Australia is for everyone who is looking for adventure in Australia. Offering every kind of water sport possible, this trip also gives you a chance to explore the Bouddi National Park. If you are into wildlife watching then this place is trip is right up your alley.

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4. The Great Beach Drive, Queensland

A trip like no other, the Great Beach Drive connects Sunshine Coast with Fraser Island and the Fraser Coast, covering a large part of the Australian natural coast. All those wildlife lovers, this place is for you as it is home to Kangaroos, Whales, Turtles, Platypus and the World’s largest variety of birds along with offering you a chance to see and experience the largest sand island in the world. Gather all your travel junky friends because this trip is going to be permanently plastered down your memory lane.

5. Broome to Perth, Western Australia

Broome to Perth, Western Australia

This adventurous road trip that covers 3,900 km and offers you the amazing experience of a camel train along the West Australian beach, the Cable beach. You will discover the most amazing landscape along the Pinnacles Desert. Pack your snorkelling gear, camera and camping equipment. Don’t miss the chance to swim with whales and Giant Manta Rays in the beautiful Coral Bay. You get the chance to experience the great wildernesses, spot dolphins in Monkey Mia and when you arrive in Broome relax at its beaches. Comparatively less touched by visiting tourists, this amazing road trip route will offer you beautiful sights of nature. Pack your bags and have the time of your life as you enjoy the best Australia has to offer.

6. Cairns to Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Covering one of the most enchanting areas, this road trip in Australia, will provide you with amazing scenic views of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, though it is recommended to visit this area during the winter months to avoid all those stingers that will ruin your trip. On your way, you can stumble upon villages like Port Douglas and Mossman. Lacking for beaches in the city centre, Cairns, though is filled with beautiful northern beaches. Crocodile spotting tours are available in Daintree village showing you the diverse wildlife of Australia. Cape Tribulation is filled with activities that will win your heart. With beautiful rainforest accommodation, the beautiful beaches to relax from a long journey. Filled with adventure sports like jungle surfing and snorkel tours, this adventurous road trip has it all.

7. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Embracing the rocky shores along the southwest of Melbourne, this road trip in Australia is 664 km scenic drive from Melbourne. Along your way, you will encounter amazing beaches of Australia that are bound to bring out the surfer but you will also be able to see lush rainforests that will take your breath away. The Great Ocean Road trip is a must for the tourists as well as the residents of this country. A visit to Torquay, the surf city is a must as well as to the collapsed London Bridge. Enjoy the blue waters and the dense trees as you take a break from the loud city life.

8. Gibbs River Road, Western Australia

The most adventurous road trip in Australia, this trip should be on the bucket list of all those who love a good adrenaline rush. This amazing road trip route takes you through one of Australia’s last wilderness frontiers. If four-wheel driving is something you’ve always wanted to do then waste no more time and jump behind the wheel and have the time of your life. And above all that you get to explore the epic Kimberly. Cascading waterfalls, swimming in deep waterholes, this trip is bound to bring out the adventurer in you. At Windjana Gorge National Park you can spot crocodiles. As well as enjoy camping at Lennard and Bell Gorges. Don’t forget your camping gear and take an exciting break from reality.

9. 75-Mile Highway, Queensland

Cleverly named, this highway is on the world’s largest sand island. If you take this adventurous road trip, you will be awed at every step. Fraser Island has a lot to offer for those of us who seek happiness in travelling. You are bound to stumble upon Dingoes as their population in Fraser Island is around 200. At Noosa National Park you can spot Koalas, who are hidden in treetops. Wild and spectacular, this trip has all the ingredients to be the best road trip of your life. Rainbow Beach is famous for its soft sand so you must be careful. The whale-watching in Hervey Bay is a must. You will find thousands of whales swimming calmly as they migrate to and from the Antarctic Ocean. Between the months of July and November, many whale-watching cruises depart and all those you enjoy gathering information about aquatic lives take part in them.

10. The Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

The Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

This road trip in Australia is majorly for those who mean business when it comes to loving aquatic life in every possible manner. With countless beaches that will steal your heart to amazing mouth-watering seafood, this place has it all. A land filled with wonders; you can find solace in isolated beaches. Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Park offer you insight into the Australian aquatic life as well as wildlife. Surely, no one would want to miss a chance of swimming with dolphins or to cage dive with great white sharks. You can also choose to spend your day surrounded by friendly animals like koala, kangaroos and echidnas. If you have a deep love for beaches and water sports then this place is exactly for you.

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Travelling is fun because even when you come back you carry a piece of that place with you forever. Road trips are something that will make your feet tingle in anticipation while you refresh your body with beautiful destinations, amazing conversations and delicious food and wine. Australia is a country for travellers, you can never get enough of it. You’ll fall in love with the beaches of Australia and forests and people. Road trips are something that everyone should go on at least once. People should know how it feels to be free to go wherever they want and to do whatever they want. An adventurous road trip is what you need when you seek excitement.



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