10 Most Remote Places in Australia That You Never Heard Of

Ten Remote Australian Places You Probably Don’t Know

When you hear that there are remote places in Australia that you never heard of, you might wonder how anyone knows about it? Fortunately, there are people across the world that travels, often using a helicopter, campervans and drones to capture unseen and remote parts. As is the case in our magnificent Australia.
Places that are so remote that no roads venture there, zero footpaths, either. These remote places are so often the most extraordinarily beautiful spots that remained an untouched sanctuary of endangered plant species, prolific wildlife and ancient indigenous artwork.

1. Western Australia, El Questro Wilderness Park

In the untouched, wild Kimberley region in the heart of the El Questro cattle station, is El Questro. It is in the middle of 700, 000 acres of land. Most of this land is still unexplored which could bring us more exclusive and extraordinary remote places that nobody has ever heard of. El Questro is a remote haven of incredible vistas, epic mountain ranges and swimming holes and a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who can reach it.

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2. Coober Pedy

One of Australia’s most remote places is Coober Pedy which can be reached via a flight from Adelaide. The two-hour flight will take you to the opal capital of the world that was discovered in 1915. The reason why it was discovered, was that big parts of Mad Max were filmed here. It remains remote and what is interesting, is that you will not notice people living there, or do they? Yes, when you can reach it, look closer, due to the heat, the few locals living there, around 3000 lives underground due to the intense heat.

3. Cape York Peninsula

Cape York is Australia’s northernmost point and here crocodiles are in abundance. You can only reach it by helicopter as you cannot land here by plane or rent a four-wheel-vehicle for the 28-hour drive.

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4. Flooded Canyon in West Arnhem Land

In West Arnhem Land is a particularly remote and magnificent area with zero tracks, footpaths and purely wild and beautiful and called Flooded Canyon. It is a majestic rock formation with coloured rock which appears to have been painted, except nature painted these black, gold and brown colours.

5. South Australia, Bunda Cliffs

The Bunda Cliffs are one of the most remote areas in South Australia which give you extraordinary views of this beautiful part. It stretches over 100 kilometres for amazing views of the Australian Outback where it meets the Great Australian Bight. Since it is incredibly remote, you can only see the Bunda Cliffs when you travel across the Nullabor Plain. If you want to access it, you will need to drive from Adelaide for more than a thousand kilometres across the vast outback. Or you could go to the Ceduna township and drive across the Nullabor Plain.

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6. Western Australia, The Pinnacles

Even if you are an Australian local, born and bred, you probably have never been to the Pinnacles. You will be able to access it either by driving from Perth or when you visit attractions in that region like Lake Thetis or the town of Cervantes. It is a scenic area with plenty of opportunities to walk or drive through the sand to witness the beauty of the Pinnacles up close. It is limestone rocks that are millions of years old and well worth viewing.

7. Queensland, Undara

When you drive 260 kilometres from Cairns across the beautiful Atherton tablelands you will be able to explore the Far North of Queensland and also see the remote area of Undara. It is a secluded and remote spot in the Gulf Savannah Country. When you want a memorable experience of the Queensland outback you will see the path where lava has flown from ancient volcanos. You will witness the dramatic effect the lava and the volcanos had on this remote part of Australia. It is a vast area teeming with fauna and flora as well as history.

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8. Karijini National Park, Pilbari Region

The Karijini National Park is the second-largest park in Australia with plenty of remote places that few Aussies know of or have visited. This park spans more than 6, 216 square kilometres of escarpments and mountains that rise and includes waterfalls, rocky water pools, flat valley, unique flowers that include over 800 species of wildflowers. You will spot rock wallabies and red kangaroos on the red rocks. Summer temperatures reach more than 100 degrees but you can cool down in the crystal clear waters of the pools and gorges.

9. New South Wales, Sydney Royal National Park – Figure 8 Pools

When you see pictures of the Figure 8 pools in the Sydney Royal National Park it appears as if will be effortless to get there, however it is difficult. You will need strong walking shoes with plenty of miles through miles and miles of rocky headlands, beach and bush. These pools are shaped in a figure eight, hence the name, which was formed by sinkholes which marched together. The symmetry is extraordinary that it actually looks man-made. These pools are located on the far southern end of the Sydney Royal National Park on a rock ledge. To access the pools you need to park at Garie Beach’s Garawarra Farm car park and take a 2.5 kilometres steep hike and follow the southward walk along the beach toward the headlands. When you reach the second headlands, you will climb to the base of the cliff where the pools are.

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10. Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge

The Carnarvon Gorge is one of Queensland’s best-kept secrets and utterly remote but well worth visiting when you are in the area. The gorge has been carved through millions of years with incredibly tall sandstone cliffs, amazing and lush flora that flows down to the base of the creek. This magnificent area is home to an outstanding mixture of animal and bird species, open grasslands and rainforest palms.


Aussies love their country and the vastness thereof, however, the sheer magnitude of this massive land is the reason why there are remote places that no one has heard of or might never see in their lifetime.

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