Top 7 Must-See Tasmanian Locations

Top 7 Sightseeing Locations in Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia is one place which has so much awe to offer to those who seek for scenes that are stunning. This place will make you fall in love with culture, history and nature. This is because Tasmania is an embodiment of these three factors. If you want to enjoy your holiday in Tasmania like you will enjoy a first-class flight to New Zealand, here are the top 7 sightseeing locations in Tasmania. I can boast that your journey to Tasmania is incomplete if you do not visit these wowing places.

Port Arthur

This is one area in Tasmania worth seeing for more than just its spectacular view. This place holds a lot of information as regards to history. A visit to this place is literally a visit to ancient times in Australia.

Bruny Island

This is one aspect where man and nature can get very close. This island is teeming with varieties of wildlife. You get to see the various type of animals related to the sea and how they interact. You will see whales, dolphins, penguins, seals and many more. All you need do is book a ferry and grab your camera.

Bay of Fires

You do not have to worry as this bay not actually on fire. This shoreline is not made of fire but rocks and water. The term “bay of fire” was coined from the orange color of the rock caused by the presence of lichen on those rocks.


Visiting this city alone is enough to make your trip worthwhile. This city harbours so much fun to make your vacation an impeccable one.  You can also get to Tasmania using a ferry instead to and from instead of using flights to Melbourne. This city offers everything from culture to history and pure holiday fun.


This small town has so many heritages. In fact, it oozes heritage. It has so much to offer in terms of history. This place is home to Australia’s oldest Roman Catholic Church (St. John’s) and Australia’s oldest bridge built-in 1825. Only a 25km drive from Hobart, Richmond is a place you just have to visit if you are a lover of history.

Montezuma Falls

Waterfalls are always a thing of beauty and the Montezuma falls is no different. Standing at over one hundred meters, it is inarguably the state’s highest water fall. Lovers of nature will definitely be thrilled by the awesome view it provides.

Cradle Mountain

Mountains are always a source attraction anywhere and the cradle mountain is no different. This mountain is the starting point of the overland track. It also contains lush vegetation and lakes. This makes it a good place for hiking, mountaineering and other adrenaline pumping activities. This is a good fit for those who love adventure.

Be always sure to book a good tour guide as they can determine if your tours will be terrific or terrible. While visiting Tasmania, you should ensure you witness the breathtaking power of the places mentioned above. I hope you got all the necessary details regarding Tasmanian Locations. If you want to know more about Tasmanian Locations then checkout our previous articles.

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