Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

Australian Best Universities

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and rightly so. One incredible quality about Australia is the education that it imparts in its universities. It isn’t surprising, but there are a bunch of Australian universities that constantly rank in the top-rated world universities. 

Top 10 Best Universities in Australia
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Here, let us take a quick look at some of the top 10 universities of Australia.

University of Melbourne

The reputed Melbourne University has been around for more than 16 decades. It is known to be one of the top leaders in innovation and research. Over the years, it has constantly proved it is worth and fetched itself a spot in the top universities of Australia. It is a great university for those who seek a career in social science, life science, engineering, and medicine.

In addition to spending all your time in the class, the students can also partake in the affiliated societies and the clubs of the university. The university also provides excellent facilities, such as the sports fields, indoor lap pool, cafes, and libraries. Niharika, an online expert who works with homework and assignment help Australia providing company, says that she took up life science at the University of Melbourne, and loved her time in the university. 

Australian National University

It was the first-ever Australian university, which was centrally focussed on the research. With time, the university expanded the subjects and the courses it offered. Today, approximately 55 per cent of the students in the university are enrolled in graduate or higher degree research courses.

It is another university, which has always stayed at the top of its rankings, especially in courses relating to humanities, arts, and science. Maria, an expert homework provider, who took up a statistic course from the ANU now offers online statistics homework help services to students from across the world. Well, the university has a great campus and will be appreciated by the students who love greenery and nature.  

University of Sydney

It was the first university ever started in Australia. Several publications regard the campus of the university as the best and the most beautiful one in the world. Students can enjoy a myriad of facilities here. As for the activities, there are some of the best sororities in the country, among all. So you’ll definitely have a good student experience in this university. It is rated high in more than 100 academic areas.

Top 10 Best Universities in Australia
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University of Queensland

Another university, which is consistently rated high in the world rankings is the University of Queensland. Known for its strong research work in technology, medicine, and science, it has constantly been getting top rankings in the world. Both research fellows and the students can use the state of art facilities of the University, such as physics research stations, agricultural science farms, and teaching hospitals to better facilitate your studies.   

Monash University

Monash University has more than 60,000 students and is certainly the largest university in Australia in terms of the number of students. The university is popular for being a reputed member of the M8 Alliance. Not too long ago, Monash University was ranked the best in the country for both technology and engineering. It was also ranked the best by the Academic Ranking of World Universities for chemistry. Angie, an expert homework help provider, who works with a platform where you can pay for writing papers, says that she loved her time at Monash University because of the knowledgeable professors of the university.   

University of New South Wales

UNSW takes immense pride in being a world-leader in research. Back in 2015, the researchers of UNSW received the highest-ever funding by the Australian Research Council. The university also has a great reputation in entrepreneurship and business and is a global top-leader in MBA education.

University of Western Australia

This university was established in the year 1910 and is known for its excellence in the areas, such as education, agricultural sciences, marine sciences, earth, and psychology. There are three primary campuses of the university where both the community and the students can enjoy facilities, such as laboratories, museums, medical centre, and theatres. 

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University of Adelaide

One of the global leaders in the field of research, the University of Adelaide provides courses in multiple fields, such as engineering, environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and earth science.

Macquarie University

Located in Sydney, it is a leader in the fields of physical sciences, earth sciences, and environmental sciences. Raina, an educator, offering the best machine learning course online, says that the world-class facilities of the Macquarie University are unique to it.

University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle has been ranked number 1 in Australian universities under 50 years. It is known to offer some of the top degree courses in the world, along with a multitude of world-class benefits and facilities. Most of its UG degree programs let the students get a real-world exposure, and assure a high rate of employment for the graduates. The university offers more than 9 bachelor programs and has an incredible employment rate of more than 90%. For its programs, such as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Physiotherapy, it boasts of a 100% employment rate. 

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Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

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