Adelaide – South Australia

Adelaide  is the capital city of South Australia. This city is the 5th most populous city of Australia. This city was founded in the year 1836. It was designed by Colonel William Light, the first surveyor general of South Australia. Today, his plan is called as the Light’s Vision. It is a very  cultured city of Australia.

Adelaide Beautiful Sights:

This city has today become one of the most famous tourist spots of Australia. This place is full of beautiful sights. The Adelaide oval is considered as the world’s prettiest cricket ground. It is a host of all the international cricket matches. The central market is worth visiting for all those who get frequent culinary cravings. The Art Gallery of South Australia exhibits the beautiful art of the people. This city is urban yet very nature friendly. It has preserved the wildlife at its best. The Adelaide botanic gardens make you indulge in the beauty of nature. Another popular spot is the Adelaide zoo that preserves the Australian wildlife at the best. This zoo comprises of around 1800 exotic and native mammals.

Other beautiful and popular sights include the South Australian Maritime Museum, Bay Discovery Centre,  etc.

Things To Do In Adelaide :

It never fails to attract tourists. This is because it entertains a number of amusing activities for its people. There are plush hotels and restaurants where you can dine on the best food along with the best wine. You can take tours, cruises, road trips and indulge yourself in various activities. Sight-seeing is one of the major activities of Adelaide. You can visit the beautiful spots of this city in order to indulge yourself in the best of place. This city is worth a visit

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