10 Iconic Attractions in Australia

10 Iconic Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss in Australia

Tourists travelling to Australia would do well to add these 10 attractions to their itinerary. Iconic attractions in Australia are scattered all over the continent, these places will give you a good feel for Australia and Australian culture. These iconic spots will give you a taste of the scenery, the amazing geographical formations and other sights that will leave a lasting memory.

1. Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you are in New South Wales, these are two spots in the area that are known worldwide and are associated with Australia in everyone’s mind. The scenic views from the bridge as well as the gardens and even from the water are simply breathtaking. Make sure you don’t miss visiting the Opera House and the Bridge. Take a tour behind the scenes to learn about the building and its history.

2. Parliament House

A visit to Canberra would not be complete without stopping by one of the most important buildings. This is the home of federal politics in Australia and stands on Capital Hill with a view over the city. This is a good place to learn about politics in Australia. You can even watch politicians debating new legislation if it interests you.

3. Great Barrier Reef

Make sure you plan a stop in Queensland to see the Great Barrier Reef. This section of the ocean is home to thousands of fish, corals and a variety of other sea creatures. Go diving or take a trip on a glass-bottom boat to take in the amazing underwater world.

4. Twelve Apostles

Take a drive along the Great Ocean Road and you may spot Victoria’s Twelve Apostles. These limestone pillars stand 45m above the water and are shaped by wind and water to create a natural sculpture. There are only 8 Apostles left but this is still a sight to behold for any visitor to the country.

5. Three Sisters

Another amazing geological formation in  Australia is the Three Sisters. This formation has been estimated to be 50 million years old and is found in the heart of Blue Mountains Nation Park in New South Wales. These sandstone peaks is one of the top attractions in the area and travelling to Echo Point will give you a scenic view of the peaks as well as the beautiful Jamison Valley.

6. Uluru – Aboriginal Iconic Culture

Uluru is one of the foremost iconic sites in Australia and is estimated to be around 600 million years old. Considered a sacred site, this monolith reaches 863 metres and is an awe-inspiring site. It is suggested that you visit the site at sunrise or sunset to fully appreciate the beauty of this amazing natural formation.

7. Wave Rock

Another iconic geographical formation is Wave Rock in Western Australia. The rocks have been weathered and worn by natural elements over many millions of years. The rock is around 110m in length and 15m high and looks similar to a breaking wave, hence the name. The rock is full of a variety of tones which seem to shift in colour with the movement of the sun

8. Bondi Beach

New South Wales is famed for its beautiful sands, sea and surf, most especially at the world renowned Bondi Beach. The area also offers shopping opportunities and many restaurants to sample some of the cuisine in the area. The beauty of this beach attracts tourists year round and you may even spot a celebrity or two.

9. Salamanca Market

This vibrant outdoor marketplace in Tasmania is a wonderful to find some of the local crafts, wares and foods. There are around 300 stallholders selling everything from art to fashion every Saturday. This is also a great place to get some gifts to take home with you.

10. Rottnest Island – Iconic attractions in Australia

A final spot to add to the list is Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia. This area offers stunning beaches, coral reefs and many activities to enjoy. Choose to go on a cycle or snorkel in the lovely waters, or simply chill and unwind on the beach and watch the waves.

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Australia is packed full of places to visit and these are just a small sampling of the many attractions on this continent. These 10 will however, give you a good taste of the country and it’s many amazing sights.

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