Luke Kidgell Concert 2022

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Event: Luke Kidgell Concert

Venue: The Tramsheds Function Centre, Launceston TAS, Australia

Date: Sat, 13 Aug, 6:30 pm GMT+10

Official Website:

Luke Kidgell, Australia’s most popular comedian, is back on the road with his brand new show, ‘Cheers to that!’ Luke has a lot of stories to tell after an eventful year in 2021 that included avoiding lockdowns and visiting practically every bar in the country. Luke Kidgell has garnered over 1 million online followers, has two of the most popular comedy podcasts in the country, and an Amazon Prime comedy special.

Now he is bringing his potential brand new stand-up show ‘Cheers to that!’ to the country. Now that you’ve seen him on the internet, it’s time to meet him. Luke is back on stage, and this show, which also features fellow comic and Tik Tok bad-boy Blake Pavey, is not to be missed. That’s a toast to you, Australia!

Luke Kidgell

Luke Kidgell is an Australian comedian best known for his YouTube videos titled “you don’t own me,” in which he mocks public signage and morals. Luke Kidgell is 23 years old (as of 2019) and was born on 28 Mar. Luke Kidgell’s Zodiac Sign is Aries, according to their birth date. Luke Kidgell was born under the sign of Aries. Mars is Aries’ ruling planet. We all know that persons born under the sign of Pisces are constantly on the lookout for dynamism, speed, and competitiveness, always wanting to be first in all they do, from job to social gatherings.

Luke’s YouTube account debuted in 2013. His “you don’t own me” films, in which he jokingly disobeys traditional rules, have gone popular. He has 57K followers and 5 million views on YouTube as of January 2019. He’s also the presenter of Memoirs of a White Guy, an autobiographical podcast. Luke’s primary source of income is as a comedian. In 2019, his net worth was estimated to be between $100K and $1M.

Refund Conditions

The concert will be rescheduled if it cannot go forward for any reason. This program is COVID-Safe and adheres to the Australian Federal and State Governments’ requirements. To enter some venues/states, evidence of vaccination may be required. Please review the rules and regulations in your area. You will be refunded if this concert cannot proceed due to COVID-19. If you cannot attend, you will not be eligible for a refund (this includes if you get a covid).

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